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Tap Civilization is a brand new Idle game for Android and iOS by TBG Limited where players build their Kingdom and expand the territoryTap Civilization

TBG Limited, the publisher of Zombie Haters game, has just expanded its app portfolio with another brand new casual Idle game called Tap Civilization. In the game, you will gather the resources from the environment, use them to install buildings, research technologies, hire workers and progress through Era(s) – Savage Era, Dawn Era, Stone Era, and so on. If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This Tap Civilization guide covers all the fundamentals of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Tap Civilization tips, cheats & strategies that you may like. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

Tap Civilization Guide, Tips & Cheats: –

In the Tap Civilization game, all the players start their journey from the Savage Era. As you progress to the next Era, you will discover new technologies, characters, and buildings. For example – the Dawn Era gives you Spearman, Archer, Guardhouse, etc. So your goal is to complete all the requirements and progress to the next era. You will collect the resources, hire the workers to increase population, upgrade the buildings, research the technology, and there are plenty of things to do. So let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Tap Civilization tips, cheats & tricks: –Tap Civilization

Learn How To Enter A New Era

On the Village screen(environment), on the upper-left corner, you can check the current Era name. Tap the name to open Era info. This will take you the quest screen where you will see the goals or requirements to reach the next Era. This includes the number of technologies discovered, fixed population, land. For example – to move from the Dawn Era to Stone Era, you need to discover all the (10) technologies, must have 500 population, and 7,500 lands. So if you want to progress, discover all the technologies available in the current Era, increase population, and have enough free land.

Get Familiar With The RSS And Buildings

The players in the Tap Civilization game can unlock new buildings through technology/research. As you progress through the game, you will need to upgrade these buildings so that you can produce more resources, increase the max population, storage limit, and battle unit limit.

To upgrade these buildings or increase the number of buildings, you need free land. Go to the building menu -> below the resources stats, you can check the territory info. Next to the territory label, you can check the total land that you have in the present. Also, next to this number, the game displays the expanding rate. You get free land every minute. By upgrading the village or Civilization, you can increase the expanding rate.

For example – if it’s +34/m – then it means you are getting 34 lands per minute. Below the territory label, you can check the free land that you have in the present.

RSS – Food, Wood, and Stone. These resources are required for population, building the facilities, developing/researching the technologies, upgrading the buildings. For example – food is consumed by the population.

  • Get food by recruiting the farmers or tapping the bushes on the village/town screen
  • Obtain wood by recruiting Lumberjack or tapping the trees on the village/town screen
  • Obtain stones by recruiting the Quarryman or tapping the stone monument on the village/town screen

Manage The Population

You can hire more workers or people using food. Go to the Population tab and at the top-right, spend the food to recruit more people in the village. You can employ these people in different jobs; farmer, lumberjack, quarryman – based on the requirement. For example – if you want more food, recruit the farmers(tap the farmer portrait -> +1/10). Also, you can fire them from their job and assign to a different job any time.

How to increase the population in Tap Civilization?

Go to the Population tab -> tap the orange color +1/10 button to increase the population. At the top-center of this tab, you can check the number of people unemployed, the max population, and the current population.

How to increase the max population?

By upgrading the buildings like Cabin, and Shed, you can increase the max population.

You will need an ID Card if you reach the max ID registration limit. Or wait until the cooldown period ends.Tap Civilization

Upgrade The Civilization

By upgrading the Civilization, you can increase the expansion rate of land. Also, you get Civilization Points; Art, Economy, Politics, Military, Science. Go to the town/village screen -> tap the Civilization option in the top-left corner -> there you can check the population requirement to reach the next Civilization.

Learn About The Civilization Points

When you upgrade the Civilization, you could get attribute points; related to Art, Politics, Economy, Science, and Military. Also, you can obtain these points by recruiting and upgrading great people.

  • Art – Improves the happiness in Tap Civilization
  • Economy – Gives free food to a certain number of people
  • Politics – Improves the land expansion rate
  • Military – Increases the Soldier limit for the battles
  • Science – Reduces the technology development time

Take Care Of The Happiness Stats

In the population tab, on the top-left, you can check the happiness status. Tap the character avatar in the top-left under the population tab to check the happiness. There you can check the happiness points owned and happiness points required.

If you want to keep the people of the village/town happy, then you must have enough happiness points. For example – if the required number of happiness points is 1000, then you must have more than 1000 happiness points owned. Otherwise, it will reduce happiness status(%).

Required number of happiness points – it depends on the people in the village/town and the Era. For example – In the Stone Era, one person needs 1 happiness point. As the population increases, you will need more happiness points.

How to get more happiness points?  

  • Get luxury buildings, items
  • Entertainment buildings
  • Raise the art level

Go to the town/village screen -> on the bottom-left side, tap the avatar icon -> luxuries -> there you can check the luxuries that you have. You can obtain these luxury items from the shop/stores or by completing the goals or as a random reward. (Treasure of the Era). For example – you get Jadeware, a precious luxury item from the treasure of era, which increases happiness by 500 points.

Hunt The Animals For The Skin

In the Tap Civilization game, you can get animal skin by hunting animals. You will need the animal skin to research technologies. Go to the town/village screen -> tap the animal -> it could be a sheep or rabbit or another animal -> tap the animal -> hunt -> watch the video Ad to complete the hunt immediately.

Get Free Gold Coins

Gold Coin is one of the precious in-game currencies in the Animal Restaurant game. You can obtain it by completing the achievements. For more gold coins, go to the shop -> tap the free gold coins option in the upper-left corner in the shop -> after that, you can watch the video Ads for more gold coins.

Use these gold coins for the treasure gifts/items or clone license.Tap Civilization

Recruit Great People

The great people improve the attributes; military, politics, economy, art, and science. You can recruit them using a clone license, which can be obtained in exchnage for 300 gold coins or by liking the great people(go to rankings -> give like the top-ranked player).

On the town/village screen, tap Kitty icon in the bottom-right corner -> clone -> there you can use clone license to recruit great people.

You can improve their effects by modifying them using genes. You can obtain genes; blue genes, green genes, purple genes, etc. from the battle rewards.

Battle To Get Genes, Silver Coins, And Free Land

You can obtain genes, silver coins, and free land by getting victories in the battle. Go to the battle tab -> recruit the units in the army and win the battles. Troops or battle units could die in the battle – don’t forget to release their souls if you don’t want to lose happiness.

Repair The Spaceship Using Knowledge

Tap Kitty avatar icon in the bottom-right on the town/village screen -> spaceship -> repair to get buffs/bonuses or to unlock functions like ranking.

So this would be all in this post on Tap Civilization guide, tips, cheats & tricks for beginners. Do you have more questions? Tips? Comment below!

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