Flame Simulator Codes Wiki for April 2024

All working Roblox Flame Simulator Codes for free Gift Rewards in one updated list – Roblox Game by BlazeByte. Read on for the Flame Simulator Wiki for Codes.

Roblox Flame Simulator Codes
Roblox Flame Simulator Codes

Dive into the fiery adventure of Flame Simulator on Roblox! Upgrade your flamethrower, explore new realms, and collect a diverse array of pets.

Unleash the power of 🔥 as you melt and explode everything in your path. Experience the thrill of destruction and discovery in this blazingly intense Roblox game!

The game is available on Roblox

This post will cover the Flame Simulator Codes that can be redeemed for rewards. Please bookmark this page and check back regularly for the new and updated code list.

We re-checked for the new Flame Simulator Code on April 10, 2024. If you know a code we have not listed below, please share it in the comments.

Roblox Flame Simulator Codes

Active Flame Simulator Codes:

  • 2350likes – Redeem code for 2x coins for 20 min
  • keepflamin – Redeem code for gift rewards
  • RELEASE – Redeem code for gift rewards

Roblox Flame Simulator Codes [Expired]

The following codes are no longer working; scroll up for the active code list. If any code in the active code list shared above is not working, let us know in the comments. 

  • 1250 Likes – Redeem code for 2x coins for 20 min

How To Redeem Flame Simulator Codes?

To redeem codes in Flame Simulator, you will just need to follow these steps:

  • Press the Shop button on the game screen
  • Go to the codes section
  • Enter the code
  • Get the rewards

Roblox Flame Simulator Codes: Conclusion

So above, we have covered all the working Flame Simulator Gift Codes that you can redeem for free in-game rewards; each code gives a different amount of reward and can be used once per account. You must enter the code exactly as we have listed in the featured list above. Bookmark this code page or follow the game’s official Discord server or social media accounts for more gift code updates. We update the list whenever we find a new working gift code. If you know more codes that work, please share them in the comment box below. 

Game Description:

Engage in the scorching excitement of Roblox’s Flame Simulator, where the power of fire is at your fingertips. Upgrade your flamethrower to unleash 🔥 devastation on everything in your path. Explore diverse realms, each offering new challenges and opportunities for fiery exploration.

The game invites players to collect a vibrant array of pets, each bringing its unique flair to the combustible journey. From cute companions to powerful allies, these pets accompany you as you navigate the immersive landscapes, adding a delightful element to the intense flame-filled adventure.

In Flame Simulator, the thrill goes beyond mere destruction. Melt and explode your way through obstacles and challenges, witnessing the satisfying impact of your fiery arsenal. The game seamlessly blends the joy of upgrading your flamethrower with the excitement of exploration and pet collection, creating a well-rounded and engaging experience.

Roblox’s Flame Simulator encapsulates the essence of fiery chaos and discovery. Whether you’re unleashing torrents of flames to melt obstacles or embarking on an exploration of new realms, the game offers a dynamic and visually captivating experience. It’s a journey where the power of fire is not just a destructive force but a means of unlocking new realms and collecting an eclectic ensemble of pets. Immerse yourself in the blazing adventure and watch as everything melts and explodes in your wake!

So this would be all in this post on Flame Simulator Codes. Do you have any new Codes? Please share them in the comments below. 

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