Streamgirls Inc cheats: guide, tips, and strategies

Whee Games Ltd’s Streamgirls Inc game is now out worldwide! Read on for Streamgirls Inc cheats and guide packed with tips & tricks

Streamgirls Inc Cheats Tips Guide

Streamgirls Inc Cheats, Guide, Tips & Tricks: – 

This guide covers “how to play the Streamgirls Inc game”, about the streamer girls, items, tips on progression, and other aspects such as upgrades, in-game currencies, photos, etc. So let’s not waste any time and get straight to the Streamgirls Inc cheats, guide, tips & tricks: – 

Getting Started With The Basics

Streamgirls Inc is a simple idle game where you progress through the contracts based quests. As a player, all you have to do is make upgrades, automate the things, and complete the quests. The unqiue thing about this idle game is it has a chat system – you get to chat with the streamers and they send you their photos or items. There are lots of photos to collect, models to discover, studio to upgrade, and contracts to the complete! Let’s learn everything in detail!

Guide To Complete Contracts

As we mentioned above; In the Streamgirls Inc game, you progress through the contracts-based quests – at the top of the game’s home screen tab, look at the quests and quest bar; it displays the number of quests that you must complete to proceed to the next contract. Most of these quests are simple to clear; like upgrading studios, receiving martini, cash, etc. Completing individual quests gives you safe boxes containing models/streamers’ cards and martin.

Guide To Streamers/Models In Streamgirls Inc

Streamers/Models are the characters in the Streamgirls Inc game that stream live performance for the audience and help you make money. The more audience you have, the more money you make. You can unlock new streamers, studios by completing the contracts and proceeding to the next ones. 

Tips To Spend Wisely In Streamgirls Inc

You should spend the green bucks wisely in Streamgirls Inc; the common use is buying the audience so that you can have more views and earn more money. But you need to be careful – not all the studios or streamers are profitable; for example – the initial studios such as culinary art, celebrities, sports, etc. do not pay much as compared to studios that unlock at high-level contracts; such as Art, Fashion, Video Games, etc. The quick simple tip that we can give to you is focusing on the studios that you unlock recently; the bottom ones in the list on the home tab. Here’s the info: –

Art Studio makes more money than Fashion, Fashion Studio makes more money than Video games, and so on. Art > Fashion > Video Games > Traveling> Sports > Celebrities > Culinary Art. You can check the complete list of studios in the studio tab at the bottom menu. Navigate to that tab -> all streams -> there you will see the list of all studios that you can unlock through contracts and start streaming for money. 

Every new studio that you unlock in the Streamgirls Inc game makes you more money than the previous ones. So try to complete the contracts asap and unlock new studios to make money quickly. 

Make Upgrades In Streamgirls Inc

You can upgrade models as well as studios. In both upgrades, you will need to have duplicate cards. For example – if you are going to upgrade a model streamer, you must have her duplicate cards. These cards are obtained from the safe boxes; safe boxes are obtained by completing the quests. 

Navigate to the streamer/model and studio tab -> tap on the card -> upgrade. It costs Martini to make upgrades when you have enough duplicate cards. You can get martini from the safe boxes. 

Getting Photos Of Streamers

Streamers or Models send you their photos through chat; head to the chat tab -> select a model streamer to start the conversation -> choose one out of available choices -> keep chatting and she may send photos of her or other items. Items – sometimes, you need to send items to a streamer to start the conversation. Streamgirls Inc Cheats Tips Guide

Guide To In-Game Currencies

Ruby, Cash, and Martini are the three main currencies in the Streamgirls Inc game. You will need cash to get an audience for the streamer/studio. Martini to upgrade the models or studios. And, ruby to upgrade the photos gallery so that you can save more photos. Cash is obtained through streams. Martini is obtained through safe boxes. And, ruby is obtained from IAPs(paid). 

Using The Time Lapse Cheat In Streamgirls Inc

We don’t usually recommend using this cheat in the Streamgirls Inc as it completely ruins the gaming experience, but you can try and see if it works or not; all you need to do is forward the time in the mobile settings; set it a couple of hours ahead of the current time. Since the streamers work while you are offline, this cheat should work. But don’t use it too much.

So that’s all we got in this post on Streamgirls Inc guide, tips, and cheats for beginners. 

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