Lumia Saga Professions Guide – How To Unlock & Rank-Up?

Your character in Lumia Sagae can master five professions; chef, fishing, alchemist, botanist, mineralogist. Check out this Lumia Saga Professions Guide to learn about all the professions!

In the last post on Lumia Saga game coverage, we shared a complete leveling up guide and some tips to level up fast. You can read that Lumia Sage Leveling Up Guide here. In this post, you will learn about the Lumia Saga professions. As stated before, you can master five professions in the game. These five professions are Botanist, Alchemist, Mineralogist, Fishing, and Chef. Let’s not waste any time and navigate to the main content!

Lumia Saga Professions Guide

Lumia Saga ProfessionsBotanist, Mineralogist, and Fishing – these three are grinding professions. That means by ranking up or unlocking these professions, you can farm or grind the items such as herbs, minerals, and the fish. These items can be used to craft items, cook recipes. As an Alchemist, you can use the herbs and minerals to craft useful items. And, as a chef, you can cook fish dishes. Here’s the list of items: –

List Of Items An Alchemist Can Craft In Lumia Saga: –

  • Recovery Potions
  • Revival Potions
  • Formless Jewelry
  • Formless Accessory
  • Small Wreath

List Of Recipes A Chef Can Cook In Lumia Saga: –

  • Sashimi
  • Mixed Salad
  • Grilled Silverfish
  • Flavored Skewer
  • Streamed Ham With Fish
  • Pea Soup
  • Pisces Sashimi
  • Crispy Octopus Balls
  • Fried Fish Sticks
  • Aromatic Fried Mussels
  • Sable Sashimi Platter
  • Grilled Fish With Mushrooms
  • Grilled Eel Wrap
  • Fish Fry-Up
  • Steamed Fish With Rice
  • Shrimp And Crab Pot
  • Friend Pork With Onion
  • Sweet Potato Roast Fish
  • Fresh Fish Hot Pot

Lumia Saga Botanist Guide

As a Botanist, your character can collect the herbs and plants on the map. By ranking up the Botanist level, you can unlock auto-collecting function and collect new herbs or plants. If you don’t know how to find and collect herbs, then go to the adventure menu by tapping the adventure button on the top-menu -> collect -> Go. Tap the herb or plant to collect. Now, let’s learn how do you rank-up the Botanist.

Rank Up Botanist – you need Botanist profession EXP to increase the rank. To earn EXP, collect the herbs or plants or vegetables from the map. Collecting these things from the map costs Vitality points. To check the progress, go to the professions menu and select the Botanist. There you can check the current Botanist level progress. It also shows you the quest that you can follow to grind EXP. (On the top menu, tap the function button -> life -> here you can check the professions -> select Botanist).

Alchemist Guide

As an Alchemist, you can craft useful potions for the character. Go to the professions menu(Function -> life -> alchemist -> start Alchemy). Gather the resources and synthesis to craft potions, cores, and novelty. It will cost vitality points. Craft these items to obtain Alchemist Proficiency. In the same crafting screen, at the top-right, you can check the Alchemist level progress.

Mineralogist Professions

Being a Mineralogist, you can mine ores or minerals from the rocks scattered all over the map. To find the ores or rocks, tap the adventure option at the top-menu -> collect -> scroll down and find ores -> Go. Mine these ores to get Mineralogist Proficiency(EXP). Grind EXP and level up. Materials collected by Mineralogist are used by Alchemist to craft the items. You can check the info of the item in the backpack.

Fishing Profession Guide

List of Fish that you can collect in Lumia Saga Game: –

  • Treasure Chest Fish
  • Little Crap
  • Sand Bay Tuna
  • Big Sand Bay Tuna
  • Moonglow Fish
  • Big Moonglow Fish
  • Butterflyfish
  • Big Butterflyfish
  • Impish Octopus Baby
  • Big Impish Octopus
  • Sea Mackerel
  • Big Sea Mackerel
  • Silver Cod
  • Big Silver Cod
  • Sea Cucumber
  • Fat Sea Cucumber

Lumia Saga ProfessionsYou can fish near the river on the map. Tap the mini-map on the upper-right side -> find a river or lake. Once you are there, you need to activate the fishing mode. Tap the function option -> life -> fishing -> Go fishing. Now, cast the fishing rod -> catch the fish to earn fishing proficiency. Once you see the Hook option -> tap the fishing rod button -> now release and hold button to keep the green bar and the fish at the same spot. Once the right sidebar reaches the max level, your character gets the fish. You can use these fish in cooking.

Lumia Saga Professions – Chef Guide

Tap the function option -> life -> choose chef -> begin cooking. select recipe -> cook. Collect the fish or other ingredients from the map to cook delicious recipes. Consume these recipes to activate passive buffs, boosts for a short period. Cook the recipes and earn chef proficiency(rank-up chef to unlock new recipes).

How to unlock professions in Lumia Saga?

First, on the left side of the screen, note down the quests. Once done, tap the function option near the mini-map -> choose life -> select the profession that you want to learn – Go. Now, your character will teleport or navigate to an NPC. Talk to the NPC and then you will see a new quest in the quest section. Complete that quest to unlock profession. It merely takes a minute.

Lumia Saga Vitality

Lumia Saga ProfessionsTo perform professional tasks such as collecting plants, mining ores, cooking dishes, fishing, etc. you need vitality points. At the upper-left corner of the screen, tap the character avatar and there you can check the vitality points that you have. You get 500 Vitality points every day. Or buy the vitality elixir from the store. You can also obtain it from the events.

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