Arcane Odyssey Ash Magic Guide [May 2024]

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Arcane Odyssey Ash Magic Guide

Notable Features: Crowd Control (Stun/Immobilize)

According to the Arcane Odyssey Tier List, Ash Magic’s damage output is below average, but it can be paired well with Fire and Explosion for optimal performance. Other magic types like Acid, Magma, Wind, Sand, and Plasma can also be used to good effect, but Ice and Water should be avoided.

Ash Magic and Lightning Magic have a similar status effect trigger, requiring 33% damage dealt to a target. However, Ash Magic’s Petrified status effect works like Frozen by temporarily immobilizing the target for 0.7 seconds. It can be activated by dealing a significant amount of damage or by hitting a target that is already under Burning or Charred with an Ash Magic projectile. Despite its usefulness in status effect triggering, Ash Magic has poor clash rates and can remove status effects such as Soaked, Inked, Snowy, and Freezing upon impact or charging.

Regarding its clashing power, Ash Magic has four advantages and thirteen disadvantages. It has a 1.3x advantage against Light Magic and Snow Magic, and a 1.1x advantage against Wood Magic and Poison Magic. It is neutral against Lightning Magic and Magma Magic. However, it has a 0.95x disadvantage against Acid Magic, Ice Magic, and Plasma Magic, a 0.9x disadvantage against Water Magic and Fire Magic, an 0.85x disadvantage against Earth Magic, Sand Magic, and Glass Magic, and an 0.8x disadvantage against Wind Magic, Crystal Magic, and Explosion Magic. Ash Magic also has a 0.75x disadvantage against Metal Magic and a 0.7x disadvantage against Shadow Magic.

Other Magics:

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