Idle Life Sim Houses – All House List And Requirements

Wondering how many houses are there in Idle Life Sim and what are the requirements to unlock them? Read on for Idle Life Sim Houses list

We have been playing Idle Life Sim since the time it was first soft-launched in selected countries. If you have not read the beginner’s guide or multiverse guide, make sure to check them out. In this post, we have listed the Idle Life Sim Houses list – as of now, it features five houses. Each new house you buy in the game will have more rooms so that you can decorate it with more luxury and premium items. So let’s not waste any time and check out the main content. 

Idle Life Sim Houses List: –

To unlock some houses, you must meet the level requirement and have enough bucks in the account. Your character will keep earning money for you – all you need to do is save; spend on the upgrades -> earn more -> save more -> then spend on these houses: –


Idle Life Sim HousesThis is the place or house from where you start the game. This one features only one room. 

Small House In Outskirts

Idle Life Sim HousesThis is the second house that you can unlock by spending a few bucks. It features two rooms and the game says the neighborhood is decent. 

Small Farmhouse

Idle Life Sim HousesThis house has three rooms and a charming rural look. It will cost 100,000 bucks to buy this house. 

Beach House

Idle Life Sim HousesBeach House is a beautiful house in Idle Life Sim – it unlocks when you reach level 11 in the game. It will cost you 250K bucks. This house has four rooms and you will feel the sea environment every day – thanks to the beach area. 

Neon Flat

Idle Life Sim HousesIt’s a premium house that costs 1 million bucks. This one has five rooms and situated in the metro city that never sleeps. Where the stars live. 

So far these five are the Idle Life Sim houses. You may see new houses in later updates. Level up, save bucks, and buy new houses in luxury plots for your character and live the best life possible in this virtual game. 

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So this would be all in this post on Idle Life Sim Houses. 

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  1. What comes after small mansion? All this shows is up to neon flat and I am now on small mansion at level 16 but all it says on the next house is “coming soon” ?