Hero Cantare Reroll Guide To Pull Top-Tier Webtoon Heroes

Grab the top-tier Webtoon heroes in Hero Cantare by rerolling. Read on for Hero Cantare reroll guide to pull top-tier heroes on Android & iOS

Hero Cantare Reroll GuideHero Cantare Reroll Guide – 

  • Complete the 1-3 stage
  • Collect the Essence of Dimension from the mailbox
  • If you are on Android, use the code for diamonds and convert them to the essence of dimension from dimension store for more draws
  • Spend the Essence of Dimension in the portal for x10 pull
  • Check the result
  • Continue playing if you are satisfied with the summons
  • If not, tap the settings button on the top-right
  • Go to Account setting tab
  • Reset Data and start over

First, you need to complete the tutorial – it begins with the tutorial – continue until the story mode stage 1-3. After clearing this stage, go to the lobby and tap the mailbox icon on the top-right corner. In one of the mails, you will get x50 Essence of Dimension. This item is used to summon the heroes from the portal. Collect it. Go to the portal -> choose the cube; different cube banners offer a high drop rate for specific characters. So make sure to select wisely. Touch on the banner -> open x10 for x10 pulls. You will get their shards or memory from the summons. If you are satisfied with the summons, continue playing the game. If not, reroll by following the above steps. 

Who To Reroll In Hero Cantare?

We would recommend you to reroll for at least one SS-tier hero. Some of the popular SS-Tier characters are – Black-March Bam, Chloris, Maschenny. You can read the Hero Cantare tier list here where we have revealed the best SS Tier characters. 

So this would be all in this post on Hero Cantare reroll guide. 

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