Evil Hunter Tycoon Guide: Walkthrough, Tips & Cheats

Evil Hunter Tycoon is an adventure RPG for Android & iOS by Super Planet. Read on for Evil Hunter Tycoon guide, walkthrough, wiki, tips, cheats & tricks

Evil Hunter Tycoon Guide Walkthrough Tips

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Super Planet’s Evil Hunter Tycoon is a micro-management game for Android & iOS where you manage the hunters, town, resources, and there is a lot of content to explore as you further progress through the quests. If you have just started playing the Evil Hunter Tycoon game, then you are on the right page. This Evil Hunter Tycoon guide, walkthrough covers the basics of the game that you must master as a beginner. Also, we have shared a bunch of Evil Hunter Tycoon tips, cheats & tricks that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s head to the main content. 

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Evil Hunter Tycoon Guide, Walkthrough, Tips⇓

You can play the Evil Hunter Tycoon game in eight difficulty modes; easy, normal, hard, expert, torment, and so on. At the start of the game, you can only play it in easy mode – and, as you meet certain requirements like the number of hunters reincarnated, you will be able to select the other difficulty game modes. You have to tap the skull button in the top-left corner to select the difficulty mode. Speaking of gameplay, your goal is to build all the facilities and make the hunters stronger enough they defeat powerful monsters in the dungeon raid. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all Evil Hunter Tycoon tips, cheats & tricks: –

Manage The Hunters Wisely

Hunters are the main characters in the game who fight the enemies and bring the resources to the town and sell you through the trading post. They grind the resources automatically and collect random resources from evil monsters. Tapping on them will start the conversation where you get many options to choose from like trading equipment, moving them to a certain location, learning skills/traits/tech, donating, etc. 

Keep an eye on all the hunters you have in the town through the hunters menu. Tap the hunters menu button on the bottom-center and from there you can check the info of all the hunters; their HP, Hunger level, mood, and stamina. If you tap the crosshair button in the hunters button, it will start the conversation with the hunter. 

  • HP of the Hunter – if the hunter’s HP is low, tap the routine option from the conversation and choose to heal. This will send the hunter to the infirmary where he/she can buy the bandage and heal himself/herself
  • Hunger/Satiety – choose the routine option from the conversation and then choose to eat. A hungry hunter would not work efficiently
  • Mood – choose the mood option from the routine conversation and choose a fun option to recover mood. For example – build a tavern to recover the mood
  • Stamina – let the hunter rest in Inn and recover the stamina. Produce the room in Inn 

For more information, please check out the Hunters guide: –

This guide features information on how to invite the hunters, how many hunters can live in the town, banishing, tier, how to buy resources from them, etc. 

Craft And Equip High Tier Weapon

Weapons or Equipment are equipped by the hunters. You can sell them these gears/weapons for the coins. The higher the tier of the weapon, the higher the stats they get upon equipping them. Also, it’s one of the best ways to make them stronger. There are five tiers of weapon; SS, S, A, B, and C. As a player, you can craft the weapons at the blacksmith building. You will obtain high-tier weapons as the game’s difficulty increases; easy, medium, hard, torment, and so on. Note – hunters don’t equip the weapons automatically. You must sell them. 

Follow The Quests In Evil Hunter Tycoon

If you have just started playing the game, then we would recommend you to follow the novice quests listed in the top-left corner. If you have any trouble completing the quest, please mention it in the comment section below. We would love to help. 

Get To Know About All The Buildings

There are lots of buildings in the Evil Hunter Tycoon game that you can build and access to new features. For example – by building the house, you can increase the number of town people/hunters who can stay in the town. With the help of Enhancement Equipment building, you can enhance the equipment. At the blacksmith shop, you can craft the weapons and sell in the weapon shop. 

For more information, please check out this Buildings guide: –

By upgrading the buildings, you can unlock more features. For example – upgrade the town hall to unlock new buildings. 

Send Hunters To Dungeon Raid

Once you have Dungeon Entrance built in the town, you can send the hunters to Dungeon Raid. Tap the dungeon button and on the next screen, you can select the Hunters. If it says tired, then send the hunters to Inn and let them rest a bit. Also, make sure their HP and mood are also full. Select the hunters who are available for recruitment. Once selected, tap the hunter -> choose dungeon. This will send the hunter to dungeon entrance and once you have 5 raid members, you can raid the dungeon. 

You will get loads of rewards – the amount increases as you move to higher floors. 

Grab The Treasure Chests

Now and then, treasure chests appear in the town. You will see the message when it appears. On the bottom-right corner, there would be a golden treasure chest icon when the chest appears – tap it to navigate to the treasure chest and watch the video ad for gems. 

Get The Freebies In Evil Hunter Tycoon

Tap the AD option in the bottom-right corner or search for Ad goblin. Tap him and get free rewards by watching the video ads. 

Collect The Drops From Enemies

Sometimes, monsters killed by the hunters drop the resources on the fighting grounds. Keep an eye on all the grounds where you send the monsters on hunting and collect the resource drops. 

Buy The Pets

If you want permanent bonuses for all hunters, you should buy the pets. You can learn more about the pets here –

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So this would be all in this post on Evil Hunter Tycoon guide, walkthrough, tips for beginners. If you have any questions please comment below. 

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  1. It doesnt matter which star he is. It u crafted 2 „star” weapon u just need to level up your weapon seller building 😉

    Remembre to DO NOT upgrate quest hunt before u go upper difficulty coz you wont be able to secect your current level. (Maybe the,ve repaired this idk.)

  2. Please help. Complete Quest: “Novice quest #56” – “Lure the boss and show him who’s the real boss.” Thanks

    • I think you need to tap the boss battle button in the top-right(after building the boss horn). Once summoned, hunters will attack him.

    • I have no info on time, but if you have the slots available, they will visit in order. Wait Slot Drop Rate: –
      Legendary Tier – 0.05%
      Heroic – 0.55%
      Superior – 3.00%
      Rare- 37.00%
      Normal – 59.40%

  3. How to equip gears like weapon or armor . coz everytime i go to weapon shop or armor shop the only choice is sell aftr clixking suggest.

    • No. You need to prompt them(tap them -> item -> purchase equipment; weapon/armor/potion/accessory). When you prompt them, they stand next to the shop and you will see the icon(weapon/armor/potion/accessory). Tap the icon and suggest the weapon/armor/potion/accessory. Tap the sell button and you will get gold. Hunter will give you gold when you sell the gears; they earn gold from the trading post(you request the materials and they get paid for it). You can check the hunter balance at the time of selling equipment or in the manage/donate screen.

      • some of my hinters are not buying the gears even if they have the funds and the item is for their class
        pls helpp

    • Hunters gain EXP when they kill the monsters. But their stats like HP, Mood, Hunger, Stamina goes down as they fight. They would not fight if they are low on these stats. You will need to fill the stock from time to time in the restaurant, tavern, inn, Infirmary so that they can continue grinding/fighting. So I don’t think it’s an Idle/AFK type game.

      • I don’t know if this requires some sort of a proc I built 3 then completed it by making one of the more basic weapons.
        However 49 is adv armour and I’ve made white and purple and not completed

        • Why does it sometimes say penalty after one of my hunters kills something? It’s resulting in a lot less xp and I don’t know why.

          • that means your hunter’s level is higher than any other monster around him/her. Try to move it to other area.

      • You need to craft advanced quality equipment. Tap the blacksmith building. Then choose to craft equipment; spend the materials and you will get random quality equipment; if it’s advanced quality or higher(ultimate), this quest will be completed immediately.

    • ELE or Elementals can be obtained from the evil lands. Tap the I/II/III button in the bottom-right corner to visit these lands and look around. There you will find glowing ELEMENTALS. Tap them to collect
      Evil Hunter Tycoon ELementals