Elemental Dungeons Merchant Spawn Location & Time [April 2024]

Read on for Elemental Dungeons Merchant Spawn Location & Time.

Elemental Dungeons Merchant Spawn Location & Time
Elemental Dungeons Merchant Spawn Location & Time

Elemental Dungeons Merchant Spawn Location & Time

In Elemental Dungeons, the merchant’s spawn location and schedule provide players with opportunities to access unique items and resources. Here are the details:

Merchant Spawn Locations:

The merchant can be found at two different locations, depending on the week:

1. Right off the PvP Arena, Next to the Waterfall: During specific weeks, the merchant sets up shop in close proximity to the PvP Arena, near the waterfall. This location offers players convenient access to the merchant’s offerings.

2. Inside the Frog Cave Behind the Blacksmith’s House: In alternating weeks, the merchant relocates inside the frog cave, which is situated behind the Blacksmith’s house. Players must venture to this area to access the merchant’s goods.

Merchant Spawn Schedule:

The merchant follows a specific spawn schedule, appearing at regular intervals throughout the day:

– Spawn Frequency: The merchant spawns every 20 minutes.
– Spawn Times: The spawning begins at the start of every hour. For example, the merchant will appear from 3:00 PM to 3:20 PM. This schedule repeats throughout the day, giving players multiple opportunities to interact with the merchant and make purchases.

Understanding the merchant’s spawn locations and schedule is crucial for players looking to acquire special items, upgrades, or resources to enhance their gameplay experience in Elemental Dungeons. Keep an eye on the time and locations to ensure you don’t miss out on valuable opportunities provided by the merchant.

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