King’s Choice Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Our King’s Choice game guide covers the basic aspects of the game and helps you in progression. Read on for King’s Choice guide, tips, cheats & strategies!

King's Choice Guide Tips & Tricks For Beginners

King’s Choice Guide For Beginners: Basic Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

This King’s Choice game guide will teach you how to play this game, a guide to the lord, knights, attributes, and other aspects such as tips on getting stronger, progression, currencies, lovers, heirs, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and check out the main content: –

King’s Choice Basics Guide⇓

In the King’s Choice game, you will be playing as a lord who will be responsible for all sorts of activities; resource production, military troops, knights, land conquering, and much more. You will start as new lord level 1 and as the level increases, at each next level, you get bonuses like an increase in grain collection limit, silver collection limit, troop recruitment limit, government affair limit, etc. 

The max level of the lord is “Superior Lord Level 5” – as per the current version. As mentioned above, you start with new lord level 1 and make progress -> Rising Lord (X5 levels) -> Common Lord(X5 Levels) -> Senior Lord(X5 Levels) -> Superior Lord(X5 Levels)

Read the progression guide below for more details. 

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King’s Choice Guide To Increase Lord Level⇓

To increase the lord level in King’s Choice game, you will need prestige points, which you earn from the chapter mode stages or internal affairs. On the main screen of the game, tap on “outpost” -> this will take you to the campaign mode screen where you will see the current chapter progress. 

There are lots of chapters in the King’s Choice game – each next one with more difficult stages. At each stage, you fight the enemies. You will need more troops than the enemy’s to win the fight. In each chapter, there is also a big boss fight where your knight will fight the enemy’s army’s knight. Defeat the enemies on these stages to yield lord EXP aka prestige. King's Choice Guide Tips & Tricks For Beginners

(2) Internal Affairs: On the main screen of the game, tap on the “Interior Ministry” building. This will take you to the internal affairs screen where you have to tap the “government” option. You will have to make choices; one of the choices will give you prestige points. Choose that choice if you want to earn prestige points and level up the lord. 

(3) Others: Daily Quests, Pirate Invasion, Road Construction, Knights Parade, Endless War, and Global Congratulation

King’s Choice Guide To Lord Attributes Or Total Power⇓

At the top-left corner of the screen, next to the lord’s avatar frame, below the lord level info, you will see the current power of the lord. Or, tap on the lord avatar frame in the upper-left corner. This will open the lord info screen; at the bottom of it, you will see the lord’s details; current level, power, and the attributes

(2) Total Power: the lord’s total power is made up of four attributes that you see at the bottom of the lord info screen. These four attributes are Strength, Leadership, Intellect, and Charisma. Let’s learn about the attributes. 

King’s Choice Guide To Attributes⇓

King's Choice Guide Tips & Tricks For Beginners

The four main attributes that lord, knight, heirs, and lovers have are Strength, Leadership, Intellect, and Charisma. 

Strength: increasing this attribute will improve your combat performance. And, you will lose fewer soldiers in a fight

Leadership: increasing the leadership attribute in King’s Choice will yield more grain from internal affairs(interior ministry) -> collection -> grain collection

Intellect: increasing the intellect attribute will yield more silver from internal affairs(interior ministry) -> collection -> silver collection

Charisma: increasing the charisma attribute will help you recruit more soldiers from internal affairs(interior ministry) -> collection -> recruit soldiers

King’s Choice Tips To Increase Power Or Attributes⇓

There are several ways to increase the power of the lord or its attributes in King’s Choice: –

Lord: upgrade lord or level up lord. Tap the lord avatar frame in the top-left corner to navigate to the lord info page. There you can check the number of prestige points that you will need to level it up. 

Knight: Upgrade knight’s level, talents, and skills

Lovers: Get new lovers, date them, level them up

Heirs: Date lovers to have heirs. Upgrade heirs to increase power or attributes

These are the best ways to increase the power of the lord or attributes. 

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King’s Choice Knights Guide⇓

(1) Knights affect the total power of the lord. They possess all the four main attributes that the lord does; Strength, Charisma, Leadership, and Intellect. Read the attributes guide for more details. You will need knights to improve overall power, fight bosses, and in PvP. 

(2) How to unlock Knights: you can unlock new knights by increasing the VIP level, reaching a certain power milestone, main quests, etc. Navigate to the knight menu by tapping the knight button in the lower-left corner. Tap on any locked knight’s portrait -> below its stars or grade info, you will see “how to unlock it” – through recommendations, main quests, VIP, power, etc. 

King’s Choice Knights Upgrades⇓

There are several ways to improve knights in King’s Choice: –

(1) Level/Upgrade: use silver to upgrade or level up knights

(2) Talents: upgrade knight’s talents with Knight Talent EXP, Edicts(Strength Edict, Leadership Edict, Intellect Edict, Charisma Edict), or Ordinance. You can get Edict from events or items tore. Obtain Knight EXP from university or arena. Star Ordinance from the events. 

(3) Skill: Use Knight Skill Points to upgrade the skills of knights. Players can obtain skill points from University or Arena. 

(4) Train: Navigate to Knight menu -> tap on the Knight portrait -> tap on the “Train” button on the right side. Tap the use button to use tome books to train knight

(5) Aura: Some knights in King’s Choice possess Aura, which grants them attribute buffs. Use Auto Upgrade items to upgrade the aura level. 

(6) Obtain Lovers: Knights are linked to lovers. Obtain the lovers of knights for a further power boost. 

King’s Choice Game Guide To Lovers⇓

King's Choice Guide Tips & Tricks For Beginners

(1) Relationship with knights: Lovers in King’s Choice game are linked to specific lovers. On the main screen of the game, tap on “Lovers”. On the lover screen, tap on a lover -> tap on “Power Relations” -> you will see the lover’s knight who is linked. The linked knights will get buffs when you spend power points – obtain from dating. 

(2) Dating Lovers: There are two ways to date lovers in King’s Choice; the real date and the greeting date. Navigate to the lover menu. Tap on the greeting button to date a random lover(among the lovers that you have obtained). You will earn power points by greeting. There are low chances of getting an heir through greeting. 

The real date; tap on the lover portrait on the lover screen -> tap on the date button. Spend gold to date that lover and earn intimacy points, power points, and a chance to get an heir.

(3) Gift: Some gift items grant intimacy points, while some grant charm points. Charm points affect power points received from greetings or balls. You can obtain gifts for lovers from quests, events, items stores, etc.

Reaching a certain intimacy level will unlock power relations. You can then spend power points to grant buffs to lover’s knight. 

(4) How To Get Lovers: You can obtain most of the lovers through patrol(fewer chances), by reaching a certain power milestone, login, reaching a certain VIP level, etc. Navigate to lover menu -> head to “not dated” tab -> there you will get the info on how to unlock or get new lovers. 

Patrol; you visit the random locations and meet people. There is a chance of encountering beautiful women who you can date and get married to them. 

Knight’s Choice Guide To Heirs⇓

King's Choice Guide Tips & Tricks For Beginners

You can obtain Heirs by dating women or lovers. Navigate to lover menu -> heirs -> tap on heir -> guide -> using vigor. Guide them to increase attributes; strength, charisma, intellect, and leadership, Read the attribute guide above for more details. As you continue to guide heirs, they will become adults and then you can marry them to other players’ heirs who are ready to get married. 

King’s Choice Guide To Progression⇓

  • Follow the main quests
  • Do the daily quests for freebies
  • Progress through outpost stages
  • Level up lord, knights, date lovers, have heirs, guide heirs, and improve all attributes or total power of lord
  • Keep an eye on the events
  • Go to rankings daily -> congratulate and earn gold for free
  • Join an active alliance and participate in its events
  • Complete achievements

King’s Choice To Guide To Main Screen⇓

  • Exile Plateau: You can banish knights that you don’t need
  • War of Conquest: Use knights to win wars and earn rewards
  • Knight Parade: Battle other lords with knights
  • Outpost: PvE Stages
  • Negotiations: Increase heroes’ attributes
  • Banquet Hall: Organize or attend banquets for banquet points, which you can later exchange for other items 
  • University: Earn Knight EXP and Skill Points
  • Rankings: Congratulate to earn gold
  • Interior Ministry: Collect Silver, Recruit Soldiers, and Collect Grain. Choose to earn prestige points
  • Lovers: Date Lovers, Guide Heirs, Marry other lords’ heirs, Send lovers to dance balls and compete with other women to earn rewards
  • Arena: PvP
  • Alliance: Join Alliance
  • Champagne Fair: Claim Rewards from the stores. Upgrade store
  • Patrol: Meet lovers and other women
  • Visit: Earn daily rewards
  • Endless Wars:” Dispatch soldiers, fight enemies 
  • Outskirts: events like hunting ground or pirate invasion
  • Naval Expedition: Use the silver to hire a naval fleet and then send it to find treasure
  • Dragon Island: Resources site

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So this would be all in this post on King’s Choice guide and tips for beginners. Unfortunately, the game does not support any cheats or cheat codes – so there are no King’s Choice cheats. 

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  1. There is an avatar frame that is only available in the Privilege store but there is no Privilege store & I can’t find any info on it. Can anyone help me out?

  2. How do i remove a lover? I got a female (Bice) through an event and I have zero desire to keep her. Two heirs by random greetings and I’m just tired of her being in my harem.

  3. When your in the war of conquest and go back to defeat the ones you did not defeat before is it supposed to take a long time to defeat them. It seems like I’m going through the the same battle over and over.

    • You have to win an event. If you can win, you get a castle and a nice outfit. It only lasts 30 days. There are many events like Intimacy, state power, banquet, charm, and much more.

  4. I’ve searched everywhere but for the love of my life can’t figure out how to share recruitment to a chat. I’ve been to the alliance info and clicked everything lol

    • If you are a leader, you can go in under. Alliance options and there is a recruit button on the bottom left. If you are not a leader you can recruit a friend. There is a button on the button asking them to come to your alliance.