Ghostbusters World Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Ghostbusters World is a brand new AR ghost catching game for Android and iOS by FTT. Check out our Ghostbusters World guide, tips, cheats & strategy to catch all the monsters and dominate in the ghost arena

FourThirtyThree Inc., the creators of Boxing Star game has just released a brand new AR(augmented reality) game Ghostbusters World for mobile. In the game, the player plays as a ghost hunter and catch the ghosts in AR world. Ghostbusters World game also features a variety of game modes; story mode, daily hunt, ghost arena, ghost tower. To play these game modes, you build the team of ghosts. With this team of ghosts, you will battle against enemy ghosts in these modes to earn in-game items. You use these items in upgrading the ghosts. Since there are too many things in the game, it could be difficult for a beginner to figure what is the use of items, how to collect, build a strong ghost team, and dominate in the PvP mode. If you are one of them and looking for Ghostbusters World tips, then this post is for you. In today’s post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know as a rookie hunter: Ghostbusters World Guide and Ghostbusters World tips, cheats & strategies.

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How To Play – The Basics – Get Started – Ghostbusters World

Ghostbusters WorldLet’s start with the Ghostbusters World basics. Your main job is building the team of best ghosts. You can collect the ghosts from the map, eco-spheres. On the map, you tap the ghost to enter the capture battle. Then you reduce its HP and throw the trap. Later, you hold down the blast button and aim at the monster and put it over the trap. Once captured, that ghost will be added to your ghost collection book and you will be able to use it in story mode, daily hunt, ghost tower, and ghost arena mode.

Eco-Spheres – You can obtain this item by playing the story mode. From this item, you can get high-rank ghosts.

The game’s mechanics are pretty simple. It combines the gacha+farming system. The starting is easy. But later, you will need powerful ghosts to dominate in the various game modes. And to power-up the ghosts, you need many items. Additionally, to collect the legendary ghosts from the map, you will need a powerful equipment.

So the key points in Ghostbusters World game are – Ghosts, character’s equipment, items, the in-game currency. Let’s dive into the main guide and learn about the ghosts in detail, how to farm items, get details of each item, and much more.

Ghosts Guide

Ghostbusters WorldOnly collecting the ghosts on the map or completing the ghost collection is not the only task in the game. After collecting the ghosts, you have to analyze it; its grade, rank, element, stats. Because when you immerse yourself in the wide range of Ghostbusters World game’s modes, you will need this information. Let’s get started.

Ghost Element – Why To Know?

The game features an elemental system. All the ghosts belong to one of the five elements. Depending on the element, they are weak/strong against certain element type ghosts. Here’s the list of five elements: –

  1. Fire
  2. Water
  3. Earth
  4. Light
  5. Dark

How to check the ghost’s element? On the main screen of the game, at the bottom, tap the menu button -> ghost collection -> tap the ghost. On the next screen, at the top-left corner, hold down the element icon to know.

Buy why you need to know? Because you can take elemental advantage in the battles. How? Here’s how: –

  1. Fire-type ghosts are strong against Earth, but week against Water-type ghosts
  2. Water type ghosts are strong against fire, but week against Earth type ghosts
  3. Earth type ghosts are strong against Water, but week against Fire
  4. Light type ghosts and Dark-type ghosts deal equal damage(No bonus)

In the battle, check the enemy’s element and attack accordingly. For example; the enemy ghost’s element is Water. Then if you attack with an earth type ghost, you will deal bonus damage.

Ghost – Grade – Ranks

In the ghost collection menu, at the top-left corner of each ghost’s icon, you can check its rank or grade. Here is the detail: –

  1. S-Rank – Legendary Ghosts
  2. A-Rank – Heroic Ghosts
  3. B-Rank – Rare Ghosts
  4. C-Rank – Uncommon
  5. D-Rank – Common

Common, Uncommon ghosts are not good for the long run as you will have to invest a huge amount of in-game currency in building up their stats. On the other hand, S-Rank and A-Rank ghosts are good for the long-run.

How To Level Up Ghosts?

By increasing the ghost’s level, you can increase its power(CP) and other stats; attack, HP, defense, and more. Additionally, after a certain level, you will unlock the ghost’s passive skill. You should level up high-rank heroes; S-Rank, B-Rank, A-Rank.

You need an item named PKE crystal. PKE stands for Psychokinetic energy. You can obtain this item by capturing the ghosts or destabilizing the ghosts. Additionally, completing the missions, story mode levels, challenges also grant you this item.

Go to the ghost collection screen -> tap the ghost -> level up -> adjust the seek bar to select the quantity of PKE crystal and confirm. It will cost you coins.

How To Rank-Up Ghosts?

Reach the maximum level of ghost to use the rank-up feature. By ranking up a ghost, you can increase its maximum level, stars. Here’s the tree chart: –

  1. Maximum level of 1* ghost – 10
  2. The maximum level of 2* ghost – 20
  3. The maximum level of 3* ghost – 30
  4. Maximum level of 4* ghost – 40
  5. Maximum level of 5* ghost – 50
  6. The Maximum level of 6* ghost – 60

There are a number of resources required to increase the ghost’s rank: –

  1. PKE Crystals
  2. Element Shard
  3. Slime Shard
  4. Coins

Read the items guide below to know how to farm or obtain these items.


The ghosts have four types of skills: – Leader, Passive, Normal, and Special.

  1. Leader Skill -> To activate this skill, place the ghost in the first slot in the team settings
  2. Passive Skill -> Activates automatically in the battle
  3. Normal Skill – Basic skill of the ghost
  4. Special Skill – All the ghosts have unique skills

Keep in mind that not all the ghosts have leader skill. If you want to know about the skills, then head to the ghost’s collection menu -> tap the ghost -> skill.


The rune is one of the main in-game items in Ghostbusters World game. It can increase the strength of the ghost.

So this is the Ghostbusters World Ghosts guide for the beginners. Now, let’s head to the items guide.

  • Items Guide

  1. Elemental Shards – Required to rank -up the ghost. Earn from daily hunt mode
  2. Spirit Shards – Required to increase the attributes of skills. Earn by destabilizing
  3. Slime Shards – Required to increase the rank of a ghost. Earn by destabilizing
  4. PKE Crystals – Used in leveling up. Earn from missions, battles, story mode, destabilizing
  5. Coins – Earn by playing the game
  6. Gems – Premium In-game currency. Spend real money to obtain or play the story mode, events

Among all these, slime shards item is unique. For example: – If you want to increase the tier 2(2* ghost), then you will need tier 2 slime shard. To get it, you will need to destabilize the 2* ghost.

  • Destabilizing Guide – Ghostbusters World

Ghostbusters WorldDestabilizing is one of the important parts of this game. There are two ways to destabilize the ghost: Reduce the HP to 0 in capture battles or manually in the game menu.

When you destabilize in the capture battle, you get spirit shard(Read the item guide above). When you destabilize in the game menu, you get slime shard.

Capture Battle Destabilizing – On the map, tap the ghost. Attack the ghost until its HP reduces to 0. Usually, you catch the ghosts when its HP reduces to 50% and then you throw the trap. But in this case, don’t throw any trap. Keep attacking and reduce its HP to 0 to destabilize. This will give you the spirit shard of that ghost.

Manually Destabilizing – Go to the ghost’s collection menu. At the bottom-right corner of the screen, tap the reload type icon(Destabilize) -> choose the ghost to sacrifice. Depending on the star level, you will get the slime shard (tier I, tier II, tier III, tier IV, tier V)and more rewards. Keep in mind that locked ghosts cannot be Destabilized. First, unlock them. Tap the locked ghost in collection menu -> on the next screen, at the bottom, tap the lock icon to unlock it.

  • Game Modes Guide

  1. Story Mode – Play the story mode to earn stars. As you earn stars, you will get premium rewards; gems, eco-sphere
  2. Daily Hunt – Play in this mode to earn element shards
  3. Ghost Arena – Battle against other players’ ghost team, PvP
  4. Gozer’s Tower – Go up floor by floor and defeat the waves of enemies to earn precious rewards
  • Equipment And Traps

To catch high-rank ghosts, you need powerful equipment. So make sure to pay attention to the character’s equipment. Tap the menu -> character & equipment. Choose the equipment option. There are two weapons; main weapon and counter weapon. You use the main weapon to attack enemies. The counter weapon is used to avoid enemy attacks.

Make sure to increase the stats of these gears. Tap the equipment -> research -> start the research.

Traps: There are three types of traps; Standard, Advanced, and Master. You start with the standard. As you level up, you will unlock master and advanced traps in Ghostbusters World game. You throw these traps in the battle to capture the ghosts. In the character & equipment menu, choose the build option -> there you can build traps, Energy clip. Tap the item -> choose the quantity -> spend gold.

You can obtain traps easily by playing the game.

  • Boss Battles

In the story mode, after clearing a set of the stage, you will fight against the boss. Boss’ attack can easily penetrate you. And unlike normal ghosts, you can not counter it. So you must attack the week spot to avoid getting hit by the boss. Here’s the tip: –

Attack on the highlighted part of the boss in the boss battle to protect the character from the boss’ attack.

So this is the Ghostbusters Guide for the beginners. Now, let’s read our top Ghostbusters tips, cheats & strategies.

Ghostbusters World Tips & Cheats are: –

  1. Place the remote gate on the map for frequent rewards
  2. Destabilize the low-rank ghosts for PKE crystal, Slime shard
  3. Assign the ghost having leader skill in the first slot
  4. Don’t waste in-game currency in developing low-grade ghosts
  5. Increase the level of ghosts
  6. Tier up the ghosts through ranking up process
  7. Play the story mode, earn stars and claim gems, eco-sphere
  8. Repeat the story mode stages to earn more items
  9. Research to upgrade the equipment
  10. Build traps, energy clips
  11. Complete the missions to earn PKE crystal, gold coins
  12. Take elemental advantage in the battle
  13. Use the special skills of the ghost at the right time
  14. Tap the counter button quickly to avoid getting hit

Here’s the brief detail of tips mentioned above for Ghostbusters World game players: –

A.) The Remote Gate

On the main screen, on the right side, there are three options: Eco Goggles, Remote Gate, Ghost Tracker. Eco Goggles is an item that can increase the chances of obtaining light & dark element ghosts. In the ghost tracker menu, you can track nearby ghosts. The remaining option is the remote gate. Tap that option and you will be able to place it on the map within the character’s radius. Make sure to place it nearby. Tap it and the ghost will reward you traps, gold coins, and more items. You get the reward from this gate every 15 minutes.

B.) Get Rid Of Low-Quality Ghosts Using Destabilize

From the map, you often get low-rank ghosts. If there are so many in your collection, then it would be better to destabilize them for PKE crystals, slime shard, and coins. Read the destabilize guide above for more info.

C.) Utilize The Leader Role

You can modify the ghost team by tapping the team settings button in ghost collection screen. You can select up to four ghosts in the team. In the first slot, make sure to choose the ghost having leader skill(if you have). Otherwise, the game will show you a message; The assigned leader ghost does not have a leader skill. Read the skills guide for more details.

D.) Save Hard-Earned Currency

It would be better to focus on A-rank, S-Rank, and B-rank ghosts only. And develop only best. Don’t spend hard-earned PKE crystals, shards in developing low-rank ghosts.

E.) Leveling Up Is Important

Either include them in your team and repeat the stages in story mode over and over again to level up ghosts or use PKE crystals. But you should do it asap as it is the only way to progress. After leveling up, you will unlock skills, rank-up feature.

F.) Earn Free Gems and EcoSphere From Story Mode

In the story mode, you earn stars by completing the stages. You get free rewards by collecting enough number of stars; for example; earn six stars to get phantom tickets(used in playing the story mode), earn 18 stars to get 20 gems in Ghostbusters World, earn 27 stars to get eco-sphere. Go to the story mode screen -> at the bottom -> tap the loot box to get details. You get the reward in the mailbox. Menu -> at the top -> mail.

G.) Research, Upgrade

Make sure to upgrade the equipment by researching as it increases damage power second. With high DPS, you will be able to strike down the powerful ghosts fast.

H.) Elemental Advantage

In the battle, just above the enemy’s head, there will be an arrow; green arrow states the enemy is week against your hero(upon turn). Yellow icon – No bonus, average. Red Icon – States that your ghost is week against the enemy ghost. So make sure to attack the enemy wisely. Strong ghosts deal critical damage to the enemies. Read the ghost’s element guide above for more details.

I.) Use The Special Skills Strategically

First, you must know the ghost’s special skill details. The special skill can change the result of the battle. So make sure to use it strategically; at the right time in the battle. For example; Animated Toaster’s special skill can restore the health of team member in the ghost.

So these are our top Ghostbusters World tips, cheats & strategies + Ghostbusters World guide for the beginners. Also, see – Top new Android games 2018

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