Throne of the Chosen Redeem Code: Guide, Tips & Cheats!

Throne of the Chosen is a mobile game, published by EskyfunUSA. Read on for Throne of the Chosen redeem code, guide, tips & cheats for beginners!Throne of the Chosen

Throne of the Chosen Redeem Codes⇓

As of 2021, the only redeem code, which is available to redeem in the Throne of the Chosen game is “DiscordThrone“. With this redeem code, you will receive Aptitude EXP Pack x1, Skill EXP Pack x1, Aptitude EXP Manual x1, Skill EXP Manual x1, Lost Page x1. 

For more redeem codes, please join Throne of the Chosen Discord: –

Throne of the Chosen Codes – Redeem Code⇓

  • DiscordThrone : Redeem this code and get Aptitude EXP Pack x1, Skill EXP Pack x1, Aptitude EXP Manual x1, Skill EXP Manual x1, Lost Page x1

Expired Codes⇓

  • lw29040aca6d9d3b15c5 : Redeem this code and get Cupid’s Gift x2, Strength Potion x2, Energy Potion x2, Vitality Potion x2. Expires on July 2, 2021.
  • lw286ed5313d94151193 : Redeem this code and get Treasure Box*1, CP Potion I*10, COM Potion I*10, AGR Potion I*10, CHA Potion I*10(Expires on June 25, 2021)
  • lw258c612295fa43a5e7 : Redeem this code and get Loot Box (L) x1, Baron Outfit x1, Baron Tuinga x1, Baron Sash x1. Expires on June 21st, 2021.
  • lw268b3fbdfd187d6b06 : Redeem this code and get Cupid’s Gift x2, Strength Potion x2, Energy Potion x2, Vitality Potion x2. Expires on June 21st, 2021.
  • lw232437ca9a31876031 : Redeem this code and get the reward(Expires on July 5, 2021)

How To Redeem Throne of the Chosen Codes?

To redeem the Throne of the Chosen redeem code, players need to follow these simple steps: –

  • Step 1.) Tap the gear/setting icon in the lower-left corner
  • Step 2.) Tap on redeem code option
  • Step 3.) Enter the code and receive the reward

So this would be all in this part on Throne of the Chosen codes: redeem code. Now, let’s check out the Throne of the Chosen guide & tips for beginners. 

Throne of the Chosen Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

In this Throne Chosen guide, you will learn how to play this game, tips on progression, getting stronger, and other aspects such as attributes, followers, lady consorts, and much more. Let’s check it out: –

Throne Chosen Guide To Basics⇓

Throne of the Chosen

Throne Chosen game features PvE as well as PvP content along with events in which you can participate and earn rewards. Your goal is to strengthen your empire. You, as a player, play as lord. In the top-left corner of the game screen, the game shows the total power that you have accumulated so far. Your total power is affected by the power of ladies or lady consorts, heirs, and followers. 

Tap the lord icon in the top-left corner to visit the lord profile; on this screen, at the bottom, you can check the attributes that summarize the strength in different-different areas. We will learn about the attributes in the next part. First, let’s learn how to promote the lord. 

To promote the lord, you need “civics”. Civics is lord EXP, which you can obtain from affairs, PvE campaign fights, and the court. In the early game, civics can be obtained by clearing the PvE campaign stages and attending the state affairs. 

To attend the state affairs, navigate to the game’s main screen, tap on the parliament building, and then tap the guy on the left. On the state affairs screen, you will have to make a choice; one of the two choices will grant civics and another one will grant resources. Choose the option that grants Civics. State affairs are available from time to time, so make sure to attend them regularly. or, you can use affairs tokens to reduce the CD. 

Guide To Attributes In Throne of the Chosen Game⇓

Lord and followers have four main attributes; commerce, CP, agriculture, and charisma. Each attribute affects something. 

Commerce(Com); this attribute affects gold gained through businesses(Parliament -> tap the lady on the right to manage assets -> business -> manage to gain gold). If you increase the commerce attribute, you will gain more gold from the businesses. Gold is needed to upgrade the followers. 

CP: Combat Power is a military attribute of lord and followers that affects the fighting ability of soldiers. If you don’t want to lose too many soldiers in the fight, then make sure to increase the CP attribute. 

Agriculture(AGR): this attribute affects the quantity of food gained from farms(Main screen -> parliament -> tap the lady on the right to manage assets -> manage farm to gain the food). If you want to gain more food from the farm, increase the AGR/Agriculture attribute. Food is needed to recruit soldiers for the army. 

Charisma: this attribute affects the number of soldiers that you can recruit with food(Main screen -> parliament -> tap the lady on the right to manage asset -> manage army to recruit soldiers). You need soldiers to fight enemies in PvE. As you progress through the chapter mode, you will need more and more soldiers. Increase charisma attribute to recruit more soldiers. 

Guide To Increasing Attributes In Throne Chosen⇓

Throne of the Chosen

The best way to increase the attributes; CP, Charisma, Commerce, and Agriculture, is by developing the followers. Followers are the characters in the game that you can use in PvE boos fights and arena. On the main screen, at the bottom, tap on the follower option. Tap on a follower; 

  • Upgrade: spend gold to upgrade the follower and its attributes; CP, Charisma, Commerce, Agriculture
  • Potion;  potions also grant stats to the followers
  • Aptitude; go to the aptitude tab and tap on an aptitude, use manual or tome books or aptitude EXP to enhance aptitude(CP, Charisma, COM, AGR)
  • Skill; use skill EXP to upgrade the skill of follower
  • Promote; use nobility items to promote follower and increase its max level
  • Talent; use star stones to improve follower’s talent level
  • Lady; most of the followers are connected with specific ladies. Improve the lady that’s connected with the follower to raise its stats. On the follower profile screen, on the right side, just next to his name, you can see the lady icon. For instance, Robert is connected with the lady consort “Helen”. If you upgrade the skill of Helen, Rober follower will gain bonus stats

How to get new followers?

You can get new followers by leveling up the lord(promote lord), through specific campaign stages, top-up, VIP, etc. 

Guide To Lady Consorts In Throne of the Chosen⇓

Throne of the Chosen

Lady Consorts are connected with followers and if you upgrade their skills, followers will gain bonus stats, ultimately increasing the overall strength of the empire. Go to the main screen, then tap on the garden, and the lady in the garden. There you will see acuired ladies. Go to not acquainted tab to see the lady consorts that you have not got so far and learn how to unlock them; you will get the complete list here and the source of getting them; VIP, Power milestone, etc. 

Summon: random summon gives lady EXP. 

Visit; go to garden -> lady -> tap on a consort lady -> visit -> spend gems -> get lady EXP and intimacy points. There is also a chance of producing an heir when you visit the lady consort by spending gems. Random summon also have little chance to get blessed with an heir. 

Lady Intimacy: higher intimacy affects heir’s stats improvement. The higher the intimacy, the better an heir’s stats improve when you level it up. 

Charisma: gift items that grant charisma to the lady to increase the lady’s charisma stats. The charisma stats of lady determine the quantity of lady EXP gained through random summon or visit. Tap Bestow button on the consort profile to gift items. 

Skill: upgrade the intimacy level of the lady to unlock the lady’s skill. Spend Lady EXP to upgrade the lady skill. 

Heirs Guide: use the “visit” option to increase the chances of getting an heir. Heir also possesses these attributes; charisma, commerce, agriculture, and CP. Check the stats/attribute guide above for more info. You can train them to increase these stats. 

Throne of the Chosen Guide To Progression⇓

  • Progress through the main quests that you see above the menu and chat bar
  • Do the daily quests to earn freebies
  • Visit parliament building and manage assets(get soldiers, gold, and food), attend affairs(get civics to promote lord)
  • Join a guild
  • Visit rankings, pay respect, and get free gems
  • Keep an eye on the events
  • Punish the prisoners to get free resources
  • Complete achievements for freebies
  • Progress through the campaign
  • Develop followers, lady consorts, and the heirs

So this would be all in this part on Throne of the Chosen guide and tips for beginners. As of now, there are no cheats or cheat codes for the Throne Chosen game. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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