Blade Ball Pull Ability Guide[June 2024]

Read on for the Blade Ball Pull Ability Guide.

Blade Ball Pull Ability Guide
Blade Ball Pull Ability Guide

Blade Ball Pull Ability Guide

Introducing the “Pull Ability” in Blade Ball, a formidable skill that grants your character the power to compel the ball to target you, ensuring that it seeks you out with relentless determination.

Acquisition and Upgrades:

– Base Level (5,000 Coins): The Pull Ability can be unlocked for 5,000 Coins. This initial investment imbues your character with the remarkable ability to exert control over the ball, compelling it to target you specifically. This skill is perfect for manipulating the game’s dynamics and putting yourself at the center of the action.

– First Upgrade (2,500 Coins): To further refine your Pull Ability, the first upgrade is available for 2,500 Coins. This upgrade extends the duration and increases the effectiveness of your ball-pulling prowess, ensuring that the ball remains fixated on you for longer periods, creating strategic opportunities for your team.

– Second Upgrade (5,000 Coins): For those committed to mastering the Pull Ability, the second upgrade can be acquired for 5,000 Coins. At this advanced level, your Pull Ability reaches its zenith, offering the longest duration and the most potent ball-pulling capabilities. You become the focal point of the game, capable of drawing the ball’s attention and controlling the match’s tempo.

Total Investment (12,500 Coins): To unlock the full potential of the Pull Ability, a cumulative expenditure of 12,500 Coins is required. This substantial investment ensures that you can wield this skill to its maximum capacity, becoming a central figure on the Blade Ball battlefield, capable of shaping the outcome of matches through your ball-pulling mastery.

The Pull Ability in Blade Ball provides you with a unique means of influencing the game’s flow, allowing you to dictate the ball’s movement and positioning. As you progress and invest in upgrades, your character becomes a magnet for the ball, ensuring that you can steer the game in your favor with strategic finesse and expert control.

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