Kawaii Kitchen Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Kawaii KitchenKawaii Kitchen is a cute simple lovely game for mobile Platonic Games. Let’s have a look at our Kawaii Kitchen guide, tips, cheats & strategies

In Kawaii Kitchen game, there are loads of characters that you can play with and attend the clients at the food shop. Every character starts from level 1 and owns a separate set of costumes, shop set, the client. The gameplay is pretty easy to understand; you attend the clients and prepare the dish for them. After the shop gets closed, you get coins and hearts. Let’s learn all the things in details; Kawaii Kitchen guide and Kawaii Kitchen tips, cheats & strategies!

Kawaii Kitchen Character Guide

How to get characters?

Kawaii KitchenYou start with a cat character and unlock new characters using the purple gems. At the bottom of the screen, tap the heart button. Here you can check the selected character and the clients set. Swipe the finger on character area to check characters. For example; Cat, Bunny, Mouse, Hamster, etc. Every new character client(Separate group) starts at level 1.

How to get costumes?

Kawaii KitchenWell, most of the costumes can be obtained from the chest. You get the chest by completing all the quests. But some costumes are event specific and can be obtained during the event. For example; Special event of April(Going on). Keep doing the quests and claim the special event costumes.

Kawaii Kitchen Upgrades

You can spend the gold coins to upgrade the timer, gold reward, and gems reward. With all these upgrades, you can increase the time of shop, gold reward(you get after the shop gets closed), gems reward(sometimes you get gems too as a reward).

Hearts and new clients!

In the hearts tab at the bottom screen, you can check the clients. Below the client icon, you can check the number of hearts that you need to unlock the client. Once a new client gets unlocked, you can switch to it.

How to earn gold and gems?

Gold in the Kawaii Kitchen game is required to increase the level of upgrades; gold reward, gems reward, timer. And, you need gems to unlock new characters group. You can earn both these in-game currency by completing the quests, achievements, by playing the game. After the shop gets closed, you can increase the amount of reward by watching a video ad.

Kawaii Kitchen Codes

The last code that we found was “Kawaii”. It’s probably expired. We don’t have any active codes yet. We will update this post with the codes soon. If you know any code, comment below!

Kawaii Kitchen Tips: –

  • Complete the quests daily
  • Complete the achievements
  • Watch the video ads to double the reward
  • Go to the store and watch the video ad for gems, coins
  • Use the gold coins to upgrade the upgrades

So that’s all for now as Kawaii Kitchen guide, tips, and codes for the beginners. If you have more tips or info, share in the comment below 🙂

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