Tap Dungeon Hero Guide: Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Tap Dungeon Hero is an idle mobile game, published by 6Monkeys Studio. Read on for Tap Dungeon Hero guide packed with tips, cheats & strategies!Tap Dungeon Hero

Tap Dungeon Hero Guide: Cheats, Tips & Tricks For Beginners⇓

In this Tap Dungeon Hero guide, you will learn about the inherit(inherited) function, talents, hero, members, skills, and other aspects such as equipment, reforge equipment, awakening heirlooms, progression tips, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and dive into this Tap Dungeon Hero guide packed with tips & tricks for beginners: –

Get Started With Tap Dungeon Hero Guide To Basics⇓

(1) Basics: In the Tap Dungeon Hero game, you will be playing as a hero who fights the monsters in the dungeon. You will progress floor-by-floor; each next floor more daunting than the previous one. To get help in fighting the dungeon monsters, you can recruit the members. 

You can inflict damage to the enemy by tapping the screen while members fight automatically once you have recruited them. They will join you as soon as you hire them; to improve the damage power of members, you can upgrade them with gold coins. 

Each stage has a set number of floors and on each floor, there would be monsters to stop you from going forward. At the end of each stage, you will have to challenge the boss. If you fail to defeat the stage boss, you will not be able to proceed further in the game. Unlike normal battles, boss battles are different. You will need to defeat the boss in the given time. But don’t worry if you fail; you can always challenge back. But do it after getting powerful. 

(2) Boss Battle Tips: Use skills while fighting the boss. Skills consume mana energy which recovers slowly but gradually, it does. So don’t waste skills on defeating the normal enemies; it would be better to unleash the hero’s powerful skills when fighting the boss. 

Tap: keep tapping the screen; all taps are registered – smash the screen with all the fingers for the max DMG. Upgrade the hero to increase the tap damage. Upgrade the members to increase passive damage. 

Tap Dungeon Hero Inherite Guide⇓

Tap Dungeon Hero

Using the inherite function of the Tap Dungeon Hero game, players can acquire the soul crystals. The inherite function unlocks at stage 40. What’s exactly it does? The inherite function is like the prestige function; it resets your progress and gives soul crystals. The number of soul crystals that you get from the inherite function depends on the progress. The more stages you clear, the more soul crystals you get. 

Go to the hero tab of the game -> inherite -> there you will see the number of soul crystals that you will get if you trigger this function. If you want more soul crystals, try to clear more stages. 

Soul Crystals & Awakening Heirloom Guide⇓

Tap Dungeon Hero

You can awaken new heirlooms by spending the soul crystals that you get by using the inherite function of the Tap Dungeon Hero game. It costs x1 soul crystal to awaken the first heirloom. Is it a good idea to inherite in Tap Dungeon Hero? YES! But do it at the right time. For instance, the first heirloom can be obtained by spending x1 soul crystal. But the next one costs x3 soul crystals – the cost increases each time. So make sure to check the number of soul crystals that you will get by using the inherite function and how many you will need to get another heirloom. 

Why it’s a good idea to inherite? Well, it gives you soul crystals that you can use to get an heirloom. What are heirlooms? Heirlooms are special items that provide passive bonuses(permanent). There are around x30 heirlooms in Tap Dungeon Hero that you can collect. For instance, the heirloom legendary hammer increases the tap damage. 

Tap Dungeon Hero Equipment Guide⇓

Now and then, you get free hero equipment; keep an eye on the right side of the screen and tap the equipment icon whenever it appears. You will get random equipment; it could be a weapon, armor, boot, or accessory. Each one comes with unique effects. Tap on the equipment to check its stats. The higher the rarity, the better the stats. You can dismantle the useless gears and get citrine. Citrine is the upgrade material that you will need to reforge the equipment in Tap Dungeon Hero. 

Navigate to the equipment tab, tap on equipment that you don’t need anymore, and then tap on the trash/delete icon and confirm the action. To reforge, tap the equipment -> reforge. 

Which equipment is better? Legendary(gold/orange) > Epic(purple) > rare(blue) > normal(grey/colorless). 

How To Get Free Gems In Tap Dungeon Hero?

You can get free gems by completing the daily tasks or from the fairy that appears on the screen now and then. You can use the gems to buy or unlock talents or boosters such as auto click and damage boost. 

Tips For Progression In Tap Dungeon Hero⇓

  • Upgrade the hero to increase tap damage and unlock new skills
  • Use skills in the boss fight
  • Hire members to help you in the fights; each next member would have more damage stats; so try to the hire next member as soon as possible. Prioritize upgrading the heroes with high DMG; each next member has more DMG stats. For instance; Yui > Dauentia > Moon > Serendia Forest
  • Equip and reforge equipment
  • Use the inherite function at the right time; when you are getting enough soul crystals to awaken a new heirloom 
  • Watch the video ads to get free boosters
  • Complete the daily tasks to get free gems and booster
  • Tap the fairy on the screen for a free reward
  • Upgrade heirloom
  • Never stop tapping!

Tap Dungeon Hero Cheats OR Cheat Codes⇓

No Tap Dungeon Hero Cheats or Cheat Codes are available at the moment. 

So this would be all in this post on Tap Dungeon Hero guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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