Life Simulator 3 Guide – Tips, Tricks & Cheats For Beginners

Life Simulator 3 is a life simulation game for Android by Playdrop where you create a virtual character and explore a variety of events in his/her life journeyLife Simulator 3

Life Simulator 3 is a simple yet addictive game for Android by Playdrop. In the game, you create a character, lead him/her to a specific career path, get social, marry, have kids, and maintain the wealth, health, and happiness! If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This Life Simulator 3 guide covers all the fundamentals of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Life Simulator 3 tips, cheats & strategies that you may like. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

Life Simulator 3 Guide, Tips: –

You start the game by creating a character – as a teen, your parents might kick you out after a few years or months – then you will have to survive on your own. In Life Simulator 3, every second – a day passes – at the top-right corner of the game screen, pay attention to the date to check the life’s timeline.

The first thing that you have to do is start working in a part-time job and educate yourself. Educating yourself is necessary to get high-paying jobs. Also, there are special courses in which you will have to enroll – for example; if you want to drive, you will need a driving license.

To stay alive, you need good health, wealth, shelter, food. The basic needs. Once you have stable or on a high-paying job, you can start a relationship, get married, have kids, and live a luxury life. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Life Simulator 3 tips, tricks & strategies: –

Decide A Particular Career

At the top menu, go to the second tab – this is the employment section where you can check all kinds of jobs – Life Simulator 3 game features 100s of jobs. There is a specific requirement to get a job – for example – to become an architect, you need 5 years of construction manager experience. And, to become a construction manager, you need 2 years of construction worker experience.

For this requirement, you need to have 1 year of construction trainee experience. And, to get a construction trainee job, you need dishwasher experience(6 months). So to get to a top-level job, you start with an entry-level job. In this example, you become an architect –

  • Dishwasher – 6 Months
  • Construction Trainee – 1 Year
  • Construction Worker – 2 Years
  • Assistant Manager(Construction) – 5 Years

Then you become an architect.

So the first tip we would recommend is to decide a particular top-level job that you want to do later in the game and then start getting experience according to it. In the above example – you will start from the Dishwasher, then Construction trainee -> worker -> manager -> architect.

In some of the careers, you will need a degree or certificate. For example – Psychology, Sailing, Sea Survival, etc. Go to the third tab in the top-menu -> this is the education tab where you can enroll for certain qualifications. In some courses, you might need to quit the current job.

Start Earning Money ASAP

Studying in university or college requires money – if you want to educate the character, it’s better to earn some money first by doing entry-level jobs. If the balance is negative, you would not be able to survive for long. So start earning money as soon as you start life.

Learn How To Get Followers

If you want to be a vlogger in Life Simulator 3, you need to socialize. Tap the like button in the top-right corner/menu. There you can spend money to socialize. Also, if you want to date someone or meet someone to start a relationship, make sure to socialize.

You will keep getting the followers as you spend money and progress through the game. Another one of the best ways to get more followers is by adopting a pet. In the footer menu, go to the shop tab -> pets -> there you can buy/adopt pets; Bunny, Cat, Dog, Duck, Fox, etc. Raising the prestige level unlocks new pets like penguins, tiger, bear, and dragon.

They cost too much money – so be careful.

Learn How To Get Married

First, socialize. Wait until you meet someone – the game will notify you if you meet someone – it’s completely random. Go to the relationship tab in the footer menu -> there you can check the relationship status; single or in a relation.

When you meet someone and you want to marry her, you will need to propose. First, increase the love strength by gifting, interacting. You can check the strength on the same menu. If your partner says yes, then tap the get married button to get married – then you can try for a baby.Life Simulator 3

If the partner says no, then wait – keep interacting regularly and keep proposing after some weeks.

Rent House, Get Food

To maintain your health status, you need a proper diet and shelter. Go to the shopping tab -> food -> spend on the food plans. It’s necessary if your parents kick you out of their house.

Another thing is to rent a house. Go to the properties tab in the footer menu -> there you can buy or rent the house. You will need to spend a lot if you want to buy an apartment. Renting would be a good option in the early game. Although, you need to be in good profit state to get approved for the rent. So start doing a job first.

Manage The Finances

Go to the piggy bank tab in the top-menu -> there you can check incomings and outgoings. Try cutting down the unnecessary expenses if you want to earn a profit or reduce the losses. For example – if you have a pet, then you can dump him; shopping -> pets -> my pets -> tap the pet -> put for adoption.

Visit Hospital To Recover Health

If you are low on health, go to the hospital -> spend money -> recover health. Head to the heart tab in the footer menu -> visit the hospital.

Keep An Eye On Events

Random Events impact life stats such as happiness, family, social, good, bad, etc. Reacting to these events can help you improve your life stats. In the home tab, tap the life stats button to check the stats.

Other than these stats, you need to stay fit – visit the gym regularly to improve fitness. Go to the heart tab -> scroll down to the bottom -> regular gym membership. You can cancel it at any time.

Also, make sure to claim the special reward by watching the video ad.

Get The Free Boosters

In Life Simulator 3, you can speed up the time and increase the income by watching the video ads. Head to the home tab in the top menu -> below the job experience label, there are two offers; watch an ad for income boost or to speed up time.

Learn How To Become A Serial Investor

You need a business degree, 100K cash, and 30 logic. Logic – Logic stats can be improved by visiting the library. Head to the shopping tab -> in the other stuff section, you will find online dating, library membership, sports club membership, acting school, music gigs, etc. Spend on library membership to increase logic monthly.

100K cash can be acquired by doing a job. Business Degree -> go to the education tab -> master degree courses -> business -> enroll.

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So this would be all in this post on Life Simulator 3 guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. This article was last updated on January 28, 2020.

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