Lake Kindred Origin Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Lake Kindred Origin is a beautiful Idle game for mobile by Gaia Interactive. Check out our Lake Kindred Origin guide, tips, cheats & strategy to master the game

Gaia Interactive’s latest Idle game lets you build a beautiful garden where you can place Kins. The game features over 150 Kins and an Idle system in which the player taps the screen to produce energy, grow tree, fruit, and obtain Kins. Additionally, Lake Kindred Origin game features beautiful graphics and UI. And if you are having the problem understanding the game’s mechanics, then we are here to help you with our Lake Kindred Origin guide and Lake Kindred Origin tips, cheats & strategy.

Get Started – The Basics – Lake Kindred Origin

Lake Kindred OriginBefore we dive into the main tips, cheats & the strategy guide part, let’s take a look at the basics first. In Lake Kindred Origin game, your main objective is to collect all the Kins or completing the Kin collection. Some Kins are very common while some are very rare. All you need to do is tap the screen to produce life energy. Use the life energy to increase the level of the tree. When the tree grows up, you will be able to plant fruit on it. Once planted, wait until they get ripe.  Once ripened, tap the fruit to harvest. From these fruits, you get Kins. Kins are the main characters/creatures in Lake Kindred Origin game. They produce life energy(every second). And as you know, you need life energy to level up the tree. So this is the basic Lake Kindred Origin guide for the beginners. Let’s check out our main Lake Kindred Origin guide and after it, read our top Lake Kindred Origin tips, cheats.

Lake Kindred Origin Guide

In this part, we will learn about the garden, tree, fruits, Kins, how to level up Kins, and much more.

  • Tree And Fruits

You grow fruits on the tree. For the first time, when you grow the life plant into a tree, you can plant one fruit on it. All you need to do is tap the menu button -> go to fruits tab -> select a fruit. How to plant more fruits on the tree? It’s very simple. All you need to increase the tree level; on a certain level, you will unlock one more fruit slot for free.

Fruit Cost – To plant a fruit on the tree, you need life energy. Tap the screen to produce. As you level up the tree, more fruits will get unlocked. Different fruits create different Kins.

  • Kin

Lake Kindred OriginAs you know, you have to tap the screen to produce energy. You can automate this process with the help of Kins. Kins produce life energy automatically. In short, Kins help you in producing the energy automatically, even when you are not playing the game. The more Kins you collect, the better the Idle life energy you can earn.

You can even level up the Kins. All you need to do is place them in the garden. Or sometimes, from the fruits, you get duplicate Kin(already owned). This will increase the Kin’s exp gauge and after reaching a certain point, Kin’s level will go up. Tap the menu -> Kin -> select a Kin -> there you can check the EXP required to increase its level. How to earn? Place that Kin in the garden or obtain a duplicate creature from the fruit.

  • Garden

Lake Kindred OriginOn the main screen of the game, at the top-left corner, tap the flower marker icon -> tap the edit icon -> tap the + icon and place the Kin. Kin, placed in the garden will generate EXP(required to level up). You can collect the EXP after every certain amount of time.

For the first time, the game gives you one free slot in the garden; so you can place only one Kin. To place more, level up the garden. You need life energy to level up the garden(to generate, go to the garden screen -> tap to produce life energy -> tap the menu button -> garden -> level up.

As you level up the garden, new platforms for Kin will get unlocked. And you will be able to place multiple Kins in the garden. Additionally, the EXP amount a Kin gain over time will increase.

Lake Kindred Origin Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide

1.) Use Skills To Take Advantage

In Lake Kindred Origin game, you can use skills to produce the life energy fast or reduce the fruit harvest time. Increase the tree level to unlock new skills. On the main screen, tap the menu button -> skill tab -> tap the skill to unleash. After one time usage, you will need to wait as the skill take time in recharging. You can skip the recharge time by watching the video ad.

2.) Place The Best Kins In The Garden

Head to the Kin tab and tap the Kin. Tapping the kin will give you more details; name, rarity(common or rare), EXP required to level up, and bonus. Pay attention to the bonus(for example; Dagger, at level 2, provide +7.000 life per second). Place the most productive Kin in the garden to increase its level and get more benefit.

3.) Pay Attention To The Garden

As you know, to increase the Kin’s level, you can place them in the garden. But since there are limited slots, you can not place all the Kins there. Increase the garden’s level as fast as you can and develop multiple Kins at a time.

4.) Watch the Video Ad To Increase Offline Income

When you come back to the game(After being offline for many hours), you can claim the offline earnings. Make sure to watch the video ad to double the earnings.

The game’s mechanics are pretty simple. In the beginning, focus on increasing the tree level and unlock more fruit slots. Plant multiple fruits and obtain multiple Kins to increase the passive/Idle earnings.

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