GODDESS OF VICTORY NIKKE Guide & Tips For Beginners

Read on for the GODDESS OF VICTORY NIKKE guide & tips for beginners.


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Goddess of Victory NIKKE Guide

In the early game, you should be focusing on the campaign mode stages; clearing 5 campaign stages upgrade the outpost defense level. As the outpost defense level increases, you get more idle rewards such as cores, combat records, EXP/record, credits, and equipment. You will need these resources to upgrade the NIKKEs. On the hall screen, in the lower-left corner, tap “Outpost Defense” -> collect the resources. 

Goddess of Victory NIKKE features many game modes: campaign/operate, the lost sector/ark, arena/ark, and tribe tower/ark.

Operate/Campaign game mode is divided into chapters; each chapter has many stages with increasing difficulty. And you can play this mode in two difficulties; normal and hard. Tap on the “Operate” option in the lower-right corner, tap the “chapter number” in the lower-right corner -> chapter screen will open -> tap the normal/hard difficulty in the lower-right corner to change the difficulty. 

You will earn EXP, credits, cores, gems, equipment, etc. from this mode

From the lost sector/ark and tribe tower/ark, you can obtain credits, combat power, cubes, NIKKE shards, etc. 

Must See: NIKKE Reroll Guide, NIKKE Codes

Goddess of Victory NIKKE Guide To Battles

For battles, you will need to set up a squad of five NIKKEs. Make sure to check the enemy details and the distance. Build your team based on the enemy you are going to fight. For instance, if the enemies are far, you should add SNIPER NIKKES to the team. You should add NIKKES, who use shotguns, submachine guns, and assault rifles if the enemies are close. Below we have provided the weapon details. 

During the battle, you can control one of the NIKKES. If the stage is easy, you can put it on auto. If not, then it would be better to fight manually. Select a NIKKE; then you have to aim for the target(always target the CRITICAL AREAS). 

Navigate to NIKKE’s profile and check her skills. All of them have unique skills; active(must be cast manually during the battle), passive(activates automatically when the condition is met), and burst skills(must be cast manually during the battle). Use the NIKKEs’ skills at the right time during the battle. 


  • Firepower/Offense/Attacker role characters are good at inflicting DMG on the enemies
  • Defender/Defense role characters have high HP/DEF stats and possess skills that can grant shields to allies and taunt enemies
  • Supporters/Assistance role characters have assisting abilities like healing, buff, boosting allies’ stats, etc.

In your team, make sure to add DMG dealers, at least one supporter with healing ability, and one defender. You can go with X3 DMG Dealers, X1 Defender, and X1 Supporter. OR X2 DMG Dealer, X2 Defender, and X1 Supporter. Or for more firepower, X4 DMG Dealers, X1 Supporter. 

The first thing you should be doing is getting acquainted with the character’s abilities(active, passive, and burst). Once you are familiar with their abilities, it would be easy to build a team. 

Tap the NIKKE option in the lower-left corner to open the character menu. In the top-right corner, tap NIKKEPEDIA to check all the characters and costumes. Tap on a character to see the details. Above the equipment slots, pay attention to the four icons; code icon(fire, water, wind, electric, and iron), weapon(AR, SMG, SG, SR, RL, and MG), class(attacker, defender, and supporter), and the company icon(Elysion, Missiles, Tetra, and Pilgrim).



In the Goddess of Victory NIKKE game, characters or NIKKES are classified into three main types; firepower/offense, defense/defenders, and supporters/assistance. The types of gear kits they use differ according to their class. All NIKKES in the Goddess of Victory NIKKE use their weapons differently and have a maximum effective range. And all of them possess unique skills. Also, see – Goddess of Victory NIKKE Tier List, Characters List, Codes Also, see – NIKKE Reroll Guide


  • Level up using combat records, core, and the credits(collect from outpost defense, farm/grind in PvE game modes)
  • Limit break using the same NIKKE shard(obtain from the shop, recruitment, ark modes, by completing main/daily/weekly quests)
  • Equip them with better gears; headgear, leg gear, armor, arm gear
  • Upgrade gears(you can upgrade blue color/rare or higher grade gears). Go to the inventory -> tap on a rare or blue or higher tier gear -> use low-grade gears to upgrade the selected gear, tap the auto button to select the materials automatically)
  • Upgrade skills
  • Equip cubes

Also, see – Goddess of Victory NIKKE Tier List, Characters List, Codes Also, see – NIKKE Reroll Guide


You can get equipment from the shop, outpost defense, campaign, and ark game modes.

Or from other sources such as daily login, quests, achievements, and events. 

GODDESS OF VICTORY NIKKE Guide To Leveling & Limit Break Characters:

Players can level up NIKKES using credits, combat records, or consuming battle sets. You can grind core, credits, and combat records by defeating enemies in the game modes or completing the main/daily/weekly quests. For level 10 or above, you will need core dust too. OR collect the idle reward from the outpost. 

Limit break NIKKE to increase or unlock the max level cap or star level/grade. Limit break requires NIKKE shards, which you can obtain from recruitment or completing the quests. 

GODDESS OF VICTORY NIKKE Guide To Weapons Equipped By Characters/NIKKES:

  • Sniper rifle; long-ranged, excellent accuracy, extra DMG to ground type enemies.
  • Shotgun; ideal to use in close combat, extra DMG to ground type enemies.
  • Gatlin/Gatling; high-capacity magazines and rapid-firing, ideal for dealing with swarming enemies. Extra DMG to air-type enemies.
  • Rocket launcher; appropriate for attacks of large proportions, extra DMG to air-type enemies. 
  • Assault rifle; good in all situations, extra DMG to ground-type enemies.
  • Submachine gun; excellent at rapid firing, short-range weapon. Extra DMG to air-type enemies.

Also, see – Goddess of Victory NIKKE Tier List, Characters List, Codes Also, see – NIKKE Reroll Guide


All NIKKES possess unique skills:

  • Active skills(normal, burst)
  • Passive skills
  • Weapon skill

Using ” SKILL DEVICE ” material, you can level up the characters’ skills. 

Goddess of Victory NIKKE Guide To Outpost

In the outpost area, you can construct and upgrade buildings. Also, there is a dispatch center where you can dispatch NIKKEs and get free rewards. Upgrade the command center and elevator to unlock new building slots or the max upgrade level. You will need construction materials to upgrade buildings, which you can obtain by raising the outpost defense level or other outpost sources.

Command Center -> advise -> gift items to NIKKEs to raise bond rank -> as the rank increases, the NIKKE’s stats increase as well.

Command Center -> Mementos -> collect mementos from campaign field -> complete collection to get the rewards.

Hotel -> A luxury hotel which NIKKES can check in at. You can always find NIKKES from Perilous Siege.

Maid Cafe -> A girlish cafe, some maid works here. Its smallness attracts bunches of guests.

Toy Store -> A toy store filled with various toys. An eye-catching huge toy is there.

Train Station -> You can always find NIKKES from Zephyr here.

Workshop -> A workshop that churns out one item after another. You can always find NIKKES from Raze & Rebuild. 

Arsenal -> An armory where various weapons used by NIKKES is stored. 

Generator -> A large generator. You can always find NIKKES from Metis here. 

……will be updated soon. 

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So this would be all in this post on GODDESS OF VICTORY NIKKE Guide for beginners. 

Also, see – Goddess of Victory NIKKE Tier List, Characters List, Codes

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