Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo Guide & Tips, Cheats

Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo is a mobile game published by upjers GmbH. Read on for Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo guide and tips, cheats for beginners!Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo

Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo Guide & Tips, Cheats For Beginners⇓

In this Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo guide, you will learn how to play this game, tips on progression, park expansions, and other aspects such as dinosaurs, enclosures, breeding & leveling, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content featuring Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo guide & tips: –

Guide To Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo Basics⇓

In the Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo game, you will be managing a Dino Park and your goal would be expanding the park, getting more visitors, bring new dinos to the zoo, build all sorts of enclosures, and make more money. 

To expand the park, you will be buying the properties; new properties or land areas are unlocked when you reach certain milestone levels such as level 7, level 8, level 18, etc. Just look around and tap on the property board banner to check its requirement. If you meet the requirement, you will be able to buy that property and then place enclosures there and also more dinos. 

Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo

Tips To Level Up Quickly In Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo⇓

Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo

To level up in Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo, you need experience points, short for EXP. The best way to accumulate more EXP in this game is by completing the quests. 

You can check the quests on the left side or full details of all the quests, tap on the old man avatar frame in the top-left corner. When you tap that icon, the game will take you to the old man and give you plenty of options; from the list of options, tap on the book. 

When you tap the book icon, a quest menu screen will open where you can see all the details of all the quests. Just tap on the quest and you will get to know what’s need to be done to collect the rewards including free coins, decorations, chests, or EXP. 

Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo

-> Another way to accumulate EXP is by completing the achievements. Expand the right side menu by tapping the arrow icon in the top-right corner -> tap on the trophy icon on the right from the right menu list -> there you will see the achievements. 

Completing the achievements will grant you a lot of EXP. 

-> And, you can earn a little EXP by cleaning trash, from Dinos when they play with toys, watering the plants, etc. 

Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo

Guide To Dinos In Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo⇓

-> New Dinos and the perfect enclosures for them are unlocked as you level up in the game. You can get new Dinos that you have already unlocked from the Dino sho; expand the right side menu -> shop icon -> Dinosaurs -> spend coins or Ammonites to buy the dinos. 

-> Dinosaurs are of many types or belong to certain habitats; Grassland, Forest Steppe, Desert, Tropical, and Volcanic. Based on Dino’s type, you will need Enclosure, otherwise, you will not be able to place the Dino if you don’t have the required enclosure. 

How To Level Up Dinos In Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo?

You can level up dinos through breeding. Build the breeding center building(obtain from the shop -> building) to breed dinosaurs. You can obtain a higher level dinosaur by breeding male and female dinos of the same type at the same level. For instance, Level X1 Male Dino + Level X1 Female Dino will give you a Level X2 Dino.

The higher the dino’s level, the higher its popularity. 

Enclosures Guide For Beginners⇓

Enclosures need to be placed near the path; so make sure that, otherwise, visitors will not be able to reach the enclosure or any shop. You can create or remove paths anytime you want. To buy the paths, go to the shop from the right side menu -> buildings -> tap on the third tab; there you can buy dirt paths, gravel paths, gray sandstone paths, and sandstone paths with coins. 

Once you have bought the paths, they will be sent to your inventory. Open the inventory from the right side menu option list -> drag and drop the path from the inventory and create the path in such a way that visitors don’t get trouble reaching any enclosure and shop. They will not be able to buy any items from the shop if it’s not placed near the path and they will not be able to reach out to enclosure if it’s not close to the path. 

To move the enclosure, just tap on it -> tap on the move option(four arrows icon ✥) -> move where ever you want. 

Types of Enclosures: –

  • Grassland Enclosure
  • Forest Steppe Enclosure
  • Desert Enclosure
  • Tropical Enclosure
  • Volcanic Enclosure

Tips To Get More Visitors⇓

The more visitors you have, the more money you can make. To attract more visitors, you will need to gain popularity points. In the top-left corner, next to the old man icon, tap on the visitor icon to check details; the number of popularity points that you will have to gain for +1 visitor. Once you accumulate enough popularity points, a new visitor will come to the park. Build shops, upgrade shops and add more dinos, enclosures to make more money. 

Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo Staff Guide⇓

You can hire people to take care of dinos or enclosures; these people will pet dinos, water plants, and collect garbage and earn your EXP. 

To hire the people, you need to first build the staff housing building; go to the shop -> building -> staff housing(you will find it in the 2nd tab of building shop). It costs 5K Coins. 

DNA Pieces In This Game⇓

Sometimes, from the chest or daily rewards, the game gives you DNA pieces of dinosaurs. On the right side menu, tap on the DNA icon -> from there you can check all the pieces; collect them all to collect a card. 

Place Toy Equipment In Enclosures⇓

Dinosaurs can grant you bonus EXP; all you need to do is place the entertaining toy equipment in these nests or enclosures. Each enclosure has a set of toy equipment. For instance, in grassland enclosure, you can place a running wheel. Go to the shop from the right side menu -> enclosure -> there you can buy the toy equipment for all sorts of enclosures.

Watch Video Ads For Free Coins⇓

Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo

Sometimes, at the entrance or shop, you get the offer to watch the video ads for free coins. 

Add Friends, Visit, Help, And Earn A Friendship Chest⇓

Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo

From the right menu side, tap on the dino friend icon -> add/visit friend -> help the friend -> earn hearts and once you accumulate X10, you can get a chest. 

Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo Cheats or Cheat Codes⇓

Unfortunately, no Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo cheats or cheat codes are available at the moment. 

So this would be all in this post on Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo guide, tips, and cheats for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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