MASS FOR THE DEAD Reroll Guide – How To Reroll On Android & iOS?

Started playing Overlord MASS FOR THE DEAD game and wondering how to reroll on Android or iOS? Read on for MASS FOR THE DEAD reroll guide – who to reroll?


⇒If you are on Android – first, claim the Chaos Stone from the gift box and spend on the summoning banners. At the time of writing this post, it’s Release Celebration banner with 5-star characters drop rate. It will cost x500 chaos stones. Tap the present box on the left side of the home page and collect the newbie rewards; you get around 1,000 chaos stones for free. So you will be able to summon x10 characters x2 times. If you get the top-tier characters, tap the menu button -> function -> full download. If not, go to settings app in your mobile phone -> apps -> MASS FOR THE DEAD -> clear data. This will reset the current progress and you will start again. 

⇒If you are on iOS, to reroll in MASS FOR THE DEAD, you just delete the app and install it again. First, open the app and claim chaos stones from the present box and spend on the summons. If you have got the best characters, then continue playing. If not, reroll by deleting the app; install it again. 


We would recommend you to keep rerolling until you get x2 5-star characters. What are the best characters to reroll for in MASS FOR THE DEAD? Our best reroll pick would be Ainz Momonga, Mare, Albedo, Demiurge. Reroll for these characters. 

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Getting Characters In The Game

In the game, you get the characters from gacha. Tap the menu button and then choose the summon option. This will take you to the summoning portal where you can spend chaos stones. Chaos Stone is the valuable currency that you will need in gacha. By default, all the players get around 1,000 chaos stones in the present box(top-left side on the home page, tap the gift box and claim the rewards). Other than that, you can get these chaos stones from the story mode missions or events. Also, from the shop with real money. 

In the summoning portal, you will see multiple banners. Use the arrow keys on the left/right to switch between the banners. You can spend free chaos stones or paid chaos stones in those banners. Once spent, you will get random characters. On the bottom-left side of the banner screen, tap the list button to check the drop rates of all the characters. 

How Many Characters Are There In MASS FOR THE DEAD?

There are over 35 characters in the game; 5-star, 4-star, and 3-star. The 5-star characters are the best because they have better attributes. These characters are classified into different roles; attackers, enhancers, tank, and healers. The role of the character highlights its strength. For example – healers have healing skills. Attackers excel in inflicting damage. 

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So this would be all in this post on MASS FOR THE DEAD Reroll guide. 

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