Legends of Idleon Guide Walkthrough: Character Guide, Quests, And More

Idleon A.K.A. Legends of Idleon is an MMO game by LavaFlame2. Read on for Legends of Idleon guide walkthrough for beginners!

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Legends of Idleon Guide And Tips For Beginners⇓

In this Idleon guide, you will learn how to play the Legends of Idleon game, tips on progression, quests, and other aspects such as exploration, battles, talents, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and check out the Legends of Idleon guide and tips for beginners: –

Get Started With Legends of Idleon Guide To Basics⇓

(1) In the Idleon game, your objective is to build your character class and make it stronger so that you can defeat powerful bosses. When you start the game, you will be playing as a “beginner” class with nothing special traits or bonuses. Right after the tutorial(when you encounter the big giant boss), the game will take you to the town screen: –

Legends of Idleon

(2) The town has no monsters; just NPCs, facilities, and a shop. The three facilities in the town are storage, anvil, and the furnace. You can store the items in the storage chest, craft or forge items using an anvil, and use the furnace to smelt ores. 

(3) Town Shop: this is where you can buy and sell items. To buy items, you will need coins. If you have useless items, you can sell them for coins. Just tap the shop to open the shop menu, Use the scroll bar to scroll down and up to check all the items. If you wish to buy an item, drag it to the left slot on the top of the shop menu. If you wish to sell an item, drag the items from your backpack to the right slot at the top of the shop menu. Items’ prices are different; common items are cheap while premium tier items are expensive. 

(4) NPCs: In the town location, there are some NPCs that you can talk to for the quests. These NPCs are Scripticus, Grasslands Gary. Interact with them to get the quests. 

(5) Portals: You can visit other locations in the game through the portals. For instance, the town has two portals; one on the left side and the second portal on the right side. The left side portal takes you to the mine where you can mine copper and interact with a goblin NPC. The right side portal takes you to Spore Meadows where you can fight monsters and yield spore caps, chop the tree for oak/wood, interact with an NPC called woodsman. On the right side of Spire Meadows, there is a portal that takes you to Froggy Fields.

Legends of Idleon

(6) Class: From Froggy Fields, you can visit the Valley of the Beans where you will meet “Promotheus” NPC that helps you in class promotion; for example; beginner class to Warrior/Archer/Mage. 

Legends of Idleon

Legends of Idleon Guide & Tips For Progression⇓

(1) Turn on the quest helper: – Tap the menu button in the lower-right corner, then choose options; on the options screen, turn on “show quest helper”. A quest widget will appear on your screen; it will display all the quests that you have accepted so far and the progress that you have made. You can get the quests from the NPCs; talk to the Scripticus and it will give you some good quests that guide you to craft equipment and armor for the character. Talk to the goblin, woodsman, and others on the map for more quests. 

(2) Set your target and start grinding: – to defeat the powerful foes in Legends of Idleon, you must craft high-tier gears. You will start from beginner tier equipment sets and then gradually pivot to the high-tier equipment sets. Tap the anvil and find out what equipment to craft; you might want to craft melee weapons if you have picked warrior class, bow type weapons for the archer class, and wand/staff type weapons for the mage class. Tap on the weapon or gear(armor or accessory) -> check required materials -> start grinding. 

(3) Unlock new locations: – You can visit the new locations in the Legends of Idleon game through portals, but portals are not unlocked by default. You will need to meet certain conditions to unlock the portal and get access to the new map location. For instance, slaying down a certain number of foes on the map, reaching a certain skill level, etc. Just head to the greyed portal and you will see what are requirements. 

Legends of Idleon Guide & Tips For Progression Part II⇓

(1) Talents: Talent points are earned when you level up in the game. You can use those points to upgrade the base talents and the class talents. Tap the talent button -> tap on talent; HP, ATK, MP, etc. -> upgrade skill with the talent points. 

Legends of Idleon

(2) Assign Attacks: Tap the “assign attacks” button after tapping the talent -> drag the class skills to the slots and then you can use those skills to fight the monsters. 

(3) Earning Coins: Defeat the monsters to earn coins, monsters drop items that you can use in crafting or sell them for coins. 

Legends of Idleon

(4) Map: Tap the map option at the bottom -> from there you can check what’s your current location, tap on the map slot to check its name -> if you have a teleport item, you can teleport it instantly. Or, go through the portals, which take time. 

(5) Equip Cards: get cards from the monsters and resources; equip in the codex menu of the game. 

Create New Characters For AFK Grinding⇓

You can create new characters for grinding. Tap the menu button -> swap players -> player menu button at the top-left -> it will take you to the player creation screen where you can create a new character; new slots are unlocked at certain levels; level 30, level 60, level 130, and level 225. Once you have created a new character, select it and play -> you can set that character on grinding; like mining, defeating monsters, etc. Deposit the items that you have collected to the storage chest. 

The storage chest items are shared with other characters. Tap the menu button -> swap players -> switch to the main character to access those items through the town’s storage chest. You can devote some time to building other characters to improve AFK grinding. 

Check Out The Codex In Legends of Idleon⇓

Codex has several sub-tabs; quests, hints, quick req, cards, family, friends, and guild. In the quest tab, you can check the quest log that showcases all the quests and their rewards. The hints section showcases some useful tips for beginners. In the cards tab, you can check the cards; double-tap the card to equip. You can collect cards from monsters and resources. The family tab showcases the bonuses you get from other characters. In the friends tab, you can remove friends or send them a message. The guild tab helps you join a guild. 

How To Increase Inventory Slots In Idleon Game?

To increase the inventory slots, you will need to obtain and use the “bag”. The bag or backpack item can be obtained from the shop or the quests. Head to the town -> shop -> scroll down using the scroll bar and see if there is a bag or backpack item(for inventory) is available or not. If yes, then buy it using the coins. If no, wait until the stock refreshes(every 24 hours, the stock is refreshed). Once you have bought the bag or backpack from the shop or the quest, open the items/inventory menu -> tap and hold down your finger on it for a few seconds and then release to use the item. You will see a message saying inventory increased. 

How To Smelt Ores?

There are many types of ores that you can mine in the Legends of Idleon game; such as copper ore, iron ore, and more. You can smelt these ores into bars; copper bars and iron bars and use them to craft gears or other items or sell them in the shop for coins. 

To smelt the ores, go to the town and tap on the furnace -> drag the ores to the ore slot and then drag the crude oil to the crude oil slot. If you don’t have crude oil to smelt ores, you can buy it from the town shop in exchange for coins. 

Tap the yellow color arrow button or upgrade icon on the furnace screen -> there you will find a lot of upgrades that you can make for more bonuses; more slots, forge speed, max ore capacity, etc. 

How To Increase Smithing Level?

Players can increase the smithing level in Idleon by producing the items using an anvil. Head to the town -> tap on anvil -> go to the produce tab -> start producing the item(by increasing the smithing level, you can unlock new items and start producing them). When you start, you will be able to produce thread, then trusty nails, and so on. 

How To Get Trusty Nails?

You can produce trusty nails using an anvil in Idleon. But you need to reach the smithing level 5 first. Read the guide to increasing the smithing level above. Tap on the anvil -> produce -> the level 5 smithing unlocks “trusty nails” -> if you have unlocked it already, you shall see a produce button. Tap it and start producing. You can spend the points to increase production speed, capacity, gain more EXP. 

How To Increase Mining Level?

Start mining ores; set it on auto. Tips to increase mining level fast: – every day, you get to play a mini-game. Go to the ore side -> select an ore boulder; copper, iron, etc. -> you will see two options; play game or idle. Play mini-game to earn massive mining exp and level up fast. 

Craft high-tier mining tools; you will be able to mine fast if you use better mining tools. Go to town -> anvil -> craft copper pickaxe, then iron pickaxe, and so on. Go to items -> tools -> there you can equip tools to the character. 

How To Upgrade The Weapons & Tools In Legends of Idleon?

You can upgrade the tools and weapons/gears if they have upgrade slots available – it would cost upgrade stones(weapon upgrade stones, tool upgrade stones, armor upgrade stones, etc.). You can get these stones from the shop in exchange for coins. Go to the town shop -> scroll down and find the upgrade stones. 

If you have the upgrade stones in the inventory, then tap on the items -> unequip the weapon/tool/armor that you want to upgrade -> drag the respective stone to the target weapon/tool/armor. You will see a success message on your screen. 

You would not be able to upgrade the weapon/tool/armor if it does not have upgrade stones available. High-tier weapons/tools/armor have more upgrade slots as compared to lower-tier ones. Tap on a weapon/tool/armor to check its stats and the upgrade slot availability. If it has 0 upgrade slots, then you would not be able to upgrade that item. 

So this would be all in this post on Legends of Idleon guide for beginners. The class guide, fishing, and more info will be shared soon. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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