Life of Mellow Guide: Tips For Beginners!

Life of Mellow is a survival simulation game published by MondayOff. Read on for the Life of Mellow guide and tips for beginners!

Life of Mellow

Life of Mellow Guide & Tips⇓

The following Life of Mellow guide covers the basics of the game, tips to survive for a long time, guide to resource management, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content; 

Life of Mellow Guide To Basics: Game Modes⇓

Your goal in the Life of Mellow game is to survive as long as you can. The game offers a variety of modes, only one is free. The basic mode. In the basic mode, you start with X3 Mellows, X3 Tools, and X20 Food. In the wood mode, you get wood, logs, AXE, etc. The stone mode offers iron, stones, PICKAXE, etc. Tool Mode gives you X30 Tools and X50 Food. And, the food mode, offers X2 Mellows, Food Baskets, and X150 Food. 

Life of Mellow Tips: Assign Mellows To Jobs ASAP⇓

After selecting the mode, you must assign Mellows to the jobs so that they can start working. Mellows can perform a variety of jobs; based on the current need or priority, you must assign them to the jobs. In the beginning, we would recommend you to focus on gathering wood or lumber, stone, and iron. You will need these resources to construct facilities like homes for mellows so that they can stay there. Craft Shop to craft tools. 

To assign a mellow on a job, tap the menu button(three horizontal lines) in the lower-right corner. Tap the Mellow icon. There you will see a variety of jobs(tap the < or > to assign/unassign a mellow on the job); 

  • Build Building — Assigned mellow will start building facilities(if there is a work-in-progress building on the field, mellow will go there, check the required resources, go to the storage, pick up the resources, and start the construction) 
  • Stone Miner — Needs pickaxe to do this job. Mine stone
  • Iron Miner — Needs pickaxe to do this job. Mine iron
  • Hunter – Needs a bow to do this job. Get meat
  • Fruit Picker — Needs basket to do this job. Collect fruit in the season
  • Gatherer — Needs basket to do this job. Collect herbs
  • Craftsman — To craft tools in the craft shop
  • Woodcutter — To craft logs and wood plates from the wood, require a sawmill
  • Herbalist — Craft potions, require herbalist’s shop
  • Farmer — Cultivate crops, require crop field
  • Blacksmith — Craft tools using logs and iron, require blacksmith’s shop
  • Brewer — Craft wine with fruit
  • Tailor — Craft Clothes 
  • Cleric — Bless mellows
  • Teacher — Teach children

Life of Mellow Tips: Start Constructing Important Buildings First⇓

In the Life of Mellow game, you can construct a variety of buildings that can help you survive longer. For instance, home for mellow. In a home, a male mellow and a female mellow can stay. They might even start making love to each other and have a baby, which later will turn into an adult mellow. 

If you are playing the basic mode, you will already have a craft shop on the field(of course, work-in-progress). Start gathering resources and complete the craft shop first. Then, you might want to build a stone home(mellows staying there will not catch a cold in the winter season). Don’t build too many homes in the early. We would recommend you to build a sawmill as soon as possible and get X10 Wood Logs. And, then build a herbalist’s shop where you can use herbs to craft the potions. 

As the game progresses, mellows will start catching ailments like a pandemic, cold, and more. Or, they might get injured while working. Potions can help them heal, otherwise, they will die. For cold, you can cut firewood in the sawmill. Later in the game, you can make them warm clothes. 

Life of Mellow Tips: Getting Mellows⇓

Now and then, mellows will come to the village. You will see the mellow icon in the top-right corner when they arrive at the village. Tap that icon, watch the video ad, or spend tickets. Or, tap the menu button in the lower-right corner -> tap the mellow icon -> tap the “Call Mellow” button. Watch the video ad to get mellows. 

Life of Mellow Tips: Take Care Of Mellows⇓

Always have sufficient food in the storage. If a mellow is hungry, he/she will take out the food from the storage on his/her own. Build a herbalist’s shop asap and start crafting potions so that you can heal injured mellows, recover them from their illness like a cold or pandemic. ⇓

Life of Mellow Tips: Don’t Forget To Craft Tools⇓

Tools don’t last long. Their durability decreases over time. Once the durability reaches 0, the tool will break down. You should always have tools available for mellows to avoid unnecessary work interruptions. Tap the menu button in the lower-right corner -> tap the storage box button -> go to the productive tab -> there you can check the goods or tools available. You can craft tools in advance in the sawmill. Assign a craftsman to the craft shop, select the tools that you want to craft, and let the assigned mellow do his/her job. 

NOTE: not having a tool like a pickaxe or AXE + resources like wood/stone can be troublesome. Let’s say you don’t have a Pickaxe and neither resources to craft it. Then you will need to restart the game. 

Life of Mellow Tips: Miscellaneous Tips Or A Walkthrough⇓

  • Finish the craft shop first(always have tools available in advance because tools’ durability decrease over time)
  • Gather food, you don’t want mellows to stay hungry for a long time
  • Assign mellows on the job based on the current need; gathering wood/stone/herbs/food is a must. 
  • Build homes; mellows can recover health by resting in their homes
  • Craft potions in the herbalist’s shop to recover the health of mellows
  • You can increase the happiness of mellow in the Life of Mellow game by brewing wine in the brewer facility. The mellow will drink it automatically if available
  • Increase the storage capacity to the max by watching the video ads or build another storage facility
  • A pregnant mellow would not work, so make sure to switch jobs using (< > option on the mellow screen)
  • In the winter season, when the temperature is low, mellows need to stay warm. You can cut a log into firewood at the sawmill. Craft the clothes. Or, build them stone houses. 

So this would be all in this post on Life of Mellow guide and tips for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below!

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