Resortopia Guide Wiki: Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Our Resortopia guide wiki will help you understand the basic concepts of the Resortopia game. Read on for Resortopia guide, tips, cheats & strategies! 

Resortopia Guide & Tips Wiki

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Resortopia Guide Wiki: Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

Your goal in the Resortopia game is to build the best resort in the region and make money. You will be attracting the guests to the resort and providing them the best facilities so that they can enjoy the visit and give you a generous tip. If you are new to the Resortopia game, make sure to check the Resortopia codes. This article is on Resortopia guide Wiki featuring basic tips, cheats & strategies to help you run the best resort! Now let’s not waste any time and get started! 

Resortopia: Tour To All Rooms⇓

When you start the Resortopia game, most of the rooms and facilities are locked. In this part, we are going to showcase a list of rooms and facilities that you can unlock; 

The first one is the Restaurant where you will be dealing with the cooking and food activities. Udon is there to help you farm veggies, meat, and cheese. Unlock new dishes and upgrade the existing ones to earn more.

Then there is a lounge room where guests can relax; you can add entertaining facilities to the lounge for the guests. 

Then you have a screening room where guests can watch the movies. Before the screening room, you will be unlocking the hot spring area where guests can enjoy the spa, and before the hot spring, you have an attic to unlock. 

Speaking of rooms, guests can stay there privately. The list of rooms featured in the Resortopia game are; 201, 202, 301, 302, 401, 402. 

Resortopia Guide To Unlock New Rooms⇓

To unlock new rooms and facilities in the Resortopia game, you need cookies and candles aka popularity. On the main screen of the game, in the lower-left corner, tap the home button and it will open the resort menu where you will see the list of all rooms and facilities available to unlock. Tap on the hammer/construct icon next to the room you want to unlock and confirm the spending. If you are low on popularity aka candles or cookies, start saving! Below we have shared tips on how to earn cookies, candles, candies in the Resortopia game. 

Resortopia Tips To Earn Cookies⇓

Cookie is the basic currency in the game, which is easy to earn but requires in large amount for upgrades and purchases. In the Resortopia game, players can earn cookies from the guests. Attract guests to the resort and when they use the rooms or facilities, they will spend cookies, and also upon leaving the restaurant, they will give you a tip in form of cookies. Tap the cookie on the floors to collect. 

Additionally, you can earn cookies by completing the tasks, commissions, watching the video ads, from the events, login rewards, online rewards, etc. 

Resortopia Tips To Earn Candles⇓

Candle is another in-game currency in this game, which reflects the popularity of your resort. In the top-left corner, next to the cookie figure, you can check the number of candles that you have at the moment. Let’s say you have 100 candles, then it means the resort’s popularity is also 100. 

To unlock new rooms, facilities, dishes, guests, functions, you need to keep earning candles. In this part, we are going to showcase all the way to earn candles for free; 

Buy Facilities; the best way to earn candles is by building item facilities. Enter any room or facility; say lounge. In the bottom-right corner, tap on the helmet/construction helmet -> tap on an item facility to check its stats. Each item facility increases income and gives candles or increases popularity. For instance, In the lounge, you can build beds, cabinets, welcome area, massage chair, washer, sofa, vending machine, entertainment area, wall, flooring, etc. 

In the Restaurant dining room, you can add dining tables, a takeout section, and a kitchen. 

The higher the price of the item, the more popularity it grants or the more candles it grants. 

Upgrading Dishes: In the restaurant room or kitchen room, you can upgrade the dishes using veggie, meat, and cheese. 

Unlock Resort Exterior; Tap on the home button in the lower-left corner of the main screen to open the resort menu; in the top-right corner of the resort menu, tap on the brush icon, which will open the exterior designs of the resort. Blooming Flower gives +10 Candles or popularity, Cone gives +35 popularity, Grape Jelly gives +40 popularity, Olympic Stadium gives +45 popularity. 

Other ways to earn candles are playing Curry’s adventure game, unlocking new dishes, purchasing outfits for Udon.

Resortopia Tips To Earn Candies⇓

Candy is another premium in-game currency in this game, which you will be needing to upgrade the resort attributes or buy the resort’s exterior designs. You can earn candies by completing the tasks, watching the video ads, from commissions, events, increasing guest’ favor, playing Curry’s adventure game, achievements, NPCs, sharing moments with friends, etc. 

What Is Windmill⇓

Windmill is the precious in-game currency in the Resortopia game, which you can only earn through some events. It can be used in the shop to buy cookies and candies. 30 Windmills give around 8.6K Cookies, 85 Windmills give around 24.8K Cookies, and 240 Windmills give around 72K Cookies. 100 Candies cost around 230 Windmills, 500 Candies cost around 1.1K Windmills, and 1500 Candies cost around 3K Windmills. 

Resortopia Tips For Beginners⇓

(1) Upgrade the resort’s attributes; the three attributes that the resort has are Tips Cap, Offline Income, and Resort Publicity. The two main attributes are tips cap and offline income. By upgrading the tips cap attribute, you can increase the max number of cookies that the tip jar can save. And by upgrading the offline income attribute, you can generate more cookies while offline. 

To upgrade the resort’s attribute, tap the home icon button in the lower-left corner -> spend the candies to upgrade the attributes. 

(2) Keep an eye on the ads offers; Now and then, on the right side of the screen, you will see the ads offer; watching the video ads can give you free cookies and candies. 

(3) Focus on Pineapple’s Quests; In the early game, it would be better to focus on Pineapple’s Wish quests. If you are in the room, you will see the Pineapple NPC icon in the lower-right corner. Tap it -> read the Wish -> go. Complete it to earn cookies, stamina/energy, candies, candles aka popularity. If you are on the main screen of the game, tap on Pineapple NPC on the second floor, above the Restaurant room. 

(4) Complete the tasks; You can earn free candies, cookies, stamina energy, etc. by completing the tasks. Tap the TO-DO task icon button at the bottom of the main screen of the game. It has three tabs; achievements, tasks, and commissions. You can get commissions for special guests or NPCs. Just keep an eye on them and tap on “icons” that appear over their heads. 

Resortopia Guide To Guests & Friendship⇓

There are normal guests as well as special guests. Normal guests give you cookies. Special guests are good as well as bad; some special guests give freebies while some special guests steal cookies from the floor, disturb guests, make the guests go away from the resort area. 

Normal guests, often, demand items. If you give them the items that they demand, your friendship with them improves. Tap on the icon appearing over the head of the guest to grant them the item if you have it in the inventory. Once given, you will earn friendship points. Once earned enough, a special reward is received. On the main screen of the game, in the top-right, below the gear/setting icon, tap on the gallery icon to see the list of guests that you have discovered so far in the Resortopia game. Tap on the guest to check favor points or friendship points. Tap on a locked guest in the gallery to learn how to unlock it.

Improve friendship with guests and they will give you more cookies as a tip. 

Resortopia Guide To Special Guests⇓

You must keep the bad guests away from the resort; keep an eye on them –

  • Granny(Good guest); attracts guests
  • Monster(Evil guest); tap it multiple times to chase him away
  • Cookie-Eater Squeaky(bad guest); eats your cookies, tap to chase him away
  • Singing Sprite(good guest); attracts guest. Tap to attract singing sprite
  • Bun Sprite; tap to attract when appeared to restore Udon’s energy
  • Lucky Sprites; tap when appeared to play the game and earn reward
  • Photography Sprites; attracts guests arriving on broomsticks, flying carpet, cars, and bus
  • Happy Dwarf; Doubles the number of candy and cookies – rewards you get from Curry’ adventure game
  • Wise Dwarf; Doubles the number of attracted guests in the guest attraction tile and cancel bad events in Curry’s adventure
  • Sad Dwarf; It will halve the number of candy and cookie, and the rewards in the item tile, cancel guest attraction events, and doubles the duration of bad events encountered in Curry’s adventure 

Resortopia Guide To Progression⇓

  • Focus on Pineapple’s Wish quests and daily tasks at the beginning
  • Unlock new resort rooms and facilities once you have saved enough cookies and candles aka popularity
  • Increase popularity or get more candles by adding facilities to the lounge room, normal rooms, restaurant, screening room, attic, etc. 
  • Unlock and upgrade the dishes in the restaurant 
  • Unlock new guests by completing the requirements
  • Add luxurious facilities
  • Upgrade tip jar, offline income attribute, and publicity attribute
  • Play Curry’s adventure 
  • Keep an eye on the special guests
  • Keep an eye on the events that grant freebies

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So this would be all in this post on Resortopia guide wiki, tips, cheats & strategies. 

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