Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List 2021: Best Teams & Cookies(October 2021)

Our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List 2021 guide ranks all the cookie characters. Read on for Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List Guide

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List

Article Contents⇓

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List 2021: Best Cookie Characters October 2021⇓

In this Cookie Run Kingdom tier list, we are going to showcases the top-tier cookies A.K.A. cookie characters in the Cookie Run Kingdom that you can use to curate the top-tier team in PvE and PvP game modes. This tier list ranks all the cookies featured in the game in these tiers; S/top-tier(the best ones), A/good-tier, B/average tier, and C/below-average tier. If you are new to the game, make sure to check out this beginner’s guide and redeem these new coupon codes for free crystals. Now, let’s not waste any time and check out the Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List 2021: –

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List 2021: S Tier Cookies⇓

  • Hollyberry Cookie – S Tier
  • Strawberry Crepe Cookie – S Tier Tank
  • Pure Vanilla Cookie – S Tier Support
  • Sorbet Shark Cookie – S Tier
  • Sea Fairy Cookie – S Tier
  • Parfait Cookie – S Tier
  • Black Raisin  Cookie – S Tier
  • Madeleine Cookie – S Tier
  • Lilac Cookie – S Tier

Hollyberry Cookie – S Tier

  • Tier List Rank: S Tier,
  • Skill; Charges forward and becomes a shield to all of her Cookie allies, absorbing a portion of the DMG they take, excluding continuous DMG and indirect DMG. While Hollyberrt cookie is using her skill, she becomes resistant to interrupting effects

Sea Fairy Cookie – S Tier

  • Tier Ratings: S Tier
  • Position: Middle
  • Type: Bomber
  • Skill: Fires a stream of water, inflicting damage and stunning X5 closest enemies. After a certain amount of time, a full moon-shaped pool of water created underneath the targets bursts up with the power of eternity, dealing heavy DMG. 
  • Topping: Check Here 

Pure Vanilla Cookie – S Tier

  • PvP Tier Ratings: S Tier
  • PvE Tier Ratings: S Tier
  • Remarks: Pure Vanilla Cookie is a healer/support role cookie character in the Cookie Run Kingdom with skills that heal(restores HP) allies during the battle and provide them a shield that absorbs damage.
  • In our opinion, this cookie is a top-tier healer/support, just like Herb cookie. 
  • Toppings: go for CD(for quick healing) or full ATK(for more healing)

Parfait Cookie – S

  • Tier List Rank: S Tier,
  • Rear Position
  • Support Role
  • Skill; Healing, Increases DEF, and provide resistance to debuff(to allies)

Madeleine Cookie – S TierCookie Run Kingdom Tier List

Madeleine Cookie is an epic grade front-line defense role cookie character in the Cookie Run Kingdom game that’s known for its high HP and DEF stats. With the skill “Commander”, this cookie restores HP, inflicts ranged attacks instead of regular ones – also, while the skill effect is in play, Madeleine would be immune to debuffs. 

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 Black Raisin Cookie – S Tier

  • Tier: S Tier
  • Role: Ambush
  • Position: Middle
  • Strength: Area DMG
  • Topping Recommendation: Full ATK Build/Searing Raspberry Topping

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Strawberry Crepe Cookie – S Tier

  • PvP Tier Ratings: S Tier
  • Skills: Area DMG, reduces DMG received by X2 cookies with lowest max HP
  • Toppings: go for DMG Resist

Sorbet Shark Cookie – S Tier

  • PvP Tier Ratings: S Tier
  • Class; Ambus
  • One of the best middle-line units to use in PvP
  • Skill; Area DMG

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Lilac Cookie – S Tier

  • Class; Support
  • Tier Ratings; S Tier
  • Middle Position
  • Skill; Increases regular ATK DMG of allies; proportionate to their ATK SPD Boost Rate

Cookie Run Tier List: A Tier Cookies⇓

In this Cookie Run Kingdom tier list part, we are going to showcase the cookies that are good and decent(A+ Tier; Good, A Tier; Decent): –

  • Vampire Cookie – A+ Tier
  • Mint Choco – A+ Tier
  • Herb Cookie – A+ Tier
  • Latte Cookie – A+ Tier 
  • Dark Choco – A+ Tier Unit
  • Licorice Cookie – A+ Tier
  • Mala Sauce Cookie – A Tier
  • Twizzly Gummy Cookie – A Tier
  • Moon Rabbit Cookie – A+ Tier
  • Sonic Cookie – A Tier
  • Tails Cookie – A Tier
  • Tiger Lily Cookie – A+ Tier
  • Almond Cookie – A+ Tier
  • Mango Cookie – A+ Tier
  • Raspberry Cookie – A+ Tier
  • Squid Ink Cookie – A Tier
  • Milk Cookie – A Tier Tank
  • Pomegranate Cookie – A Tier
  • Rye Cookie – A+ Tier
  • Red Velvet Cookie – A Tier
  • Pastry Cookie – A Tier
  • Poison Mushroom Cookie – A Tier
  • Espresso Cookie – A Tier DMG

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Vampire Cookie – A+ TierCookie Run Kingdom Tier List

Vampire Cookie is an epic-grade rear line cookie character that’s known for its lifesteal skill; cause DMG and restores HP. Top-tier unit in PvE and PvP. 

Mint Choco Cookie – A+ Tier

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List

  • Position: Rear
  • Role/Type: Support
  • Skill: Heals allies, increase ATK Speed

Herb Cookie – A+ TierCookie Run Kingdom Tier List

Herb Cookie is one of the healing characters in the Cookie Run Kingdom game. Speaking of its grade, it’s “Epic”. You would definitely need a good healing character in your team; especially in PvE – as healers specialize in restoring the HP of allies and removing debuffs from them. Herb is a top-tier healing character in our opinion. This cookie not only heals allies but also dispels debuffs from them. What do you think about this character? Share your opinion in the comments. 

Latte Cookie – A+ Tier

  • Latte Cookie was released in March update of Cookie Run Kingdom
  • Latte Cookie tier list rank: A+ Tier
  • Players can get Latte Cookie from the gacha
  • Latte Cookie stands in the middle 
  • Latte Cookie’s main strength is CC(Crowd Control); by using her skills, players can generate a Latte Glyph. The latte glyph will then attract the enemies to its center and cause damage + silence effect. The glyph causes DoT(damage over time); inner as well as outer. By upgrading this skill, you can increase Latte Cookie’s DMG. 

Dark Choco – A+ TierCookie Run Kingdom Tier List

Dark Choco is a frontline cookie character in the game that we think is among the top-tier tanky characters. Its skill can lower the defense of enemies and also causes massive DMG.

Licorice Cookie – A+ TierCookie Run Kingdom Tier List

If you are looking for a mid-line damage dealer just like the Espresso Cookie, you should definitely give this cookie a spot in your team. Licorice Cookie is known for its magic skills that summon minions to cause damage and use the potent spell to increase the party’s defense. In our opinion, Licorice is among the top-tier epic-grade middle-line characters in the Cookie Run Kingdom game. 

Mala Sauce Cookie

  • Charge, Front
  • Tier Ratings: A Tier*(Provisional)
  • Mala Sauce Cookie Skill; Mala Sauce Cookie’s skill is Spicy Mala Strike
  • Skill Description; Mala Sauce Cookie strikes the ground with her mace, rupturing it and inflict AoE DMG. Spicy Mala Sauce lava will erupt from the crack and apply the burn debuff causing DMG over time to the foes. In addition, this skill increases the CRIT % of the two friendly units with the highest CRT stats
  • Please check Mala Sauce Cookie Toppings Here

Twizzly Gummy Cookie

  • Ranged, Rear
  • Tier Ratings: A+ Tier*(Provisional)
  • In PvP, Twizzly Gummy Cookie can counter Pure Vanilla by disrupting her shield
  • Twizzly Gummy Cookie Skill; Twizzly Beam is the skill of Twizzly Gummy Cookie
  • Skill Description; Twizzly Gummy Cookie overloads her electrojelly gun and fires a powerful laser beam. While Twizzly Gummy Cookie is using her skill, her CRIT DMG is increased and enemies hit by her laser beam will be Zapped. this is a non-stackable debuff that causes periodic DMG and temporarily disrupts the HP shield. While Twizzly Gummy Cookie is charging her later, she will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects
  • Please check Mala Twizzly Gummy Cookie Toppings Here

Tiger Lily Cookie –  A+  Tier

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List

Tiger Lily Cookie is one of the most popular epic-grade cookies in the game that’s known for immobilizing the enemies, causing damage to the enemies, and faster regular attacks with active skill. 

Almond Cookie – A+ Tier

  • Tier Ratings: A+ Tier
  • Almond Cookie is a support class rear line cookie character in the Cookie Run Kingdom game
  • Almond Cookie uses magical handcuffs to apprehend the foe with the lowest max HP and apply the DMG link debuff. which disperses a portion of DMG the apprehended foe receives between linked foes. It can not be interrupted; the handcuffs would not work on summoned foes

Mango Cookie – A+ Tier

  • Tier List Rank: A+ Tier,
  • Skill; DMG to enemies and increases the ATK of allies
  • Middle Position

Raspberry Cookie – A+ Tier

  • Tier List Rank: A+ Tier,
  • You need to give her survivability with toppings so that she can survive longer
  • Raspberry cookie can inflict DMG on single enemy and reduce its ATK with her skill

Squid Ink Cookie – A Tier

  • Tier List Rank: A Tier,
  • Middle Position
  • Magic Class
  • Skill; DMG to enemies

Milk Cookie – A TierCookie Run Kingdom Tier List

NOTES: Most players have started to prefer STRAWBERRY Crepe Cookie as the main front-line cookie. Milk Cookie is one of the top-tier cookie characters in the Cookie Run Kingdom game. It’s known for tanky performance in the PvP, PvE game modes; stands in front and contributes by causing area damage, “taunting enemies” to protect allies, and decreasing the incoming damage. 

Pomegranate Cookie – A TierCookie Run Kingdom Tier List

Pomegranate is an epic-grade support type character that stands in the rear line and supports the squad in combat by providing them ATK buff. Great unit to buff ATK power of allies. 

Rye Cookie – A+ TierCookie Run Kingdom Tier List

Rye is an epic-grade rear line damage dealer with the skill that targets the enemy with the highest HP and causes great damage. Good unit. Very good against booses. 

Poison Mushroom Cookie – A Tier

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List

Espresso Cookie – A TierCookie Run Kingdom Tier List

Espresso cookie is known for its skills that inflict AoE DMG and CC effects. With the Grinding skill, Espresso Cookie generates a whirlwind that pulls the enemies into the center and also inflicts damage. Its position is middle and its role is “magic DMG”. In our opinion, this cookie is one of the top-tier cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom. 

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List: B Tier Cookies⇓

In this Cookie Run Kingdom tier list part, we are going to showcase the average tier cookies that we think are(average) neither best/good nor too bad: –

  • Chili Pepper Cookie – B Tier
  • Purple Yam Cookie – B Tier
  • Cream Puff Cookie – B Tier
  • Sparkling Cookie – B+ Tier(A Tier in PvP)
  • Kumiho Cookie – B Tier

Chili Pepper Cookie – B Tier

Chili Pepper Cookie is an epic-grade cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom with specialty to cause area damage to the rear line on the enemy side. Average to good tier unit. 

Cream Puff Cookie – B  Tier

  • Cream Puff Cookie was released in March update of Cookie Run Kingdom
  • Players can get Cream Puff Cookie from guild gacha. You can join a guild once you clear the stage 3-6
  • Cream Puff Cookie tier list rank: B Tier
  • She is a support class cookie who stands in the backline
  • Her main strength is restoring the health of the party members. Her Jellius Extremus skill conjures a tornado of Jellies over a large area, causing area damage. The might of the spell restores the party’s HP. 

Sparkling Cookie – B TierCookie Run Kingdom Tier List

Sparkling Cookie is another good healing character (Epic Grade) in the game. We prefer Herb – but Sparkling Cookie is also good. Its skill not only heals the allies but also raise the Critical Strike Chances. 

Kumiho Cookie – B Tier

Kumiho Cookie

  • Tier Ratings: B Tier (Can perfrom well in PvP, but not good in other modes)
  • Kumiho Cookie is a front-line unit that excels in inflicting damage to the enemies. It has two forms; marshmallow fox form and cookie form. Cookie form causes area damage and charm nearby enemies(enemies affected with charm effect would not be able to unleash any offensive action). Kumiho’s charm effect is not permanent; it lasts for a few moments only. The fox form fires upon foes. 
  • How to get Kumiho Cookie: Event and gacha.
  • You can complete the pouch missions(check the events) and then spend on the “Kumiho Cookie’s Pouch Mania” event. From there, you can collect its soulstones. 
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Purple Yam Cookie – B TierCookie Run Kingdom Tier List

Purple Yam Cookie is an epic-grade front-line character in the game that’s known for its skill that causes damage over time. 

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Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List: C Tier Cookies⇓

In this Cookie Run Kingdom tier list part, we are going to showcase the average to below-average tier characters: –

  • Fig Cookie – C Tier
  • Snow Sugar Cookie – C Tier
  • Werewolf Cookie – C Tier

Snow Sugar Cookie – C Tier

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List

  • Cookie Run Tier List Rank: C Tier
  • Position: Middle
  • Role/Type: Magic
  • Skill: AoE DMG, Lower the ATK Speed of Frozen enemies
  • Can perform well in some situations, overall an average Unit as compared to other Epic grade units. 

Werewolf Cookie – C TierCookie Run Kingdom Tier List

Werewolf if another epic-grade front-line character unit in the game that’s known for its wolf form; when you unleash its skill, the cookie will transform into a wolf from – while in this form, the cookie would have more HP and damage power. He is not worth investing in.

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Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List: Rare Cookies Tier List⇓

In this Cookie Run Kingdom tier list part, we have shared remarks on the rare grade cookies in the game: –

  • Avocado Cookie – Top Tier Rare Grade Tank With Buff(Replaceable once you get an epic grade tank.)
  • Knight Cookie – A ~ B Tier Rare Grade Tank(we recommend building Avocado cookie as your tank if you don’t have an epic grade tank)
  • Adventurer Cookie – A ~ B Tier Rare Grade Cookie 
  • Blackberry Cookie – Below Average Tier Mage DMG Dealer(there are better units in the game that do well as compared to this cookie)
  • Custard Cookie – If you have this cookie but not Herb or Sparkling, then this unit can be your healer in the early game. Below average to average tier unit
  • Princess Cookie – A front unit with a defense shred kit. Causes area damage and lowers enemy defense. Decent in the early game. Below average to average tier unit.
  • Cherry Cookie – Can stun and do area damage(situational, but not good for late game)
  • Alchemist Cookie – DoT is its main strength; damage over time to the enemy. Below average to average tier unit.
  • Pancake Cookie – Can increase the party’s attack speed. Situational.
  • Clover Cookie – Another rare grade healer. Not recommended because of slow healing and poor performance 
  • Carrot Cookie – A good early game support unit that can increase the party’s defense. Below average to average tier unit.
  • Gumball Cookie – Rear line unit with AoE DMG and speed debuff skill. Situational. 
  • Devil Cookie – B tier rare grade cookie

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Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List: Common Cookies Tier List⇓

  • Strawberry Cookie – C Tier/Below average tier tank(not good for the long run)
  • Wizard Cookie – C Tier/Below average tier Mage DMG Dealer(not a good unit for the long run; better DMG dealers are in the game)
  • Angel Cookie – C Tier/Below average tier healer(better healers are in the game – this one is not recommended for the long run)
  • GingerBrave – C Tier/Below average tier front unit (not good for late game)
  • Ninja Cookie – C Tier/Just bad
  • Beet Cookie – C Tier/Targets the enemy with the lowest HP. Below average tier

Cookie Run Kingdom Best Team⇓

We would recommend adding x2 tank characters(e.g: Madeleine, Strawberry Crepe Cookie, Hollyberry are the best tank cookies ), x2 damage dealers(e.g; Sorbert Shark, Black Raisin, Rye, Licorice, Vampire, Latte, Espresso are some good ones), x1 support/healer(e.g.: Pure Vanilla Cookie or Herb OR Mint Choco). Share your best team recommendations in the comments. 

⇒Best Front Line Characters To Use In Team; Raspberry Cookie(Charge), Madeleine(Defense), Dark Choco Cookie(Charge), Strawberry Cookie(Defense), Hollyberry Cookie(Defense)

⇒Best Middle Line Characters To Use In Team; Lilac Cookie(Support), Sorbet Shark Cookie(Ambush), Sea Fairy Cookie(Bomber), Espresso(Magic), Latte(Magic), Licorice(Magic)

⇒Best Rear Line Characters To Use In Team; Pure Vanilla Cookie(Healing), Vampire(Ambush), Mint Choco(Support), Herb(Healing), Rye(Ranged), Black Raisin(Ambush), Mango(Magic), Parfait Cookie(Support), Almond Cookie(Support)

Cookie Run Tier List: Last Updated Cookies⇓

  • Mala Sauce Cookie – A Tier – Epic Cookie, New
  • Twizzly Gummy Cookie – A Tier – Epic Cookie, New
  • Moon Rabbit Cookie – A+ Tier(New Cookie) – Epic Cookie
  • Sonic Cookie – A Tier(New Cookie) – Special Cookie 
  • Tails Cookie – A Tier(New Cookie) – Special Cookie

Tails Cookie

  • Event Limited
  • Skill; Curls up into a ball and dashes towards his enemies, inflicting DMG to each enemy hit in succession. Upon landing, increases DEF of all allies

Sonic Cookie

  • Event Limited
  • Skill; Curls up into a ball, spinning rapidly and bursting forward at super speed, inflicting DMG to each enemy hit in succession. Increases ATK SPD of all allies

Moon Rabbit Cookie

  • Epic Cookie
  • Front position
  • Defense class
  • Skill; Self-healing, AoE DMG, healing allies by slaying down the enemies using the skill

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So this would be all in this post on Cookie Run Kingdom tier list: best cookie characters, team, etc. 

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173 thoughts on “Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List 2021: Best Teams & Cookies(October 2021)”

  1. Hey whoever made this. Its supposed to be sonic cookie that increases attack speed and then tails cookie. You accidentally wrote tails twice haha.

  2. someone help me make a team for pvp and pve (?)
    i have
    Twizzly Gummy
    Red Velvet
    MOon rabbit
    Dark Choco
    Sorbet Shark
    Squid Ink
    Tiger Lily
    +others but are not leveled up

  3. can someone help me building a team, im on 9-12 and can’t create a cool team
    there are my cookies (no commons/rares)

    • Hollyberry – lvl 42
    • Moon Rabbit – lvl 40 – 2 Stars
    • Strawberry Crepe – lvl 35
    • Milk – lvl 3

    • Raspberry – lvl 38 – 3 Stars
    • Kumiho – lvl 22 – 1 Star
    • Warewolf – lvl 3 – 1 Star
    • Mala Sauce – lvl 41
    • Purple Yam – lvl 22

    • Vampire – lvl 44 – 1 Star
    • Chili Pepper – lvl 42 -1 Star
    • Sorbet Shark – lvl 40
    • Sonic – lvl 29

    • Espresso – lvl 40 – 1 Star
    • Lilac – lvl 42
    • Snow Sugar – lvl 31
    • Mango – lvl 22

    • Poison Mushroom – lvl 3 – 1 Star

    • Twizzly Gummy – lvl 41

    • Parfait – lvl 40
    • Almond – lvl 26
    • Fig – lvl 3

    No healer

    also, i can upgrade some cookies lvl

  4. hello! im new and i dont know how to make a powerful team for PVE and PVP..

    I have Espresso, Black Raisin, Latte, Strawberry Crepe, Dark Choco,Vampire,Herb,Pastry,Moon Rabbit,Mango,Gumball,Mala Sauce,Sonic,Twizzly Gummy,Rye,Lilac,Cherry,Custard,Kumiho,Chili Pepper,Blackberry,Clover,Almond,Pancake,Mint Choco,Princess,Knight,Raspberry,Pomegranate,Avocado,Gingerbrave,Adventurer,Devil,Strawberry,Wizard,Ninja,Alchemist,Tails,Beet,Onion,Muscle,Carrot,Angel.

  5. What would be a good team to go for, I have:
    Chili Pepper

  6. please help me make a better team 🙁
    i’m really confused, and idk if i should use moon rabbit cookie (3 stars) or strawberry crepe (1 star) instead.
    plus, idk if i want to keep using raspberry cookie or change it to someone like dark choco…
    and this is the most difficult choice…
    in the middle, should i keep licorice with sea fairy (but licorice dies quite often) or should i change licorice with someone like espresso, latte, raisin or shark??
    pls help me :((

  7. “Help me build my team please. I just follow the “auto pick” but idk is it good or not.
    Pure Vanilla Cookie
    Twizzly Gummy Cookie
    Chili Pepper Cookie
    Mala Sauce Cookie
    Madeline Cookie
    Lilac Cookie
    Black Raisin Cookie
    Dark Choco Cookie

    The auto pick is:
    Front- Madeline Cookie and Mala Sauce Cookie
    mid- Chili Pepper Cookie
    back- Pure Vanilla Cookie and Twizzly Gummy Cookie

  8. I have these cookies, someone can help me make a good team for PVE?
    Pure Vanilla
    Moon Rabbit
    Red Velvet
    Black Raisin
    Twizzly Gummy

    • Pure vanilla as healer for sure and I personally would put espresso and black raisin for mid liner but you can do latte instead of espresso. For front line I recommend Hollyberry and moon rabbit but raspberry is also a potential front liner for you. I don’t know about red velvet cookie since I don’t have him, but I hope this helps!

  9. Help me make a team for PVE and PVP! Espresso, Latte, Raspberry, Mango, Moon Rabbit, Vampire, Milk, and Sonic. Thank you so much in advance 🙂

  10. My PVP team!
    front: Hollyberry and Dark Choco
    mid: sea fairy and sorbet
    back: herb

    im thinking of replacing dark choco with red velvet so i can take out the healers, but dark choco is good by himself

    • my back isnt herb its parfait. and to sdd ib the end i wanted to see what sone peoole think about replacing dark choco with red velvet

  11. is my team ok?
    front: mala, moon rabbit
    middle: sea fairy
    rear: herb, pastry
    im thinking of replacing pastry cookie with twizzly gummy or esspresso… which would be best ??

  12. help me make a team pls

    moon rabbit
    chili pepper
    mala sauce
    red velvet
    poison mushroom
    cream puff

  13. Is my team ok?
    Front: Raspberry, Werewolf
    Middle: Poison Mushroom, Espresso
    Rear: Custard Cookie the III
    (I don’t have any good healers except for him, Clover and Vampire were doing TERRIBLE so I replaced them lol)
    And no, I don’t have any other epics except for the ones listed </3

  14. i just got black raisin cookie and have a lot of ambush skill powder for her, would it make any sense to swap her into my team somewhere? current team is strawberry crepe, moon rabbit, sea fairy, latte, and lilac

  15. Is my team cool?

    Front: Strawberry Crepe
    Middle: Espresso, Lilac
    Rear: Parfait, Vampire

    i have any rare/common, no epic healer, and low lvl holyberry

  16. could someone help build me a team?


    chili pepper
    moon rabbit
    mint choco
    black raisin
    red velvet
    strawberry crepe



  17. how does my team look
    moonrabbit, madeline, lilac, rye and vampire

    i have other cookies too
    moom rabbit
    red velvet
    mint choco
    purple yam



  18. I need a better front, I have most cookies but I’m choosing between dark choco, raspberry, and holly berry.

    What should I have, and, is there better fronts?

  19. I feel like I need help on story mode. Rn I have custard cookie, Black raisin cookie, Devil cookie, Moon rabbit cookie and ninja cookie. Any recommendations or tips on how to improve my team?

  20. I need help forming a solid team!
    Right now I’m using Moon Rabbit, Raspberry, Mango, Herb and Rye. They’ve been doing great but I feel like I can do better!

    Cookies I have are:
    Moon Rabbit
    Poison Mushroom
    Chili Pepper



  21. Thoughts a team comp?

    I have
    Chilli pepper
    Moon rabbit
    purple yam
    snow sugar
    custard cookie 3

  22. This is my team:
    Front: Moon Rabbit & Milk Cookie
    Middle: Chili Pepper & Squid Ink
    Rear: Herb

    Other Epic Cookies I have:
    Licorice (Planning to swap Chili with him but I’m not sure)
    Purple Yam
    Mint Choco

  23. Hi so I’m fairly new and don’t really understand how teams works, I usually just put my strongest cookies in aha but can someone, out of my cookies I have at the moment, tell me which ones I should use in a team? My cookies are:
    Chili Pepper Cookie
    Moon Rabbit Cookie
    Sparkling Cookie
    Mango Cookie
    Fig Cookie
    Custard Cookie III
    Cherry Cookie
    Pancake Cookie
    Princess Cookie
    Carrot Cookie
    Onion Cookie
    Knight Cookie
    Devil Cookie
    Strawberry Cookie
    Wizard Cookie
    Muscle Cookie
    Beet Cookie
    Ninja Cookie


    • You can go with 1 tank(Strawberry or Moon Rabbit, you have a good one here), 2 or 3 DPS Units(You have Mango, Cherry, Devil – replace with Epic Top-tier DPS units once you get them) , 1 healer(Sparkling or Custard you have – replace with Herb), and 0 to 1 support(You have Fig – replace with Mint Choco).
      You use “Tank” characters in the front; Strawberry, Hollyberry, Moon Rabbit, Dark Choco, Raspberry, Madeline, Milk are some good frontline units. Usually, you build these characters with Solid Almond(Equip this topping for DMG Resistance). Since they are in front, they will take more DMG and needs to be protected longer, solid almond helps you do that

      DPS; To inflict DMG, you will be needing these units. Usually, you build these units with Searing Raspberry or Swift Choco toppings. Searing Raspberry gives them more DMG output, while Swift Choco helps them unleash their skill swiftly. Licorice, Sea Fairy, Mango, Espresso, Black Raising, Rye, Squid, Latte, Sorbet Shark, Vampire are some of the good DPS. Take a look at the tier list in the article for more details.

      Support; Lilac, Pomegranate, Almond, Mind Choco are the good ones
      Healer; Pure Vanilla, Herb, Parfait are the top ones, other ones are Sparkling and Custard.

  24. is my team okay?

    front: dark choco and moon rabbit
    middle: espresso
    back: herb and pastry.

    i also have red velvet, tiger lily, raspberry, rye, snow sugar, and sparkling cookie.

    should i keep it or change it?

  25. Is my team good?
    front hollyberry cookie and moon rabbit cookie
    middle sea fairy cookie black raisin cookie and back pomegranates cookie I want change pomegranates cookie with pure vanilla or herb but I’m not got it. sorry bad English

  26. opinions on my team?
    front: hollyberry, dark choco
    middle: espresso, black raisin
    back: herb

    was thinking about replacing herb wirh parfait (for pvp) because she increaes defense…

    and if i got sea fairy, would it be okay to replace espresso with her? i dont want to let go of black rasin </3

  27. hey is my team good ?

    raspberry (im trying to get strawberry)
    sea fairy/mango
    mint choco/squid ink

    i just got lilac and espresso ,, n im wondering if/where i should put them

    • In all honesty espresso and Lilac are less beneficial to your team than any of your options so far, though if you obtain latte cookie that’s different because she has higher base stats. your team seems to have a higher burst damage theme going so the increased stats from attack speed lilac would give would be negligible and espresso would only replace one of your two stronger and more complementing cookies.

  28. is my team okay?

    front: raspberry, dark choco
    middle: espresso, sorbet shark
    rear: parfait

    I’m thinking of changing raspberry, I was aiming to get strawberry crepe but I got Madeleine and milk at the gacha, for my middle i just recently got licorice and latte at the gacha too, should I keep my middle the same or change it? also I’m alr getting pure vanilla soulstones so parfait will be change later on

    • in general always replace espresso with latte because not only do they have similar abilities and ability ratios but latte has higher base stats. it might be different if you have espresso prestiged at all but otherwise latte is the safe bet

  29. On my team I have:
    Front: Hollyberry Cookie (A+ Tier Tank) / Milk Cookie (A+ Tier Tank)
    Mid: Latte Cookie (S Tier Mage), Sorbet Shark Cookie (S Tier Rogue)
    Back: Herb Cookie (S Tier Healer), Espresso Cookie (S Tier Mage) / Vampire Cookie (S Tier Rogue)

    I have lots of S Tier Cookies (I’m just missing Sea Fairy, Pure Vanilla, Licorice and Lilac), but rn I’m focusing on leveling up the ones who’re already strong so I can adapt my lines.

  30. Change Log; September 18th, 2021 –
    S Tier Rankings; Changed Strawberry from A+ to S Tier
    A Tier Rankings; Moon Cookie(from S to A), Hollyberry(B to A+), Raspberry(S to A+), Tiger Lily(B to A+), Mango Cookie(S to A)

  31. should i get herb or latte for my team?
    my team:
    hollyberry, raspberry
    Hotchilly(soon will be replace by vampire), licorice
    custard (rare healer)

  32. hello can anybody help me?

    I’m using raspberry cookie right jos but I been thinking of either pursuing milk cookie or strawberry crepe cookie. can anybody tell me if I should continue using her or pursue one of the cookies I stated above.

  33. hey people
    i enough milage points and i am going to buy a cookie. which one should i get? (i already have mango, almond, dark choco, espresso, sparkling, pomegrate, poison mushroom, and snow sugar)

  34. who should I get (w mileage points)
    strawberry crepe or espresso cookie

    my current team:
    sea fairy milk mango velvet sparkling

  35. So, Im trying to figure out who’s soulstones to pursue

    my current team is milk, velvet, sea fairy, sparkling, and mango cookie, and I want to get a different cookie to replace one of these

    should I pursue strawberry crepe or espresso?
    (this is for pvp btw)

    • pretty late, but I’d get SC in my opinion since he’s a really good tank, especially for PvP because of his skill. Yes, espresso is also good in PvP but If you want to withstand attacks strawberry crepe is a must

  36. Hello, was thinking this input might be of some help…
    I got lucky and got the newest cookies, Pastry and Fig.
    Pastry is a Ranger, Skill: fires an arrow that can ricochet on enemies while increasing ATK Speed and DMG. I tried the Bouncy Caramel (ATK Speed) with Searing Berry (ATK), works pretty well so far.

    Fig is a damage dealing Support, Skill: summons a swarm of Fig birds that deal DMG and reduce enemy’s ATK for a few seconds. (7 secs at lvl 1)
    Haven’t used him yet, though.

    • Update: Fig is dealing AOE DMG Support, if i’m using the term correctly. His skill deals DMG to all of the enemy, the direction of the attack goes forward.
      The skill shows Single Hit DMG, and the ATK debuff on enemy.

      I hope those informations help you, and thanks for your articles!! They really help casual players like me.

      (i didn’t put my name in the first post, but feel free if you wish to add me in Cookie Run: Kingdom)

  37. I have Madeleine cookie in front, latte cookie and raisin cookie in the middle, and chili pepper with pure vanilla in the back, (I am planning on replacing chili pepper with espresso once I level him up) any advice? I’m currently on hall of enlightenment

  38. Team suggestion:

    Front1 : Dark choco or princess for defense debuff, hard walnuts or healthy peanuts

    Front2 : Milk or Knight, Knight has to be careful with his taunting, hard walnuts or healthy peanuts

    Mid1 : Esspresso for high damage, Latte for silence, both searing rasperries

    Mid2 : Licorice for summoning walking meat shields and raise defense, swift chocolates or hard walnuts and healthy peanuts for his minions.

    Rear1 : Pure vannila for massive heal and shield, Herb heals more overtime if your cookies stand still, Custard if you don’t have pure vanilla or herb, or pomegranate for attack raise, all searing rasperries or swift chocolates.

    Rear2 : You could switch out Licorice for Rye for high damage, Vampire for sniping dangerous rear enemies or the enemy rear in pvp, Cherry or Tiger lily for stuns, the first two searing rasperries and the last to swift chocolates

  39. A team suggestion :
    Front1: Preferably Dark choco for defense debuff with swift chocolates to more realibly debuff the enemies, or Hard Walnuts and Healthy Peanuts, princess cookie is also an option,

    Front 2 : Milk Cookie for taunting to protect the others, Knight is also an option but he has to be careful with his taunting later on, both Hard Walnuts and/or Healthy Peanuts,

    Mid 1: Expresso has the damage normally reserved for single target damage, but applied to a crowd, Latte cookie is a weaker alternative but with silence, both searing rasperries,

    Mid 2: Licorice is there to raise defense and summon litteral walking meat shields, swift chocolates so he can more reliably summon minions and raise defense, or Hard Walnuts and Healthy Peanuts so his minions can live longer,

    Rear 1: Pure Vannila Heals at the minimum a wopping 100% of his attack stat, while herb overtime heals more, that’s if you’re cookies stand still, Both should have Searing rasperries, or swift chocolates for pure vannila, you could also use pomegranate to raise attack stat, in casa you do use her use Swift chocolates,

    Rear 2 : You could switch out Licorice so you can put in the rear rye for damage, Vampire to snipe dangerous rear enemies, rear gunlines and the enemy healer in pvp, tiger lily or Cherry for stuns, Searring rasperries for the first two and swift chocolates for the last two

  40. I don’t consider Vampire as an Average to good unit, he isn’t worth putting in your main squad, but should be reserved against dangerous rear enemies, and later game heavy spellcasters

  41. U didn’t add muscle cookie

    And I totally agree

    Good team would be 2 support/healing(herb, cream puff), 2 attack(kumiho, latte), and 1 tank(avocado,Madeline)

  42. Now being on 8-30 my team is dark choco in the front lvl50 5 star
    Milk level 50 5 star
    Espresso lvl 50 5 star
    Rye lvl 50 5 star
    Herb level 50 5 star
    To friend search kilopurnuson

  43. Having to be at 8-30 now my team is
    Dark choco lvl 50 5 star
    Milk level 48 4 star
    Espresso lvl 50 5 star
    Rye lvl 50 5 star
    Herb level 50 5 star
    Team power 152319
    Enemy power 90877
    Lol lmfao lmao

  44. My current team is Madeleine and Milk in front
    Espresso and licorice in middle
    And Rye is rear

    I used to use herb instead of licorice long time ago but herb always kept dying so I got licorice by buying soul stones and it works much better
    Espresso I got on the first day and till now I never removed it

  45. I thought of a very annoying team in PvP
    Madeline and Dark Choco in front
    Espresso and licorice in mid
    Herb in back

    Dark Choco and Espresso are already annoying AF

    Beta Version: Milk and Dark Choco in front
    Madeline and Espresso in mid
    Custard in back cuz extra shield is nice
    The frontliner in mid was intentional.

  46. I have dark choco cookie in the front with kumiho cookie. Then in the middle i have expresso cookie and chili pepper cookie. And finally my healer the mint choco healer.

  47. My team currently is knight and princess in the front, Esspresso and chilli pepper in middle and herb in rear, but Im in chapter 4.