Arcane Odyssey Crystal Magic Guide[February 2024]

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Arcane Odyssey Crystal Magic Guide

  • Status Effect: Bleeding

The Bleeding status effect is characterized by dealing damage over time to a target. When inflicted, the target will take ongoing damage for several seconds, making it a valuable crowd-control tool for magic users. In the Arcane Odyssey Tier List, Bleeding is ranked as having above-average damage, indicating that it can be a potent option for players seeking to deal damage over time.

To maximize the potential of Bleeding, certain magic types are recommended for use. Glass magic is recommended as a synergy for Bleeding, as it can amplify the damage output of this status effect. Acid, Magma, and Sand magics are also considered good synergies, offering additional utility and benefits to players seeking to inflict Bleeding on their targets.

Crystal Magic is a type of magic that boasts exceptional clashing power, with advantages against 14 other magic types and only 3 disadvantages. Crystal Magic has a 1.5x clash advantage against Glass Magic, making it a strong option for players seeking to take advantage of the synergy between Bleeding and Glass. Crystal Magic also has a 1.4x clash advantage against Water Magic and a 1.2x clash advantage against Acid Magic, Ash Magic, Fire Magic, Light Magic, Ice Magic, Wood Magic, Poison Magic, Shadow Magic, Plasma Magic, Sand Magic, and Snow Magic. It is neutral against Lightning Magic and Magma Magic.

However, players should be aware that Crystal Magic has a 0.8x clash disadvantage against Earth Magic, a 0.7x clash disadvantage against Explosion Magic, and a 0.6x clash disadvantage against Metal Magic. As such, players must exercise caution when facing off against users of these magic types, as they may struggle to successfully clash with them. Overall, the Bleeding status effect and its synergies can be a powerful option for players seeking to deal damage over time and control the battlefield in Arcane Odyssey.

Other Magics:

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