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QuestlandQuestland is a turn-based RPG for mobile devices. It’s now available on Android. In this game, you create your own character, equip best gears, and battle against enemies in campaign mode, events, and other game modes. Check out our Questland Guide and Questland cheats, tips, and tricks

Questland is a new turn-based role-playing game for Android by Gamesture. The game features lots of game modes; campaign, events, PvP, and much more. Initial levels are very easy to clear, but later in Questland game, you face powerful epic monsters. The two basic things you have to care in this game are upgrading and looting! In this post, we have covered everything about the game; Questland Guide, Questland cheats, tips, and tricks. Let’s start the Questland guide first;

Get Started – The Basic – Questland

As usual, Questland – Turn-Based RPG starts with a tutorial in which you learn the basic; how to play Questland, about upgrades, items, parts, merging chests, fight, skills, and much more. After the tutorial, you can manually play Questland.

The Basic – The very first step you do in the game is creating a customized character. And then fight in battles. As stated above, its difficulty level increases as you progress in the game. So you have to upgrade the character, make it stronger, and defeat the enemies. The shortcut way to understand the game;

  • Fight and win battles
  • Craft armor and swords
  • Loot resources by completing the quests or from the free chests
  • Work on upgrades/character enhancement
  • Take part in battle events
  • Explore
  • Unlock new modes and features by leveling up

1.) Questland Guide – Complete

Since most of the features are locked at the beginning of the game, you have to level-up to unlock these modes such as boss challenge, arena, docks, craft, and more. As you progress, you can access more features. How to level up fast in Questland Game?

Questland tips, cheats -> To level-up fast, focus on the quests task. Completing the quests tasks rewards you a huge amount of EXP, required to reach the next level. Leveling up also increases the limit of gear upgrades.

Hero Guide – Questland Tips Cheats

Your objective is to increase the power of your hero to defeat the powerful bosses in the boss battles and other enemies. To increase the power of the hero, equip gears. Go to the hero tab -> gear -> tap on a gear and hit the equip button.

Questland Tips, Cheats -> Equip the best gears only. Go to the gear tab and tap on a gear. Check the box next to compare option to compare its attributes with the equipped gear. Then choose the best one for your character.

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Gears Guide

There are five types of gears in Questland –

  1. Common
  2. Uncommon
  3. Rare
  4. Epic
  5. Legendary

How to obtain these gears?

  • To obtain uncommon, rare, epic gears, open the silver gear chest
  • For epic gears, open the golden chest
  • For legendary gear, open the eternal gear chest
  • You can obtain all these gears by playing the game; defeating the enemies, through events, boss battles, as a reward, play the campaign mode levels multiple times


  • Main Hand(70)
  • Off Hand(60+)
  • Helmet(50+)
  • Armor
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Pendant
  • Ring

Equip these gears to increase the stats of your character.

Questland Tips, Cheats -> Improve these gears to improve the overall performance of the character. Improvement can be done by upgrading, boosting, activating bonuses, and reforging.

Upgrade Gear

By upgrading a gear, you improve the stats of hero. You need eternium and gold for upgrading. The player also earns reforge points by upgrading the gear.

⇒ Boosting A Gear

If you have multiple gears of the same type, then you can use the duplicate gear as a booster. Boosting a gear increases the stats; HP, defense, attack., and more. Go to the equipped section -> tap on the gear you want to boost, then choose the additional item and confirm. Note: the gear used in boosting will be destroyed.

⇒ Reforging Guide

Reforging:- another way to upgrade the gears. You need reforge powder and gold or gems for reforging.

⇒ Gear Parts

Gear parts can be obtained as a reward by completing the levels, quests tasks, or through other events. You can merge these parts into a whole piece of gear once you have all the parts. Go to the hero tab -> parts -> tap on the merge option next to the gear to combine the parts into a gear piece.

Number of parts required to merge;

  • Legendary or Epic – 30
  • Rare – 15
  • Uncommon – 10
  • Common – 5

Orbs Guide – Questland

Orb is one of the main items in the Questland game. You can obtain orbs at;

  • Events
  • Complete the quest
  • Trade shops
  • Craft

There are three types of orbs; to increase the health stats, attack stats, and defense stats of the hero. Orbs quality;

  • Uncommon
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Rare

Enhance The Orb

To increase the stats of orbs, you can use rival orbs and essences. Essences are of three types; health, attack, and defense. You use essences to enhance the orbs.

Quick Tips and Cheats for Questland Game;

  • Focus on quests to level up fast
  • Equip the best gears; compare the attributes and select the best one
  • Upgrade the gears to increase defense, attack, and health points
  • Claim the free chests; silver, eternal, golden after every certain amount of time
  • Boost the gears
  • Go to the market and grab the best deals[Home -> city -> market -> item shop
  • Claim the passive income(home -> city -> bank -> collect)
  • Watch the video ad to earn gems, use free lucky spin get key parts(to open the golden chest, silver chest), or other rewards
  • Activate the bonus by completing the collections(hero tab -> collections)
  • Complete the daily tasks
  • Use jungle spin to earn free chest keys, gems, and coins(main screen -> more -> spin)
  • Secret Codes; you will get it once you reach the level 8. Share it with your friends to earn gems, golden chest, key, eternal chest key
  • One of the best ways to get the eternal key is by sharing the codes with the friends. Reach the level 8 and start sharing
  • Take part in battle events
  • Use the skill at the right time; at final wave to defeat the boss
  • Play campaign levels multiple times for rewards
  • Don’t spend your resources on low-quality gears

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So, these are some basic Questland tips, tricks for the beginners. Download the game – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Best adventure games for Android

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