7DS Galland of Truth: Tier, Gear Set, Skills

Galland of Truth(The Ten Commandments) is the latest hero added to the 7DS Grand Cross global version. Read on for 7DS Galland of Truth tier, gear set, skills

SDS 7DS Grand Cross Galland of TruthMarch 31, 2020 – Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross global has just got a new update – bringing two new heroes to the global version. The first one is SSR 7DS Gowther and another one is 7DS Galland of Truth or Galand of Truth. You can read about SSR 7DS Gowthere here. Also, chapter 7 is now unlocked. In today’s post, you will get the details of 7DS Galland of Truth character. If you have got him from the gacha and wondering whether he is good or not, then you are on the right page. Let’s not waste any time and check out the main content. 

7DS Grand Cross Galland of Truth: –

  • Faction – The Ten Commandments
  • Grade – SSR
  • Attribute – Speed
  • Color – Blue
  • Race – Demon
  • Attack Stats  – 2,962
  • Defense Stats – 2,190
  • HP – 40,860
  • Role – Attacker, Debuffer
  • Ratings – 84/100
  • Tier – A

Geat Set/Build: –

  • Attack/Defense

Skills: –

  • One Stroke – with this skill, Galland inflicts amplify damage(bonus damage to the enemy based on the number of activated buffs on him). As you increase this skill’s rank, the amount of damage will increase dramatically
  • Dismal Scatter Cut – it’s one of the best skills he has that causes a bleed effect on the enemies and inflicts damage to all the enemies. 
  • Ultimate Move – the ultimate move increases the basic stats and inflicts damage on a single-enemy for x3 turns
  • Commandment Skill – this skill petrifies teammates and enemies who have used rank up/down skill for x2 turns. It does not work in the deathmatch mode. 
  • Galland Game – it’s a Coerce skill that makes enemy target only Galland and prevents from activating debuffs. 

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So this would be all in this post on 7DS Grand Cross Galland of Truth character guide; tier, skills, gear sets, etc. You can obtain him from the gacha shop. As per the current event, Gowther and Galland’s drop rate is high – this event will end on April 14th, 2020. 

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