Atelier Resleriana Tier List Guide [April 2024]

Read on for the Atelier Resleriana Tier List. An updated tier list for the mobile game Atelier Resleriana Global.

Atelier Resleriana Tier List Guide

Atelier Resleriana Tier List Criteria

The following tier list for Atelier Resleriana ranks the characters into these tiers; 

  • Tier 0: OP[Overpowered]
  • Tier 1: Best[Very Strong]
  • Tier 2: Good[Not very strong, but not weak either]
  • Tier 3: Decent
  • Tier 4: Average
  • Tier N/A; Yet to be tested and ranked[new characters]

Change Logs & Notes:

Atelier Resleriana Tier List: OP Characters

  • Ryza One Summer Story – Tier 0
  • Marie Lovely Bomber – Tier 0

Atelier Resleriana Tier List: Best Characters

  • Resna Innocent Dreamer – Tier 1
  • Firis Crystal Master – Tier 1
  • Rorona 5-Star Pie Meister – Tier 1

Tier List For Atelier Resleriana: The Good Characters

  • Judie Hero of Tempest – Tier 2
  • Oskar Friend to Plants – Tier 2
  • Corneria No Milk No Life – Tier 2
  • Logy Alchemist of Dusk – Tier 2
  • Keithgriff Seeker of Knowledge – Tier 2
  • Iksel Fighting Chef – Tier 2
  • Raze Sword of Light – Tier 2

Tier List For Atelier Resleriana: The Decent Characters

  • Odelia Ancient Machina Doll – Tier 3
  • Ayesha Maria of Dusk – Tier 3
  • Mu The Southern Adventurer – Tier 3
  • Monika Monika on Stage – Tier 3
  • Shallistera Chief’s Daughter – Tier 3
  • Escha Endless Tarts – Tier 3
  • Meruru Powerful Princess – Tier 3
  • Totori Daughter of a Powerful Lady – Tier 3
  • Ruven Hot Blooded Adventurer – Tier 3
  • Marion Leader of the Development Squad – Tier 3

Atelier Resleriana Tier List: The Average Characters

  • Lent Powerful Warrior – Tier 4
  • Etsy Reliable Receptionist – Tier 4
  • Vayne The Power to Grant Wishes – Tier 4
  • Viorate Carrot Lover Karotte – Tier 4
  • Tao Future Scholar – Tier 4
  • Tess Rabbit Eared Troublemaker – Tier 4
  • Linca Assistant Squad Leader – Tier 4
  • Cordelia Noblewoman – Tier 4

About This Tier List

The above Atelier Resleriana Tier List ranks the characters based on their performance in available game modes. The game currently features a limited set of characters; each character belongs to one of these four roles: Attacker, Breaker, Defender, and Supporter. The new updates to the game will add new characters and variants; we will try our best to keep this tier list up to date with the most accurate tier ratings. The characters are currently available in multiple star grades: 3-star, 2-star, and 1-star. You can further advance them to 4-star and 5-star. 

You can obtain these characters from the gacha; go to the Wish menu of the game, which is in the lower-left corner of the game. Use the navigation keys on the center-left/right(><) to switch between the banners; select a banner based on the type of currency you have. The gacha currency in the game is called Lodestar Gems[free and paid]. The free ones can be obtained from the missions, events, and gameplay rewards. The paid ones cost real money. Spend the Lodestar gems or wish tickets[you can exchange lodestar gems for wish tickets in the shop -> budnles]. 

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