HAZE PIECE Crew Guide [May 2024]

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In the vast and captivating world of HAZE PIECE, forming a crew is not just a choice but a milestone that awaits players once they attain Level 400 and are ready to invest 100,000 Beli. It’s a significant step that brings like-minded adventurers together to tackle challenges and conquer the seas.

Crew Basics:

Membership Cap: Each crew in HAZE PIECE can accommodate a maximum of 50 members. It’s worth noting that this cap may see upgrades in the game’s future, opening up even greater possibilities for collaboration.

Flag Points and Fame: Crews can seize Flag Points scattered across the game’s expansive map. These strategic locations serve a dual purpose—generating Fame and Bounty for your crew every 5 minutes. It’s a testament to your crew’s strength and territorial prowess.

Crew Leaderboards: HAZE PIECE recognizes and celebrates the mightiest crews through its Crew Leaderboards, which track two significant metrics:

Top Fame: This leaderboard showcases the crews with the highest Fame, emphasizing their influence and reputation.
Top Bounty: The Top Bounty leaderboard spotlights crews that have made their mark by accumulating the most bounties, a testament to their combat prowess.
VIP Server Note: It’s important to remember that while crews can seize and control Flag Points in the game’s standard servers, this feature is not available in VIP servers. This creates a distinction in gameplay dynamics and competition between these two server types.

Forming a crew in HAZE PIECE is more than just a gathering of players; it’s the forging of bonds and the pursuit of fame and glory on the high seas. With your crew by your side, you’ll navigate the challenges of the game’s rich world, leaving a trail of conquest and camaraderie in your wake.

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