Second Galaxy Ships Guide – Types, Best Build, And More

In this Second Galaxy Ships guide, you will learn everything about the ships, their types, how to build the best ship, use best attachments, etc.

As a newbie to the game, it’s quite hard to learn all the things by self – and, still, you might be in confusion because Second Galaxy Ships concept is quite hard to digest by self.  We will simply explain everything and try to cover all the basics that you need to know about the ships in this Second Galaxy Ships guide. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content.

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Second Galaxy Ships Guide-Types Of Ships: –

  1. Frigate
  2. Destroyer
  3. Cruiser
  4. Battlecruiser
  5. Battleship
  6. Capital Ship

As per the current version of the Second Galaxy game, you have the option to configure, acquire, build six types of the ships. For different missions, you will need specific types of ships. For example – In some of the missions, you can’t choose Frigate, Capital Ship – only destroyer or cruiser can be qualified. If you don’t know about the qualification criteria, we would recommend you to check the following guide –

Second Galaxy Ships Guide – Tactical Position Tags

Second Galaxy Ships GuideThe tactical position tags describe the highlights or strength of the ship. There are two ways to check these details – go to the Ship hangar and then choose a ship and on the right side(info), you can check its tag(tactical position tag). Another way is to go to the warehouse and then head to the ship tab -> there you tap the ship and get the tactical position details. Although, you would not see the deployed ships(ships selected in the ship hangar) there. Here’s the list of these tags: –

  • Firepower
  • Electronic
  • Assault
  • Heavy
  • Recon
  • Command
  • Logistic
  • Interceptor
  • Disruptor

Let’s learn about each tag!

Firepower Tag: –

  • Good at dealing damage
  • Possesses special attack abilities

Electronic Tag: –

  • Good at shipboard devices
  • Possesses a strong processor

Assault Tag: –

  • Impressive attack strength
  • High speed and acceleration capabilities

Heavy Tag: –

  • High survivability rate
  • Impressive defense; shield & armor

Recon Tag: –

  • High speed & agility

Command Tag: –

  • Supporter – enhances the allied ships

Logistic Tag: –

  • Self-Buffer – repairs, recharges itself(shield recovery, speed boost, etc.)

Interceptor Tag: –

  • Strong thruster
  • Warp disruption abilities

Disruptor Tag: –

  • Strong electronic interference abilities


Second Galaxy Ships GuideOnly a simple basic structure of the ship would not help you in defeating the horde of enemy ships during the combat. You can attach a variety of attachments to the ship. Also, there are some built-in attachments;

  • Tactical Component
  • Superdevice
  • Artillery
  • Recharger
  • Thruster

These are the build-in attachments that affect the ship stats or attributes. Each attachment plays a different role during the combat: –

  • Tactical Component activates various effects according to the tactical position tags
  • Superdevice is the weapon which you can use when it’s fully charged. It charges itself during the battle. You can use it to unleash a powerful effect
  • Artillery is one of the basic weapon attachments in the ship – it deals damage to the enemy ships.
  • Recharger attachment recharges the ship’s shield
  • Thruster boosts the speed of the ship

Second Galaxy Ships Build Guide

Second Galaxy Ships GuideBefore you head to the ships build guide, you should be aware of how the combat works – how the ship utilizes its attachments during the combat. If you have no idea how battle works or control works, be sure to read the basics guide here ->

You need four things to build a ship: –

  • Weapons
  • Devices
  • Components
  • Ammo

Weapons: –

  1. Railgun
  2. Blaster
  3. Cannon
  4. Laser
  5. Drone Bay
  6. Launcher

You can equip a variety of weapons to the ship. When choosing the weapons for your ship, pay attention to these stats: –

  • DPS/Damage Per Cycle
  • Range
  • Activation Cost
  • Cooldown

DPS – Usually, heavy weapons give you the best DPS. (Single barrels – light weapons, dual or quad barrels – heavy weapons). Another category of weapons in the Second Galaxy game is combat and sniper. For example – combat railgun, sniper railgun. Sniper weapons provide more range, while combat weapons provide more DPS.

Range – If the target is far or not in range, the ship would not be able to attack it. If you want to strike from a long distance, equip the weapons which provide you long-ranged attacks. For example – sniper weapons.

Activation Cost – To use or activate the weapons in Second Galaxy, you need energy. In short, using weapons cost energy. Without energy or spending the activation cost, you would not be able to use the weapons. Usually, heavy weapons and sniper weapons cost much higher energy as compared to the light & combat weapons.

Cooldown – After using the weapon for one time, it will go in a cooldown stage and during that period, you would not be able to use it. Some weapons have a high cooldown, while some get back to normal in no time.

Second Galaxy Devices: –

  1. Enhancer
  2. Extended Enhancer
  3. Area Enhancer
  4. Recharger
  5. Extended Recharger
  6. Area Recharger
  7. Extended
  8. Area Interference
  9. Tactical

In the Second Galaxy, you can equip lots of types of devices. Let’s learn about each one.

  • Enhancer – This category includes devices which can increase damage, velocity, range, shield resistance like attributes
  • Recharger – This category includes devices which can recharge your ship’s energy, shield in the combat
  • Area Interference – This category includes devices which provide crowd controlling skills(affects the enemy) such as reducing the enemy’s damage, precision, slowing down enemies, etc.
  • Tactical – This category includes devices like scanner, cloaking device(go invisible), flash jump engines, shield generator, etc.

Components: –

  • Damage Enhancer
  • Range Enhancer
  • Electronics
  • Shield Enhancer
  • Piloting Enhancer

Using these components in the ship helps you to boost damage, energy cap, range, shield, and speed like attributes.

Ammo: –

  • Railgun
  • Blaster
  • Laser
  • Missiles

You need ammo to use the weapons. Without ammo, weapons would not work. Go to the ship hangar -> tap the ammo button -> quick buy or load more and then confirm.

Size & Rank Of Weapons, Devices, Components

Second Galaxy Ships GuideWeapons, Devices & Components in Second Galaxy come in three sizes; small, medium, and large. To check the size of these things, go to the ship hangar -> pay close attention to the icon(weapon or device or component) -> at the top-right corner of each weapon/device icon, there would be the size – S, M, L. Or tap a weapon or device -> details -> in the (i) tab, under the specs, you can check the size. If you see U, it means universal(can be applied to all kinds of devices).

Rank – weapons, devices, and components come in five qualities or rank – r1(grey), r2(green), r3(blue), r4(purple), r5(orange). Higher the quality of a weapon/device/component, the more attributes a ship get. Pay attention to the color of these items to check their ranks or check the details page.

Second Galaxy Ships – Ship Processor & Ship Power

In the Ship Hangar menu, when you select the ship, the game shows its details on the right side. At the bottom part of the details section, there are two fields; processor and power. What are they?

  • Power – It describes the power output value provided by the ship reactor
  • Processor – It represents the processing capability of shipboard items

All the devices or weapons or components consume the power or processor abilities to work. To check the cost or power or processing value consumed by these -> go to the ship hangar -> tap the weapon or device or component -> details -> go to the gear tab -> there you can check the info; processor, power, attachment type, attachment slot, etc.

Heavy ships or high tier ships provide more power and processor value.

Ship Stats: –

  • Processor – Weapons, Devices, Components consume the processor capacity
  • Power – Weapons, Devices, Components consume the power
  • DPS – Damage Per Second
  • Range – Range of the weapons installed by the player on a ship
  • Shield Resistance – Resistance to the specific type of weapon attacks; EM, Kinetic, Thermal
  • Shield – When an enemy attacks you, shield depletes
  • Armor – Once you lose the armor, the ship will get destroyed

How to build the best ship in Second Galaxy?

What would be the best configuration? We would recommend you to follow the default configuration. Go to the ship hangar -> select the ship -> tap the configure button -> default -> apply.

Once you learn all the key concepts, try building the ship manually. Here are some tips to configure or build ships wisely: –

  • Frigates Build – small size weapons/devices/components
  • Destroyers Build – small size weapons(multi-barreled)/devices/components
  • Cruisers Build – medium-size weapons/devices/components
  • Battlecruiser Build – large size weapons/devices/components
  • Battleships Build – large size weapons(multi-barreled)/devices/components
  • Pick the best weapons – long-range or short-range, low cooldown or high, high cost or low cost, high DPS or low DPS
  • Install the best devices
  • Install the components; enhancers

So that would be all in this Second Galaxy Ships Guide for the beginners. If you have more tips to share, feel free to comment below. Also, see –

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