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HAZE PIECE Map Source: Trello

Haze Piece Map SEA 2

  • Flower Capital – Level 2200
  • Udon Prison – Level 2400
  • Snowy Graveyard – Level 2550
  • Desert City – Level 2700
  • Dragon Island: 2850 – 3000
  • Shadow Island 3000 – 3150
  • Peanut Island 3150 – 3300
  • Dough Island 3300 – 3450
  • Cake Island 3450 – 3600

HAZE PIECE Map Wiki Guide: List of all Locations

Haze Piece Map features the currently available locations and the level requirement you must meet to explore all these Haze Piece Map locations. New Map Location added in Dragon Update: Thriller Island[Level 2050+].

  • Starter Island: 1 – 40
  • Clown Island: 40 – 90
  • Shark Park: 90 – 160
  • Desert Ruins: 160 – 250
  • Sea Restaurant: 250 – 350
  • Logue City: 350 – 450
  • Tall Woods: 450 – 600
  • Marine Base Town: 600 – 700
  • Three Islands: 700 – 800
  • Marine HQ: 800 – 950
  • Sky Island: 950 – 1150
  • Revolutionary Island: 1150 – 1300
  • Impel Jail: 1300 – 1450
  • Half Hot/ Half Cold Island: 1450 – 1600
  • Fishman Island: 1600 – 1750
  • Skull Island: 1750- 1900
  • Bubble Island: 1900- 2050
  • Level ??? – Thriller Island. The actual level of this island is 2050+.
  • Current Max Level: 2200
  • Current Max Bounty: 1M

Navigational Trick in Haze Piece: Using Quest Tracker as a Compass

An insightful tip for navigating the expansive world of Haze Piece involves leveraging the quest tracker as a makeshift compass. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to use this trick to your advantage:

  • 1. Accept a Random Quest:
    Begin by accepting any random quest available on the island you are currently on.
  • 2. Track the Quest:
    Activate the quest tracker and set the recently accepted quest as the tracked quest. This action aligns the compass with the quest’s location indicator.
  • 3. Head Out to Sea:
    Once the quest is tracked, embark on a sea journey by navigating away from the island.
  • 4. Observe the Compass Movement:
    As you move the camera, note that the compass moves accordingly. The orange point on the compass consistently points in the direction of the island from which you just departed.
  • 5. Use Orange Point as a Directional Indicator:
    The orange point now serves as a directional indicator. For instance, if you accepted a quest on Starter Island, the orange point will consistently signify the south direction.

By adopting this clever strategy, you can effectively use the quest tracker as a dynamic compass, providing you with a reliable sense of direction as you explore the vast seas and islands in Haze Piece. This trick is particularly handy for maintaining your bearings and navigating seamlessly across the game world.

HAZE PIECE Map Wiki Guide: List of all Locations

Embarking on a thrilling adventure through the virtual world of Haze Piece in Roblox is an experience that promises excitement and discovery. To assist you on this epic journey, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to the various map locations within the game and the corresponding level ranges that are associated with each area.

Starter Island (Levels 1 – 40): This is where your voyage begins, a place to familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics and undertake initial quests. Here, you’ll lay the foundation for your adventure and develop the essential skills needed for the challenges that lie ahead.

Clown Island (Levels 40 – 90): After mastering the basics, you’ll progress to Clown Island, where a wide array of new challenges and opportunities await. The transition marks a significant step in your journey as you encounter tougher adversaries and acquire more advanced abilities.

Shark Park (Levels 90 – 160): Dive into the depths of Shark Park, a region teeming with aquatic life and hidden perils. Here, you’ll need to navigate underwater challenges and confront the dangers that lurk beneath the waves.

Desert Ruins (Levels 160 – 250): Your adventure takes a mysterious turn as you venture into the enigmatic Desert Ruins. This arid landscape conceals ancient treasures and secrets waiting to be uncovered by intrepid explorers.

Sea Restaurant (Levels 250 – 350): As your level increases, you’ll be invited to the Sea Restaurant, a place where you can not only dine but also prepare for more significant trials that await you in the game. It’s a hub of activity and intrigue.

Logue City (Levels 350 – 450): The bustling streets of Logue City become your next destination. Here, you’ll encounter a lively urban environment filled with quests, characters, and challenges. The cityscape is a testament to the game’s rich world-building.

Tall Woods (Levels 450 – 600): As you progress further, the towering trees and mysterious creatures of Tall Woods will capture your attention. This densely forested area presents unique challenges and opportunities for players to explore.

Marine Base Town (Levels 600 – 700): Pay a visit to the Marine Base Town, but be cautious of the presence of authority figures. This location adds political intrigue and complexity to your adventure.

Three Islands (Levels 700 – 800): The Three Islands beckon with their beauty and enigmatic qualities. These islands offer unique environments and hold their share of secrets and quests.

Marine HQ (Levels 800 – 950): Test your mettle at the formidable Marine Headquarters, a significant milestone in your journey. The challenges here will push your skills and determination to the limit.

Sky Island (Levels 950 – 1150): Ascend to Sky Island, a realm above the clouds. This ethereal location introduces new challenges and possibilities, marking a departure from the environments you’ve encountered thus far.

Revolutionary Island (Levels 1150 – 1300): Join the ranks of revolutionaries on Revolutionary Island and become part of a movement for change. The quests and narratives here delve into political themes and intrigue.

Impel Jail (Levels 1300 – 1450): Whether you’re infiltrating Impel Jail or attempting a daring escape, this high-security facility provides intense challenges and opportunities for players to prove their skills.

Half Hot/ Half Cold Island (Levels 1450 – 1600): This island’s climate extremes test your adaptability as you navigate between scorching and freezing environments, each presenting its own unique challenges.

Fishman Island (Levels 1600 – 1750): Prepare to dive into the depths of Fishman Island, an underwater world inhabited by aquatic beings. Here, your skills will be put to the test in a unique setting.

Skull Island (Levels 1750 – 1900): The mysteries of Skull Island beckon. This region introduces new elements of intrigue and danger as you explore its enigmatic landscapes.

Bubble Island (Levels 1900 – 2050): The whimsical world of Bubble Island presents a visually captivating environment. This region is filled with intriguing locations and quests that continue to enrich your adventure.

As you traverse these diverse regions in Haze Piece, you’ll encounter an assortment of challenges, formidable foes, and exciting quests. Each area offers a unique experience and opportunities for character growth. Brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure in the world of Haze Piece, where every location has its own story to tell and trials to overcome.

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