Knighthood Tier List (Hero) – Best Heroes Guide

Started playing Knighthood and wondering who is the best hero? Read on for Knighthood tier list featuring the best heroes to team up with the knight

Knighthood Tier List


You would not want to waste the XP scrolls and Tomes in upgrading the low-tier or useless Knighthood Heroes. You have to develop the top-tier best heroes so that you can progress at a good rate. And, if you are a beginner, you must know that there are over 50 heroes in the game and not all the heroes are useful. So it’s better to focus on the high-tier heroes. For starters, we recommend reading this Knighthood guide for beginners. Let’s take a look at Knighthood Tier List Best Heroes Guide for beginners.

Knighthood Tier List Best Heroes: –

  • Titania – Mage Hero – S+ Tier
  • Balendu – Mage – S+ Tier
  • Vordrai – Mage – S+ Tier
  • Isstara – Hunter – S+ Tier
  • Erinn – Warrior – S+ Tier
  • Aeron – Rare Hero – S Tier
  • Alder – Mage – S Tier
  • Lance – Unique – S Tier
  • Logan – Legendary – S Tier
  • Ericson – Legendary – S Tier

So these are the top-tier best heroes in the Knighthood game. These S or S+ tier heroes are the strongest in the game – but it’s hard to get them early on. Let’s have a look at the brief info of each top-tier hero mentioned in the above S+/S-Rank Knighthood Tier List – 

Titania – MageKnighthood Tier List Best Heroes Guide

  • Valiant – Mage
  • One of the best healers
  • Strength – restores health and armor with assisting skills such as FEY Gift and Lunar Light

Balendu – MageKnighthood Tier List Best Heroes Guide

  • Lawful Mage
  • Healing & DMG
  • Strength – restores health or armor. Distributes DMG all across enemies with Meteor skill

Vordrai – MageKnighthood Tier List Best Heroes Guide

  • Maniacal Mage
  • Burn DMG + AoE
  • Strength – inflicts damage to the enemies in the front row with a chance to inflict burn + Distributes DMG all across enemies with Blood Magic Skill

Isstara – HunterKnighthood Tier List Best Heroes Guide

  • Champion Hunter
  • DMG, Freezing Enemy, AoE DMG
  • Strength – ATK, Inflicts damage to enemies with the chance to freeze them

Erinn – WarriorKnighthood Tier List Best Heroes Guide

  • Maverick Warrior
  • DMG, Expose effect that causes enemy suffer more damage
  • Strength – ATK, distributes the damage across all enemies with a chance to unleash expose effect

Aeron – Hunter

  • Dark Hunter
  • Strength; AoE DMG, poison effect, acid effect

Alder – Mage

  • Logical Mage
  • Strength – targets front-row enemies with thunder-clap skill with a chance to inflict an Unfocus effect. With Rage skill, which is Hail of Thorns, Alder distributes damage across all the enemies(ignores armor)

Lance – Warrior

  • Basic Skill – DMG to the target(ignores armor)
  • Rage Skill – restores health/armor with a chance to apply shield/protect effect

Logan – Warrior

  • Basic Skill – lifesteal
  • Rage Skill – AoE, weaken effect

Ericson – Warrior

  • Basic Skill – DMG to the enemies in the front line
  • Rage Skill – AoE DMG with freeze effect

Now, let’s head further and check out the A-Tier list.

Knighthood Hero Tier List A Tier: –

  • Tristan – Rare
  • Lanasa – Legendary 
  • Titania – Rare
  • Keera – Unqiue
  • Anaara – Rare
  • Doctor Flox – Unique
  • Helmar – Common
  • Rokara – Rare
  • Lukin – Legendary
  • Dlaf – Epic
  • Herne – Legendary
  • Delphinia – Epic
  • Rhiannon – Epic

These heroes are also pretty good and can help you in the mid-late game. 

Knighthood Tier List B Tier: –

  • Wormwood – Rare
  • Dvalin – Epic
  • Tara – Rare
  • Grax – Epic
  • Krusa – Rare
  • Grimm – Epic

These heroes are OK and can help you in mid-game. After that, they might be useless. 

Knighthood Tier List C Tier: –

  • Outis – Rare
  • Griz – Legendary
  • Lars – Epic
  • Millicent – Legendary
  • Nijuro – Epic
  • Pentatonix – Epic
  • Rosalin – Common
  • Ulfred – Epic
  • Zalam – Rare
  • Zoe – Rare

Not the worst ones – could be helpful in some stages. 

D Tier: –

  • Ash – Common
  • Balberith – Rare
  • Blaine – Rare
  • Fahari – Rare
  • Gwen – Rare
  • Lanasa – Legendary
  • Outis – Common
  • Serra – Rare
  • Sola – Common
  • Macleod – Unqiue

The lowest tier. 

Not in the list: –

  • Neko – Rare
  • Cladis – Rare
  • Viktor – Epic
  • Ursula – Epic

List Of Heroes In Knighthood Game

You can check the complete list of heroes by tapping the Knight button and heading to the codex’s hero tab. There you will find all the heroes’ details. 

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So this would be all in this post on Knighthood Tier List featuring the best heroes.  

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