HAZE PIECE Bounty Board

Read on for HAZE PIECE Bounty Board.

HAZE PIECE Bounty Board
HAZE PIECE Bounty Board

HAZE PIECE Bounty Board

The HAZE PIECE Bounty Board: Your Ticket to Adventure

In the expansive world of HAZE PIECE, where pirates and marines clash in epic battles, tracking down notorious criminals is no easy feat. That’s where the Bounty Board comes into play—a crucial tool for both pirates and marines to stay updated on the highest bounties in the server and embark on thrilling hunts for elusive criminals.

Bounty Board Locations:

– Starter Island: As soon as you set foot on this vibrant island, you’ll find your first taste of adventure at the Bounty Board.
– Logue Town: The bustling hub of Logue Town also hosts a Bounty Board, keeping you informed as you progress through your journey.
– Marine HQ: For those looking to enlist in the noble cause of the marines, the Bounty Board at Marine HQ is your source of vital information.

What You’ll Discover:

– Highest Bounty Pirates: The Bounty Board serves as your window into the world of piracy. It displays the most wanted pirates on the server, allowing you to gauge the competition and identify potential adversaries.
– Historical Records: If you’re curious about the greatest bounties ever recorded, you’re in for a treat. The Bounty Board features a leaderboard showcasing the highest bounties in the game’s history, a testament to the most infamous pirates who’ve roamed these seas.

Marines, Ready Your Resolve:

– For marines dedicated to upholding justice, the Bounty Board is a valuable resource. You can select a wanted poster from the board and embark on thrilling pirate hunts.
– However, time is of the essence. Once you’ve taken a poster from the Bounty Board, you have a mere 10 minutes to track down your target. After that, the poster returns to the board, ready for another marine to take up the challenge.

Whether you’re a daring pirate seeking fame and fortune or a marine committed to eradicating piracy, the HAZE PIECE Bounty Board is your gateway to adventure. It’s here that legends are born, and the fate of the seas is determined—one poster at a time.

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