Life Simulator 3 Prestige Guide For Beginners

What is the Prestige system in Life Simulator 3 game? Read on and check out in this Life Simulator 3 Prestige guide for beginners

Life Simulator 3 PrestigeIn Life Simulator 3, you start controlling the character at the age of 16. After a certain number of years, prestige becomes available – this function resets the game progress and takes you back to the age of 16. The two main benefits of doing prestige are multipliers/education token and new pets. When you do the prestige, you get to choose a multiplier/bonus that will be permanent and work in all the lives you start. And, as you keep doing the prestige, the prestige level will increase and new pets get unlocked. For starters, we recommend checking the Life Simulator 3 guide for beginners. In this post, you will learn about the Life Simulator 3 Prestige System. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

Life Simulator 3 Prestige System: –

Tap the home button in the top-left corner of the app screen – this will take you to the character’s profile screen where you can check his/her age, children, and prestige level. Below the health bar, it displays the number of years left to prestige. When this certain number of years passed, a new button appears on the screen; Prestige Available. Tap that button and confirm it by tapping the Yes button.

On the next screen, you can pick the multiplier, education token or other bonuses. The multiplier unlocks at prestige level 5. Education Token lets you complete a course instantly. Head to the University tab and tap the Graduate Now button – there you can use this education token. Idle Time – It increases the max Idle Time(when you are offline or not playing the game, the character still earns/works at the idle stage. The amount of time is fixed and can be increased by getting this prestige bonus).

Speed Up Time – it increases the speed of time in the game – to pass the days quickly.

Bear, Tiger, and Dragon – these three pets unlock at Prestige level 4/6/10.

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    • I goes away but you will have starter cash at next life stagestage,all you need to do is enter prestige store then use your prestige points to get a starter cash