Skylore Best Class Guide – All Classes Overview!

Skylore is a brand new MMORPG for mobile by AIGRIND. Read on for Skylore Best Class guide featuring all the classes’ overview, skills info

AIGRIND recently published an adventurous MMORPG called Skylore on mobile app stores. You start by picking the race and the class. There are six race(s) and five classes to choose from. The game allows you to create up to five characters in an account so that you can play all the classes – you will be able to switch between the characters/classes any time you want. Since there are so many classes to choose from, you might be wondering who to pick and who to ignore. In this post, we have shared the Skylore best class guide that features all classes’ overview; skills, strength info. So let’s not waste any time and check out the best class!

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Skylore Best Class Guide – All Classes: –

  • Guardian – Tank Class
  • Shadow – Assassin/DPS Class
  • Hunter – Archer/DPS Class
  • Mage – Wizard/DPS Class
  • Alchemist – Support Class

GuardianSkylore Best Class Guide Classes

Guardian is the tank class in the Skylore game. Guardian’s strength is its defense, and because of that, the survivability is pretty good. You would be able to stay for long in the fight; thanks to the great defense and survivability, this class is durable.

Let’s have a look at the guardian’s skills: –

  • Hammer of Wrath – inflicts physical damage to the enemy, range – 2.0 m
  • Heroic Bust – teleports to the location picked by you, PHY damage to enemies, stun effect
  • Aegis – blocks enemy attacks with barrier attack, AoE PHY DMG to enemies in range, this skill also gives a passive bonus that increases the block rate
  • Taunt – makes the enemy target you, inflicts weakness effect on them(weakness effect reduces their damage power)
  • Blade Barrier – returns all damage from the enemy’s auto-attacks as PHY DMG
  • Colossus Strike – pull the enemies towards yourself and cause PHY DMG to them
  • Living Armor – increases max health and restores 3% of HP every second

Guardian’s passive abilities: –

  • Veteran – increases the max health
  • Combat Training – blocking damage activates the effects; regeneration(restores HP every second), might(increases damage from auto-attacks and skills), defense(increases the armor and resistance)
  • Under Protection – works great with Aegis active skill; chances to grant the barrier to x5 allies within range
  • Adaption – dispel harmful effects; burn, poison, bleeding
  • Counterstrike – blocking attack makes you inflict PHY DMG to all opponents

ShadowSkylore Best Class Guide Classes

Shadow is the melee DPS class with amazing attack power. You will be able to deal the major damage to the enemies with your sharp blades and great DPS abilities. One of the best DPS classes out there. 

Let’s have a look at Shadow skills: –

  • Shadow Strike – PHY DMG to the enemy
  • Twilight Blade – throws blades at the enemy(5.0 m range) and inflict PHY DMG – also, apply debuff(slowdown) to reduce the enemy’s movement speed
  • Invisibility – this skill makes you invisible. This skill also has a passive effect; increases damage to the enemy(attacking enemy removes invisibility). The deception stat determines the durability of invisibility and damage dealt
  • Shadowstep – transports to the enemy and inflict PHY DMG 
  • Fan of Blades – damage to three random enemies within range
  • Thousand Blades – AoE DMG and applies poison effect; poison effect causes damage to the enemy every second and reduces the healing
  • Dark Saturation – lifesteal (restores HP when you inflict damage using abilities and auto-attacks)

Passive abilities: –

  • Shadow Defense – buff defense(increases armor and resistance)
  • Hidden Threat – increases CRIT Hit chances,  CRIT Hit power + damage by granting fury and might buff
  • Shadow Trade – inflict PHY DMG to enemies when you dodge their auto-attacks
  • Poisonous Trace – applies might buff if the enemy is affected by poison effect
  • Dark Conduit – applies poison or weakness effect to the enemy 

HunterSkylore Best Class Guide Classes

Hunter is the archer/DPS class with long-ranged attack abilities that cause decent DPS to the enemy(not more than Assassin). If you are looking for the ranged-DPS, the hunter is the class that you should pick in the Skylore game. 

Let’s take a look at Skylore Hunter class skills: –

  • Phantom Arrow – summons the spirit of wolf and inflict PHY DMG to the enemy
  • Multishot – PHY DMG to multiple enemies in a specified direction and summons the spirit of the spider
  • Summon Spirit – summons an animal spirit; wolf, spider, hog – depends on the ability you have used – for example, multishot ability summons spider). The spirit of the wold inflicts increased damage to the enemy. Hog – inflicts taunt on an enemy. Spider – inflicts root(immobilized) the enemy and inflicts poison
  • Leap – PHY DMG to the enemy and jumps away. Also, applies the spirit of the bar – summons spirit of the boar
  • Storm of Arrows – increases attack range, attack speed – but decreases the damage and applies root to you. + spirit of the spider. 
  • Acid Rain – AoE DMG, applies silence(blocks the enemy’s skill usage) and spirit of the wolf to you
  • Spirit Rage – commands a summoned spirit to invade the targets 

Passive abilities: –

  • First Shot – applies vulnerability(the enemy receives more damage) when you begin the battle with an auto-attack
  • Expert Shooter – when HP is full, you inflict more damage
  • Survival Tactics – applies barrier when you are low on HP
  • Rescue Pirouette – upon dodging the attack, dispel debuffs; vulnerability, weakness, slow down, freeze, fission
  • Spiritual Connection – spirits restore the health (lifesteal) when they inflict damage

Skylore Mage ClassSkylore Best Class Guide Classes

Mage is another ranged-DPS class that does decent magical damage with normal attacks and abilities. The mage uses the staff to cast magical spells to inflict attacks on the enemies. 

Let’s have a look at Skylore Mage class’s skills: –

  • Fireball – inflict magical damage to the enemy
  • Ice Sphere – AoE magical damage to the enemies within range and slowdowns them
  • Destruction – AoE magical damage to all enemies within range
  • Doppelganger – make illusions by copying yourself – the illusions will attack the target enemy (until they are destroyed or the battle ends)
  • Energy Wave – AoE magical damage to the enemies in front – creates standard illusion if you defeat more than one enemy
  • Teleportation – transports to the selected place – a basic illusion appears in the previous location if you cast the ability during the battle
  • Energy Translocation – the illusions restore health (self) and allies within range. Illusions disappear when the ability is sue

Passive abilities: –

  • Illusory Deceit – creates basic illusion when low on health 
  • Secret Sight – increases damage power when the enemy is low on health(20%)
  • Mirror Support – summons illusion and chances to apply might buff
  • Heat Maze – chances to apply agility effect that increases dodge – when you summon an illusion
  • Self-Reliance – if there is no illusion, all the damage you inflict is increased + reduces damage received

Alchemist Skylore Best Class Guide Classes

Alchemist is the best support class in Skylore. It’s defense and attack power is not that good. The main strength is the skill – Alchemist’s skills grant healing to allies and yourself. 

Let’s have a look at Skylore Alchemist class skills: –

  • Directional Transformation – magic damage to the enemy and restores health (self)
  • Transmutation Circle – AoE magical damage and AoE healing to the allies
  • Elixir of Life – increases max health and grants regeneration – also, increases effectiveness of allies’ healing. The balance attribute of the character determines the duration of the skill
  • Healing Elixir – healing (self, ally)
  • Protective Barrier – applies barrier (self, ally)
  • Unstable Mixture – regeneration for allies – inflict enemies with a burn effect that cause damage every second
  • Healing Transformation – restores health to allies within range

Passive abilities: –

  • No Room for Error – when low on HP(half of the max health), healing abilities will become more effective
  • Careful Handling – increases the amount of healing
  • Bracing Toxic – increases the max health of all teammates in range
  • Helping Hand – regeneration effect to random ally with less than half of max health
  • Forbidden Component – increases damage but reduces healing

Which Class Should You Pick In Skylore Game?

  • Guardian – Best Tank Class
  • Alchemist – Best Healer
  • Mage – Best Ranged-DPS (AoE)
  • Shadow – Best Melee DPSS

So this would be all in this post on Skylore best class guide for beginners. Which one is best in your opinion? Comment below!

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