Games Like Konosuba Fantastic Days

We have curated a list of games like Konosuba Fantastic Days. If you have enjoyed playing this game and looking for similar ones, then this article is for you.

Games Like Konosuba Fantastic Days

Games Like Konosuba Fantastic Days ⇓

Konosuba Fantastic Days is a mobile game published by NEXON Company, for Android & iOS platforms. The game is based on Konosuba anime and features all of its main characters like Auqa, Darkness, Kazuma, Wiz, and more. Speaking of type, Konosuba Fantastic Days is a gacha RPG where you collect the characters, develop them, use them in the team, and fight enemies in a variety of available game modes, starting with PvE, gradually moving to PvP. 

The game has good graphics, a fun story, cute characters, a nice drop rate, and overall good gameplay. Those who have watched the anime must try this game. If you have not watched the anime, then you should watch it. It’s superb. 

In this post, we are going to showcase a list of apps or games like Konosuba Fantastic Days. If you have got any recommendations, please share them in the comments below. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content.

(Note; all games in this genre are P2W – if you are F2P, you will have to grind a lot): – 

Princess Connect Re Dive⇓

Princess Connect Re Dive is one of the best games like Konosuba Fantastic Days. You will find the UI of this game similar to Konosuba FD. The game has three main game modes; PvE campaign, which is available in multiple difficulties. Then you have PvP and clan battles. Characters are given unique roles like support, healers, tank, damage dealers, etc. You can assign them to the front line, midline, and backline. Each one possesses unique skills and strengths. 

You will have to get familiar with the characters’ skills and strengths to use them effectively in the battle or to build a nice team composition. The game gets challenging as you progress. Devs bring new updates to the game now and then. You will enjoy the PvE storyline, events, and PvP game modes for sure. 

Just like Konosuba, Princess Connect Re Dive features a great collection of characters, a good story, and a variety of game modes. If you are looking for games like Konosuba Fantastic Days, then you should give the Princess Connect Re Dive game a shot. 

Date A Live⇓

Date A Live: Spirit Pledge is another anime game like Konosuba Fantastic Days, which is based on the Date A Live anime series. The game features all the main characters from the anime series, which you will be collecting to build the best team possible. You will love the in-game content; date with characters, battles, characters’ costumes, etc. 

In the battle, you can control one of the characters in the team and use its skills. Each character has got unique abilities, which they can unleash during the battle. 

Sword Master Story⇓

Sword Master Story is an idle gacha RPG with plenty of game modes. Recently, it made a collab with Konosuba and featured characters like Aqua, Megumin. Although the event is gone, the collab may happen again, you never know! 

So this would be all in this post on games like Konosuba Fantastic Days. If you have more suggestions, please share them in the comments below. We will continue to provide updates on the games like Konosuba Fantastic Days as new games are released every day by professional devs on the mobile app stores. If we find a game like this, we will add it to this list. 

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