Crazy Hospital Game Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

“Crazy Hospital” is a new mobile idle game by ADQUANTUM, the publisher of other top-notch idle games such as Idle Rabbits, My Idle City, and many more. Read on for “Crazy Hospital game cheats, tips, and guide for beginners”.

Crazy Hospital Game Cheats Tips Guide

Crazy Hospital Game Cheats, Guide, Tips & Tricks⇓

In the Crazy Hospital game, you hire the doctors to cure the patients and make money in an idle way. It’s coins that you earn by curing the patients. Hire doctors, make money, save it, unlock new doctors, level up, and unlock new hospitals. In this post, you will learn how to play the “Crazy Hospital game”, about hearts and profit multiplier, doctors, cards, and other aspects such as tips on increasing earnings, in-game currencies, leveling, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the main content: Crazy Hospital game cheats, tips, and guide for beginners: – 

Tips To Increase The Earnings

(1) The best way to increase the earnings in the “Crazy Hospital game” is by unlocking the new doctors.

Each next doctor that you hire in the hospital yields more coins than the previous doctors. For instance, in the first hospital, the first doctor cures patients with pills, the next one scales, then dentist, maternity, GP, and so on. GP > Maternity > Dentist > Scales > Pills. 

So what we recommend is not sticking with a particular doctor upgrade and focus on unlocking the next one as that next doctor will increase the earnings by a massive figure. 

(2) Another best way to increase earnings is by making upgrades to the doctors and buying the upgrade multipliers. At the bottom, tap the doctor suitcase button -> spend coins and make upgrades. When you reach certain levels through this upgrade, the game will give you a booster; income multiplier, or speed booster. 

Also, at the bottom menu, tap on the ⇑ upgrade tab -> there you can buy the upgrades such as enabling the auto-collection of coins, increasing income by x2, speed boost, etc. 

(3) Activate the manager; tap on the manager in the hospital and you will get the option to watch a video ad to activate the 2X speed-booster. 

Crazy Hospital Game Cheats Tips Guide

(4) Upgrade the doctors: get the chests from the pharma-shop(in-game). These chests contain doctor cards. Accumulate enough duplicate cards to make an upgrade to the doctor. 

(5) Earn hearts.

Guide To Hearts In Crazy Hospital Game

Crazy Hospital Game Cheats Tips Guide

The heart is one of the in-game items in the Crazy Hospital game. The more hearts you accumulate, the more bonus you get. In the bottom menu, in the lower-left corner, tap on the heart meter tab -> this will open the patient discharge screen where you can see the bonus info at the top of the screen. 

You can use the patience discharge function to accumulate the hearts. To do that, you will have to accumulate a certain number of coins. 

Guide To Leveling In Crazy Hospital Game

To level up in the Crazy Hospital game, you will need to earn EXP. At the top-center of the screen, the game displays the level of progress. You can earn EXP from the chests, patient discharge function. At each next level, you get free rewards like crystals, coins, chests, and cards. 

In-Game Currencies 

  • Gold Coins: earn coins by curing the patients, by watching the video ads
  • Hearts: patient discharge
  • Crystals: level up reward, chests, quests, etc. 

Complete The Quests For Freebies

In the lower-right corner, find and tap the quest board icon to check the quests. Each quest gives you keys; accumulate enough and you will get a chest containing EXP, cards, coins, and crystals. 

Upgrade The Grandpa

Tap on the grandpa on the lower-left side of the hospital -> watch the video ad to add organs and receive rewards such as chests, crystals, boosters, cards, and more. 

Try The Wheel of Fortune

You get x3 spins daily. Spin the wheel of fortune and get a chance to earn gold coins, premium quality chest, EXP, and crystals. 

Open New Hospitals

You will get to unlock new hospitals at a certain level. For instance, plague hospital unlocks at level 15. 

Getting Freebies In Crazy Hospital Game

(1) Every now and then a briefcase or object with (!) symbol appears on the screen. Tap on it and get free coins. 

Crazy Hospital Game Cheats Tips Guide

(2) Login daily and get free rewards. 

(3) Go to the shop and there you will find free offers that you can claim by watching the video ad. 

(4) Level up and get the rewards. 

(5) Tap on the flying objects to get freebies. 

Crazy Hospital Game Cheats OR Cheat Codes

Time-lapse cheat or other Crazy Hospital game does not support cheats/cheat codes.

So this would be all in this post on “Crazy Hospital game cheats, tips, and guide for beginners”. Got more tips or tricks? Comment below. 

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  1. Does anyone else miss the celebration thing we just had where we had mini missions to produce specific items? There was a board and it had berries, produce stand, bees, almonds, flowers, plates, (orange, blue and red) machine that made items like cakes, candies, drinks, etc. I LOVED IT! I played a lot more the week we had access to it.
    Are there any other games out there like that? It was so much fun!

  2. I want to retrieve my game level after i redownloaf the apps the problem is i didnt connect it on my facebook.can i just log in my user name

  3. I want to retrieve my game level after i redownloaf the apps the problem is i didnt connect it on my facebook.can i just log in my user name

  4. god rio de janeiro really is the worst.and unfortunately the nurse is too stupid.
    they have reduced the ads and it is really impossible to pass the game most of the time.

  5. help !
    I am at Tokyo level 141 and can’t get through it,,have tried everything. Do I need a lot of boosters?
    I love this game but it’s starting to lose its appeal. am finding this with a lot of games on iPad.:(. Too bad the option to play in easy or hard.

    • Sometimes i have to play the game several times per day for a couple days to figure out the routine, but eventually I get it. I think it is less about boosters and more about placement and strategy. For instance, if you can lose patients, pick from the patient’s that just showed, so you get more coin. If you know a patient will need to go into a side area, try to place them near it. Try to take an extra second to see what else you can carry. (Chart plus water, for instance.) I hope this helps!