Moonlight Sculptor Guide & Tips For Beginners

Our Moonlight Sculptor guide covers the basic tips for beginners that help in progression, leveling, getting stronger, farming, and more.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide & Tips For Beginners

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Moonlight Sculptor Guide & Tips⇓

Moonlight Sculptor is a popular MMORPG for Android & iOS that offers quality gameplay and content to the players. There are so many things to do in this game; like fishing, crafting weapons for your character, fighting enemies, completing the NPCs quests, challenges, PvE and PvP game modes. If you are just starting this game, then this Moonlight Sculptor guide will help you to understand all the basic core concepts of the game; packed with some tips: –

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Part I: Basics⇓

Moonlight Sculptor Guide & Tips For Beginners

You should start focusing on the main quests right after you pick the character class. The main quests are displayed on the right side, below the mini-map. If you tap the main quest, your character will head to the quest location and start doing the job. It’s important to follow the main quests in the beginning because they give massive EXP to your character and help in fast leveling.

Also, the main quests unlock a variety of new features or content that you can access for further character progression or development. For instance, at level 45, you will be able to buy the pet feed and use that pet feed to make monsters your pet companion. PvP game mode will be available once you cross level 20. 

The battle mechanics can be set on auto or you can tap the enemies manually if want to start the combat. During the battle, you can unleash the combat skills. Progressing through the main quests will help you unlock more combat skills. 

As you progress in the Moonlight Sculptor game, you will encounter more powerful foes. So you must be making your character stronger; level it up, spend stat points to build attributes, tame pets, summon mercenaries, upgrade equipment, etc. The following Moonlight Sculptor guides will teach you all these things: –

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Part II: Navigation Guide⇓

Moonlight Sculptor Guide & Tips For Beginners

You start your journey from Serraborg Castle location where you will find a lot of NPCs. Outside this castle, there are wildlife locations where like Fox Plains where you will find the monsters. Hunting monsters grant EXP; at the bottom of the screen, there is an EXP bar that keeps track of current level progress. As you hunt down the monsters, you will gain EXP, material items, gears, etc. 

Each location or region on the map has certain monsters and items drop: –

  • Gathering time like apple, tomato, carrot, 
  • Fishing; lots of type of fish. While fishing in Moonlight Sculptor, you can obtain chests that contain material items
  • Gears: lots of types of gear

Moonlight Sculptor Guide & Tips For Beginners

Tap on the mini-map -> use the zoom in or zoom out button to check the world map or region map. On the region map, tap on the location -> make sure region info is turned on -> when you tap the location, region info will appear; you will see the monsters that you can find there, fish list, gathering items, gear items, etc. Based on your goal like crafting a certain type of equipment, you can start grinding and exploring the locations for material items. 

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Moonlight Sculptor Guide Part III: Leveling & Stat Points⇓

To level up, you need EXP; complete the main quests, daily quests(unlocks at level 27), hunt monsters to gain EXP. 

When you level up in Moonlight Sculptor(after level 10), you will gain the stat points, which you can spend in building the attribute of characters. You have to spend the stat points based on your current class. Tap on the current level figure in the top-left corner to open the attribute profile; there you will see recommended attributes to build. For instance, for the warrior class, Strength and Constitution attributes are recommended/best. You can check all classes builds here

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Part IV: Learn How To Cook & Consume Recipes⇓

There is a lot of recipes in the Moonlight Sculptor game that you can cook and consume for temporary buffs. Based on the cooked meal, you will get buff like increase in specific attributes; strength, charisma, constitution, etc. You can check the complete list of recipes on our website: – 

Make sure to keep the character’s appetite full, otherwise, you will see the warning sign at the top-left, next to HP and MP status bar. 

Moonlight Sculptor Guide Part V: Skills Guide⇓

There are two types of skills in the Moonlight Sculptor game; combat skills and continuous skills. Combat Skills must be activated manually, while continuous skills remain in effect all the time. In the top-right corner, tap the menu button -> tap the skill option at the top -> it has two tabs; combat skill tab and continuous skill tab. Tap on the skill to check its details. 

Combat skills must be placed in one of the hotspot attachment slots at the bottom. Tap on the skill to cast it; you will need MP or material items to cast the skills. 

When you tap the skill icon, its info will open on the side -> at the bottom of the info page, you will see the skill upgrade option. Tap the + button to use skill books and gold to upgrade the skills. 

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Moonlight Sculptor Tips Part I: Progression⇓

Early Game: In the early game, you should focus on the main quests. You can level up quickly by completing these main quests and hunting the monsters. 

Level 27: At level 27, you will be able to access the request board that gives daily quests. Make sure to complete them daily for free rewards. You will gain massive EXP from these daily quests.

Level 30: At level 30, you will be able to access the dungeon modes; daily dungeon mode offers rewards that change every day. Make sure to check it out and never miss the daily grind. 

Level 35: At level 35, you will be able to access the Chaotic Entrance. Completing this dungeon mode grants you quality rewards; like various equipment, Option Stones, Enchant Scrolls, and much more. You will need Chaotic Entrance Tickets to participate. 

Level 80: At level 80, you will be able to access the Mirkhan Tower. In this tower mode, you will progress through floors. Each next floor with more daunting difficulty. The character must have the Mysterious Curse de-buff to complete a set goal. At higher number floors, you get better rewards, but they are hard to beat. You will need to make your character stronger. 

Level 100: At Moonlight Sculptor level 100, you get access to the Twisted Abyss mode where you team up with party members against the bosses and obtain the rewards. You can join friends; up to x4 players can join the party. All the members will need to have an entry ticket to participate in the Twisted Abyss game mode. 

Moonlight Sculptor Tips Part II: Progression & Getting Stronger⇓

  • Craft & upgrade gears. You can read the equipment guide here
  • Tame pets. You can read the pet guide here
  • Spend stat points and build up the recommended attributes.
  • Equip Sculptor pieces
  • Do fishing to obtain chests. You can read Fishing guide here
  • Participate in all the game modes and claim all the rewards.
  • Keep an eye on the events.
  • Consume recipes and get buffs.
  • Use potions for buffs.
  • Upgrade the skills.
  • Unlock new skills. 

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So this would be all in this post on Moonlight Sculptor guide and tips for beginners. 

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