Asura Clan Buffs Guide[June 2024]

Read on for the Asura Clan Buffs Guide.

Asura Clan Buffs Guide
Asura Clan Buffs Guide

Asura Clans Guide

In Roblox Asura, Clans are classified into multiple rarities, rare being the rarest because of just a 1% reroll rate, uncommon the second rarest with a 5% reroll rate, and common clanless with a 73% reroll rate. Also, see – Asura Clan Tier List. Asura Trello

Asura Clan Buffs Guide: Rare Clans

Senko Clan

  • Senko Clan Buffs: 10% Strength Gain. 10% Speed Gain. 
  • Benefits: God Speed

The Senko Clan in the game “Roblox Asura” is known for its unique eye characteristics. Members of this clan have eyes that are distinctly hardcoded to a striking shade of blue. While they possess the ability to attain glowing eyes, it’s important to note that they do not enjoy the same level of freedom in selecting eye colors as the Kure Clan, which offers a wider range of color choices.

The fixed blue hue of the Senko Clan’s eyes is a distinctive trait that sets them apart in the game, reflecting the clan’s inherent characteristics and abilities. This eye color serves as a symbol of their lineage and heritage, and it contributes to the overall aesthetics and identity of the Senko Clan within the world of “Roblox Asura.”

Kure Clan

  • Kure Clan Buffs: 10% Strength Gain. 10% Durability Gain. 
  • Benefits: Removal

Within the realm of “Roblox Asura,” the Kure Clan is distinguished by its unique eye attributes. Members of this clan have eyes that are inherently set to a pristine white color. However, the Kure Clan possesses a remarkable ability: the power to transcend their hardcoded eye color through the use of glowing eyes.

With glowing eyes, Kure Clan members gain the remarkable capability to alter the color of their eyes, allowing them to spin for and obtain any desired eye color once they have acquired this ability. This remarkable feature sets the Kure Clan apart and grants its members a distinct advantage in personalizing their character’s appearance.

The Kure Clan’s ability to manipulate eye color through glowing eyes represents a dynamic element of gameplay and character customization, enabling clan members to express their individuality and style within the world of “Roblox Asura.”

Asura Clan Buffs Guide: Uncommon Clans

Bakufu Clan

  • Bakufu Clan Buffs: 5% Strength Gain.

Fumetsu Clan

  • Fumetsu Clan Buffs: 5% Durability Gain.

Furion Clan

  • Furion Clan Buffs: 5% Speed Gain.

Ganiz Clan

  • Ganiz Clan Buffs: 2.5% Muscle Gain.

Raiyaku Clan

  • Raiyaku Clan Buffs: 5% Striking Speed Gain.

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