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Knighthood is a brand new turn-based strategy RPG for Android & iOS by King. Read on for Knighthood guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Knighthood Guide Tips CheatsKing’s Knighthood game is now available globally. It was soft-launched back in 2018 as Knights of Fury. After a long time, the game is now playable and downloadable all across the world. In this game, you will be playing as a knight – equipped with Gauntlet, and build the team of best heroes to slay down the enemies in a variety of game modes; starting with the exploration mode, then the arena, hunts, the shrine of heroes, monster cave, etc. 

If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This Knighthood guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Knighthood tips, cheats & strategies that you may like. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

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In the Knighthood game, you have to make the knight stronger. Initial stages are indeed easy to complete – but, as you progress further to Highgard, Mirefen map locations, you will face powerful evil monsters. And, then, at that time, you will have to focus on upgrades, equipment, heroes, and other things. Also, as you progress further through the map’s stages, you will unlock new functions or modes like the PvP arena, Hunts, Shrine of Heroes, Monster Cave, Roaming Monsters, Dungeon, etc.

Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Knighthood tips & tricks: –

Master The Battles In Knighthood

Battle Boosters – Do you have boosters? Use them! Elixir and the Potions are the two boosters that you pack along before diving into the combat. A potion can help you restore the health, dispel debuffs, reduce damage taken. And, an elixir bottle can help you increase fill-up the rage meter so that you can quickly use the gauntlet skill. Also, elixir bottles can increase strength, charge all the heroes. In the difficult battles, it’s better to use these potions or elixir items. You can obtain them from the chests(gold chest), merchants, and daily tasks. 

Heroes – In Knighthood battles, you can use the heroes’ skills once they are charged. To charge them, attack the monsters; basic attack. Tap the hero icon to cast his/her skills. There are many heroes in Knighthood that you can add to the team. Since the slots are limited, it’s better to go with the best heroes. We would recommend you to choose the hero base on the enemies. For example – if the enemy is Golem type, then use the heroes who are strong against Golem. In the hero profile, you can check this info. Tap the (i) symbol. 

Gauntlet’s Skill – Knight’s Gauntlet charges as you tap the gauntlet button to attack the enemies or swipe up on the screen to attack the enemies. But this attack’s damage would not be as good as the basic attack – but if you want to use the gauntlet’s skill, you must use these attacks to fill up the rage and once the rage is at its peak – rip off the enemy with Gauntlet’s skill. 

Basic Attacks – You tap the screen to attack the enemy. But it would not charge the rage. 

So this would be Knighthood guide to battles. 

Get Familiar With This Heroes Guide

At the time of writing this post, Knighthood features 54 heroes. All the heroes require hero shards to get unlocked. You get these shards from hunts, story mode, gold chests, gem chests, hero’s chests. 

Tap the Knight button on the home screen. Go to the Codex. Select Heroes to check the complete list. Tap on the hero portrait. Tap the magnifying glass button on the top-right to check the source from where you can get the hero shards. 

Use Scrolls To Level Up Heroes

From the exploration mode stages, you can grind knight XP and hero XP. But only heroes who are in the team get XP. Also, if you raid, you would not get XP. Another method is using the EXP item. 

Scroll of Heroism is the item that grants EXP to the target hero. Using this scroll, you can level up the heroes. You can obtain these scrolls from the merchants, store, chests, story mode quests, and there are many free methods. Go to the Knight screen by tapping the Knight button on the home screen. Go to the heroes tab from the Knight menu. Tap swap button -> tap (i) symbol next to the hero that you want to level up. Tap the level up button -> use scrolls. 

Keep in mind that the hero’s level can not exceed the Knight’s level. For example – if your knight’s level is 6, then you can not level up the hero to level 7. So you must level up the knight first. Grind Knight XP from the stages. 

Use Tomes And Drops To Rank Up Heroes

Once the hero reaches the max level, you will need to rank him/her up to raise the max level. Holy Tome is the item that you will need to rank up heroes in Knighthood. You can get tomes from the store, merchant, story quests, chests, guild coliseum. 

Different tomes are required to rank up different types of heroes: –

  • Holy Tome – Holy Heroes
  • Valiant Tome – Valiant Heroes
  • Champion Tome – Champion Heroes
  • Logical Tome – Logical Heroes
  • Rebel Tome – Rebel Heroes
  • Maverick Tome – Maverick Heroes
  • Dark Tome – Dark Heroes
  • Chaotic Tome – Chaotics Heroes
  • Lawful Tome – Lawful Heroes
  • Maniacal – Maniacal Heroes

Drops: –

  • Drop of Humility – Rank up a hero of rank 1 or 2
  • Drop of Diligence – Rank up a hero of rank 3 or 4
  • Drop of Generosity – Rank up a hero of rank 5

Get High-Tier Gears In Knighthood

There are common, rare, epic, legendary, and unique tier gears. A Knight can equip these gears: –

  • Weapon
  • Arms
  • Cape
  • Legs
  • Helmet
  • Shoulders
  • Armor

Head to the Knight screen -> codex -> gears -> there you can check the list of gears. Tap on any gear -> tap the magnifying glass icon to check the gear source. We would recommend you to save gems and spend on gear chests. Or there are free ways to get gears; 

  • Check out the merchant shops and spend gold coins for high-tier gears
  • Exchnage the guild currency
  • Exchnage souls obtained from Monster cave for high-tier weapons

Knighthood Guide to gears. 

Dismantle The Useless Gears

If your backpack is filled with the useless common tier gears – it’s better to dismantle them. Go to the Knight menu -> tap the backpack button at the bottom-center -> tap on the gear -> dismantle. 

Use Materials To Upgrade Gears

If you want to get stronger in Knighthood, you must upgrade the gears so that base attributes like HP, DMG, DEF, etc. can be increased. You need equipment upgrade materials like Tellurian, Volcanite, etc. to upgrade the gears. Players can get these material items from hunts. Go to the home screen -> tap the Go To button -> hunts; play normal, expert, master hunts for these material items. 

Use Forge Stones To Rank Up Gears

Once the gear reaches its max level, you will have to rank it up. And, forge stones like Mannaz, Dagaz, Laguz, Cobalt, Manganese, Malachite, etc. are required. You can get these forge stones from the monster shop/monster cave mode.

Get Cores And Upgrade Gauntlet

Cores like basic core, strength core, mega core are required to upgrade Gauntlet. You can get these cores from the chests, dungeons, side story quests, hunts, etc. 

Learn About The Monster Cave

This is where you fight the mysterious monsters and earn souls. You can use these souls in the monster shop for valuable items like forge stones, weapons. As per our information, you will find these caves in Hiighgard and next level map locations. To enter monster caves, you need a torch. Torches can be acquired from the quests, chests, store.

Get The Freebies In KnighthoodKnighthood Guide Tips Cheats

  • Complete the quests; story, side story, daily, guild
  • If you complete all the daily quests, you will get the gems
  • Join a guild to play guild coliseum mode and access guild functions
  • Watch the video to get free rewards. This video ad offer appears on the home screen of the game
  • Your fame will increase as you get stronger and progress 
  • Head to the store and claim free chests
  • Repeat the stages to grind gold, shards, XP, and other in-game currencies. Use the auto-mode functions to repeat
  • Raid to get the rewards immediately. You can raid on the stages that you have already completed with the max stars

Best Way To Get Stronger In Knighthood Game

  • Level Up heroes
  • Rank Up heroes
  • Gear up 
  • Upgrade Gears
  • Rank Up Gears

Prepare Wisely For The Battles

Knighthood Guide Tips CheatsAfter selecting a battle stage, you tap the prepare button and on the next screen, you can check the info, Tap the (i) button on the top-right corner of enemy icons and check the vulnerable, resistance and strong vs info. For example – if the enemy is of Undead type, then you have to use the heroes and gears that are strong against Undead type. You will see a green color like button if the choice is good. 

Also, if you equip the armors of matching types, you will get the bonus. 


Minions team up with the knight in PvP arena mode where you fight other players. You can feed the minions to power them up. 

So this would be all in this post on Knighthood game guide and Knighthood tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. 

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