Man Or Vampire Guide, Tips & Cheats To Bite The Enemies

Man Or Vampire is a gorgeous adventurous dungeon explorer game by HIDEA for mobile devices. Check out our Man or Vampire guide, tips, cheats & strategy

We mentioned this game in our top new Android games list and today we are sharing a detailed guide. Map Or Vampire is a brand new adventure game for mobile devices featuring the strategic gameplay and a fascinating story. Man Or Vampire game features a wide range of game modes; story mode, adventure, missions, and lots of soul characters. And in this post, we have covered almost all the basic aspects of the game you need to know: – Man Or Vampire guide and Man Or Vampire cheats, tips & strategy guide to master the game.

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The Basics – Man Or Vampire – How To Play

For the beginners, it could be difficult to figure out what to do after the tutorial and how game’s mechanics work. Man Or Vampire game could be complicated for the players who have not played games like this. But don’t worry! In this part, we will give you the overview of the game with how to play guide. So let’s dive in!

In Man Or Vampire game, you play as man or vampire(the game features three types of characters; vampire, human, and at last, you, the main character; man or vampire). In the arena mode, you can not choose the human type character.

Main Objective: –

In Man Or Vampire game, your main objective is building an adventure party of souls(humans and vampires) and raising the main character’s level. At the beginning of the game, most of the modes such as Arena, Land Of Darkness and story mode chapters are locked. You will have to raise the main character’s level in order to unlock or access these modes. Read the leveling up guide below to learn how to raise main character’s level.

The Adventure Mode – How To Play

Man Or VampireYou will start with the adventure mode in which you explore the regions and earn cubes. These regions’ difficulty level increases as you progress; normal, hero, legend, and hell. What’s your goal? In each dungeon/area, you have to explore a certain number of regions. At the top-right corner, tap the mini-map and go to the yellow highlighted part. And just below the mini-map, you can check the number of regions you have to clear to complete the chapter. After clearing a chapter/area in this mode, you will get a cube. Read the cube guide below for more info.

Get Started Guide

In the first chapter(Welcome To Heaven), you met an unknown character and name it as an angel. Keep in mind that in Man Or Vampire game, you play as a soul(man or vampire) and in heaven, you are a new soul. After the first chapter, you will come to know that the character you met in the early phase of the game was the thief and you get cheated by her. All you need to do is play the game, earn gold, recruit or search souls, build the party, raise the main character’s level, beat the enemies in adventure mode and top the leaderboard in arena mode.

Here’s how to play guide: –

1.) See the picture below. To start the game, just tap the start adventure.Man Or Vampire

2.) On the next screen, tap the mode name to switch; Scenario/Story mode or Adventure Mode. Keep in mind that, in the adventure mode, you can choose a certain number of souls or the main character. The main character should be included in it. Otherwise, you would not be able to play it. We will learn about the main character or soul selection in party guide(read below).Man Or Vampire

And at the top-right corner, tap the cube reward option. On the next screen, on the left side, you will see the list of chapters such as Soul Graveyard, Forgotten Desert, Chaos Opening, and more. Completing the chapter rewards you a cube and you can open that cube from this menu. For example; you completed the chapter named Forgotten Desert and earned a cube. Go to the cube reward menu and tap that chapter -> open the cube. Depending on the chapter difficulty, you get the reward.

3.) There are some more options too on the main screen(see the picture above). Read this complete guide to know everything.

How to switch to Arena Mode?

On the main screen, if you swipe left, you will enter a new screen; arena mode. In arena mode, you play against other players. You can even set up custom defense too.

So this is the basic Man Or Vampire guide for the beginners. Now, let’s check out the ultimate Man Or Vampire guide and just after it, check out the Man Or Vampire cheats, tips & strategy guide.

Man Or Vampire Guide: –

In this part, we will learn about the party, the main character, leveling up, skills, changing the class, evolve, awakening, Land Of Darkness, souls, vampire, battle, and much more.

  • Souls Guide

In Man Or Vampire game, you have to build the party of souls to explore the dungeons, full of dangerous monsters and creatures. These souls are also used to power up or raise the main character’s level as well. It’s very easy to obtain these souls. All you need is the soul orb. Soul Orb is an item that is used to search the orb. Once searched, you can buy it in exchange for coins or gems/diamonds. It could be: –

  • 1-star soul
  • 2-stars soul
  • 3-stars soul or higher

The grade determines the quality or stats of that soul. How to recruit souls?

On the main screen of Man Or Vampire game, on the right side, tap the soul orb icon(check the main screen picture guide in the basic part above). After it, hit the search again button to catch some souls. If you have enough gold or gems, you can buy it(read the cheats, tips part below for more info). Once purchased, you can use it in the party or to raise the main character’s level.

  • Party Guide

You can choose up to four souls in the party. Souls selected by you for the battle will gain EXP and Mana upon exploring and defeating the enemies in the battle. Unlike other souls, your main character will not gain EXP. So if you want to level up the souls, take them into the battle. How to edit or access or manage the party in Man Or Vampire game?

  1. Go to the main screen
  2. Tap the campfire
  3. There you will see the list of souls you have
  4. Tap on a soul to remove or add in the party
  5. Hit the recommend button to select automatically
  • Research Guide

You can activate buffs by researching. Go to the main screen -> tap the throne/chair(research – see the basic part above for more). After it, you will see all the buffs. You can unlock new buffs using gems or raise the main character’s level. To research, you need an item named Ancient Research Paper. You could get this item by killing the monsters in the adventure mode or as a reward.

  • Extract Guide

You can extract low-quality souls and get an item called seal stone. You can use this stone to enrich the souls. Path -> Main Screen -> Tap The Extract Button(Star – See the picture above in basic part). Once done, tap the chest(main screen), there you can see the list of all the items you have; equipment, consumables, and other items.

  • Soul Stats

The three main stats of the souls are; strength, agility, and intelligence. To increase the stats of a soul, you need bonus points. When a soul reaches a new level(you can use potions or add the character into your team, when you kill the monster, the character will gain EXP, and after a certain point, it will level up), you get bonus points. You can spend these points to increase these stats. Go to the party screen(tap the campfire on the main screen) -> tap the soul -> characters info -> tap the + icon(under general info section) to spend the bonus points. If you have not, then it will not show you the + icon.

Notes: – Potion – You can obtain it by claiming the cube reward. Tap the backpack, in the consumables tab, you will see it.

  • Skill Guide

Similar to bonus points, you earn skill points when you level up. You can spend these points to increase the impact of souls’ skills. Go to the party -> tap the soul -> character’s info -> head to the skill tab -> tap the + icon -> confirm. It costs you gold and SP. Make sure to check the success chance % before you upgrade or unlock the skill.

  • Main Characters Guide

In Man Or Vampire game, you can not progress without raising the main character’s level. And there is only one way to raise its level. Go to the main screen -> at the top-left corner, tap the level button. This will take you to the main character level up screen. Now select the souls you want to use to raise the main character’s level. Tip -> Always use 1* soul to level up main characters. Select a 1* soul and hit the level up button. After it, your main character will bite the soul and that soul will turn into a vampire. You will lose it.

Read the souls guide above to learn how to obtain more souls in this game.

  • Battle Guide

Looting a dungeon will never be easy as it is guarded by a ton of monsters and creatures and every region is full of these creatures. When you find an enemy, then the battle will start. All you need to do is move to red or purple tile in order to attack. If you tap on the same tile, your HP will increase. Moving to a white tile will save you from enemy attacks. Here’s the walkthrough guide: –

  1. Red Tile – To Attack enemy
  2. Green Tile – Increases the HP, Make you the target of enemy
  3. White Tile – Dodge the enemy attack
  4. Purple – Attack enemy + more buffs
  5. Yellow – Double attack
  • Enrichment, Awakening, Element, and Affinity

In Land Of Darkness mode, you battle against powerful monsters. So strengthening the souls would be a great idea. These are the ways to increase the strength of the characters: –

  1. Enrichment – It can raise the level cap(for instance; maximum level of a soul is 100, use this feature to increase its maximum level). You can use seal stone(read the extract guide above) for this purpose.
  2. Awakening – After raising the soul to its maximum level, you can use this feature. It will increase the grade of souls(for instance; you have 2* soul, use it to raise its star/grade level-> 3*). Use blue color potion bottle/item to awake.
  3. Element – To increase the attributes; HP, Evasion Rate, Mana and more
  4. Affinity – Enhances the special attributes such as critical strike, damage, and more

Go to the party screen -> character -> info -> information tab -> under this tab, at the bottom, you can access these functions.

  • Change The Class

There are three types of class; Melee, Magic, and Ranged. You can change the job or class of the main character, here’s how -> go to the party screen -> main character -> info -> change the job -> choose a class -> spend the gold and confirm.

  • Man Or Vampire Arena Guide

In the arena mode, you can only select the vampires. How to check a character’s type? Go to the main screen of the game -> tap the campfire -> tap the character -> info -> on the next screen, at the top, near its name, you will see the character type; human or vampire. Go to the arena mode screen -> tap the campfire and select best four vampires. In this mode, you battle against other team’s party and win vampire coins. You can exchange vampire coins for precious items such as monster element, high-quality souls, and more in the store.

Now, you have set the defense. To start the battle, tap the arena option on the same screen and hit the button; start the duel. Defeat the enemy team as soon as possible and earn vampire coins or rank up.

So this is a short Man Or Vampire guide for the beginners. Now let’s read our top Man Or Vampire cheats, tips & strategy guide to master the game.

Man Or Vampire Tips & Cheats: –

#1.) Negotiate Intelligently To Grab Souls At Cheap Rate

You will require a ton of souls to raise the main character’s level. But since the price(gold) is too high, make sure to negotiate. You will see a negotiate option on the soul search screen(main screen -> soul orb -> search -> negotiate). After it, you have to choose the character to negotiate. Point the success rate; good, normal, and bad of characters and choose the best one. If it gets successful, you will get the discount.

#2.) Look For Treasury Cheats, Fountains, Altars In The Battle

Man Or VampireWhile exploring the dungeon or playing any game mode, you will find these fountains, altars & chests a number of times. Make sure to tap on them in order to get the precious items, buffs, and more. There would be wooden boxes too, break them and you could get a precious item.

#3.) Focus On 2-Stars or 3-Stars Souls

1-Star souls are not too good for the battle. It would be better not to develop these low-quality souls and focus on high-quality souls; 2*-3*.

#4.) Level Up Fast, Increase The Strength

Building a strong party of souls is not easy. You will have to upgrade them, evolve them and awake them. Make sure to choose only best souls. Because only the selected souls will gain EXP from the battle. Repeat the stages in scenario/story mode to gain more XP, coins, and items.

#5.) Research To Activate Buffs

By researching, you can activate buffs for the companions. And it will help you in increasing the stats. The research guide is above.

#6.) Use The Skills At The Right Time

When fighting against enemies, on the left side of the screen, you can see the character’s icon. As you play the turn or deal damage to the enemies, the character will gain mana which is required to cast the skill. Once you have enough, skill icon will appear next to the character’s icon. Tap it to cast. But make sure to use it when you are having trouble winning the battle. Look for the blue altars to gain mana or for HP, look for the red altar.

#7.) Claim The Free Gifts From Hoochiri

On the main screen of the game, at the top-left, tap the Hoochiri’s Icon and claim the free gifts after every certain amount of time. All you need to do is play the game and then claim the reward.

#8.) Grab The Daily Deals From The Store

Tap the store icon and head to the daily deals tab. Watch the video ad to get free gems. And there would be more deals too that can be purchased in exchange for coins such as the feather, elemental card, holy water, and much more. Keep in mind that these deals last long for a limited period. Make sure to check these deals daily and grab for which you are looking for.

#9.) Send Humans To Go On An Adventure

On the main screen, on the right side, tap the scroll icon. There you will see the requests. Usually, you get two requests per day. All you need to do is start the quest, select the humans, and wait for the arrival. They will return with a huge amount of gold. So make sure to send the humans on expedition daily to get free gold. There is another option too; board investment; you can invest gold and gems to get better rewards from this free method.

#10.) Kill Every Monster For Rewards

In Man Or Vampire game, you can earn a number of precious items by killing the monsters. If you are only clearing the regions(ignoring the monsters), then it would not be a great idea. You could get a rare item by killing the monsters. And we would recommend you to repeat the regions in adventure mode to earn more. Additionally, if you have scrolls, you can set the game to auto-play mode. In the battle, at the bottom-left corner, you will see a scroll icon -> tap it and use. You can earn scrolls from cubes.

#11.) Enhance The Gears To Increase Character’s Power

Go to the character’s info screen and head to the items tab. There you will see the gears. Tap a gear and choose to equip. Depending on the gear quality, it will increase the vampire or human character’s stats. And you can also upgrade the gears. Tap the gear -> enhance – confirm. Tip – Don’t waste gold in upgrading C, D grade gears. Upgrade only S, A, or B grade gears.

So these are some basic Man Or Vampire cheats, tips & a strategy guide for the beginners. We will soon share more guides & tips on this game on these topics; arena, Land Of Darkness, and more. Also, see – Best adventure games for Android

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