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Phantoms: Tang Dynasty is a brand new MMORPG for mobile by Youzu(Singapore)PTE.LTD. Read on and check out this Phantoms: Tang Dynasty guide, tips, cheats

The publisher behind Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac game, has just released a brand new game called Phantoms: Tang Dynasty on mobile app stores. Phantoms: TD features a variety of character classes, spirits that you can play with to fight the beasts. Also, there are plenty of things to do; event quests, gardening, fishing, cooking, treasure hunt, etc. If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This Phantoms: Tang Dynasty guide covers all the fundamentals of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Phantoms: Tang Dynasty tips, cheats & strategies that you may like. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Phantoms: Tang Dynasty Guide, Tips: –

Phantoms: Tang Dynasty is just like other MMORPGs where your goal is to make the character and team(spirits) stronger to slay down the powerful enemies that you face in the battles. The battles get difficult as you progress through the game. You will need to make the hero and spirits stronger and use their skills wisely to win the battles. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Phantoms: Tang Dynasty tips & tricks: –Phantoms: Tang Dynasty

Choose The Right Class

Your character can switch between a variety of classes at any time in the game. Each class offers unqiue skills that you can use for attack and other CC effects like immobilization, immunity, etc. To change the current class, you must be in the hero form(tap the hero avatar in the top-left corner to switch to hero from spirit – if you are in spirit form).

Tap the hero avatar in the upper-left corner to open the hero’s profile screen -> In the stats tab, on the right side, tap the reload icon next to the class label -> choose a class that you want to play -> Swordmaster, Priest(Ritualist), Gladiator. Then tap switch now button -> this will take the hero to an NPC where you can choose to change the class.

After that, head to the profile screen again and navigate to skill tab -> there you can check the abilities and artifacts offered by the class. Tap on any ability class set that you want to use in the battle.

Upgrade The Abilities

In the battles, you use the hero’s abilities to deal damage or apply buffs/debuffs on allies/enemies. The basic attack does not inflict that much damage – as compared to the damage dealt by the abilities. So make sure to upgrade the class abilities. You will need Skill Tome Books to upgrade the class abilities.

For example – If you are playing as a Ritualist, then you will need Ritualist Class skill tomes, which can be obtained from the market or through quests/events/random-reward. Go to the bag menu -> tap on the skill tome – read -> check the details -> this will upgrade the class’s skill/ability instantly.Phantoms: Tang Dynasty

Learn About The Spirits

In Phantoms: Tang Dynasty, you can transform to certain Spirits and add other spirits in the team to use their skills. All the spirits have unique active skills, passive skills, stats, and appearance.

How do you get the Spirits?

You need to summon the spirits using Jade Coins or Summon Talisman, which you can obtain from Aether Shop or exchange Jade Coins(sign-in reward) for Summon Talisman or from the events/quests. On the right side of the Lobby, tap the summon tab -> there you can use Summon Talisman to summon Spirits.

You may get R, SR, SSR Spirits or Charm Cards from this draw.

How do you transform into the Spirits?

Your hero can transform into the spirits and use the spirit’s skills. On the right side of the Lobby, tap the transform button -> there you can select the Spirit that you want to set as a companion. After that, on the top-left, below the level bar, tap the hero/spirit avatar to transform.

How do you use the Spirits in the battles?

Before you enter the battle, you need to select the spirits. Tap the menu button and navigate to the Spirits menu. Then head to the formation menu. The formation tab has two parts; deploy spirit and candidate spirit. In the deploy spirit tab, add the spirits that you want to use in the battle(their skills).

And, Spirits in the Candidate Slots increase the Spirit Sage ATK, HP. So don’t forget to add spirits in these slots.

Learn How To Level Up Quickly

Raising the hero level in Phantoms: Tang Dynasty increases the ATK, HP stats that improve his/her battle performance – as a hero. Also, new functions such as the market, guild get unlocked as you level up. Let’s learn how to level up quickly –

Follow the chapter quests –

Completing the main quest gives a huge amount of Hero XP. Below the level bar in the upper-left, you can check the main quest. Follow and complete these quests to earn Hero EXP. As you complete the chapters, new functions in the game will get unlocked.

Complete the events –

Tap the menu button -> events -> there you will find a lot of events that give EXP, Essence, Spirit EXP Page, etc. Keep doing these event battles to grind these items.

Upgrade The Spirits

Spirits’ stats such as ATK, HP can be improved by upgrading.

Spirit EXP Pages can be acquired from the event battles and can be used in upgrading the spirits. Head to the Spirit menu -> select the spirit that you want to level up -> tap the level up button -> select the Spirit EXP Pages that you want to use to grant EXP to Spirit -> level up -> spend Essence.

Upgrade The Spirit Skills –

Head to the skill tab in the spirit profile -> advance(you will need duplicate spirit card to advance a spirit) to rank up, tap the upgrade button next to the passive skill -> element materials are used in upgrading passive skills. And, these element materials can be obtained from the events.

Take The Elemental Advantage

In Phantoms: Tang Dynasty, all the spirits belong to one of these elements –

  • Metal
  • Woo
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Star

Strong element spirits deliver more damage to weak element spirits. On the enemy selection screen, at the bottom-left, tap the counters button to check the counter chart.

Join A Guild

After joining the guild in Phantoms: Tang Dynasty, you can participate in the guild events and earn rewards; aether essence, summon talisman, Mochi, guild badges, etc. So make sure to join an active guild.

So this would be all in this post on Phantoms: Tang Dynasty guide, tips for beginners.

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