A3 Still Alive Best Class Profession: 5 Classes, Which One Is Best For You?

Released in Korea, in March 2020, A3 Still Alive has finally made the debut as a global title in November 2020. Find out the A3 Still Alive best class; x5 classes to choose from

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A3 Still Alive Best Class Profession: 5 Classes Overview⇓

This article covers “A3 Still Alive Classes“, “A3 Still Alive best class by role“, strengths, weakness & specialty of each class: – 

  1. Templar – Tank Class, A Frontier
  2. Berserker – Melee DPS Class
  3. Archer  – Ranged DPS Class, High Accuracy
  4. Wizard  – Mage DPS(Ranged), CC
  5. Assassin – Rogue Class, Evasion Skills, High Speed

(1) Berserker vs Assassin: these are the two classes in the game that do melee damage. Berserker is slow while Assassin is fast. Berserker has better HP and DEF stats as compared to Assassin class. We’re a little skeptical about giving you a perfect opinion on the best melee class. Based on the gameplay style that you like, you can pick between these two. If you want a character with fast movement speed, go pick Assassin. If you want a balanced character with decent HP/DEF/DMG, then Berserker would be a good pick. 

(2) Berserker vs Templar: Berserker has more DMG than Templar. Templar has more HP/DEF than Berserker. For a pure tank, we recommend choosing the Templar class. 

(3) Wizard vs Archer: both classes excel in causing a high volume of DMG. Wizard has more CRIT while Archer has more Accuracy. Both these classes have low DEF and HP. 

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A3 Still Alive Best PvP Class Profession⇓

  • Assassin: Quite good in 1v1 PvP
  • Wizard: Good in PvP Party/Group Battles, High DMG and CRIT but low HP/DEF
  • Archer: Good in PvP Party/Group Battles, High DMG and Accuracy but low HP/DEF
  • Templar: Good in PvP Party/Group Battles, Low DMG but high sustainability 
  • Berserker: Good in PvP Party/Group Battles, High ATK stats(Melee) but not good in evading attacks

A3 Still Alive Best Class: Our Recommendations⇓

  • Wizard: Best Ranged DPS Class
  • Templar: Best Tank Class
  • Assassin: Best Melee Class

NOTE: All classes have unique strengths and weaknesses. Below, we have provided all the info on each class. Based on your personal gameplay preference, you can pick a class. 

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A3 Still Alive Classes Info⇓

As per the current version of the game(English Global), you have a variety of choices when it comes to choosing a character class. A3 Still Alive features x5 unqiue character classes; Templar class, Berserker class, Archer class, Wizard class, and Assassin class. All these five classes possess magnificent skills that help you kick out the enemies in PvE and PvP modes. This article on A3 Still Alive best class aims to help the beginners pick the class based on the roles/gameplay style that suits perfectly. 

A3 Still Alive Templar Class Profession⇓

A3 Still Alive Best Class Classes

⇒Templar possesses high defensive stats and because of that, he is capable of soaking more damage than any other classes in the game. This particular strength in the DEF aspect makes him the best tank class unit in the game. He uses the hammer and shield as main combat gears – hammer to inflict heavy damage in the close-range, shield to block the strikes coming from the enemies. 

  • Name: Templar
  • Main gears: Hammer(DMG), Shield(Blocks incoming attack)
  • Role: Tank
  • Strengths: High DEF stats, average melee DMG. A frontier unit that can absorb damage and support other party members with a specialty in DMG aspect but possess low DEF
  • Weakness: DMG is not high
  • Other info: melee, magical 

A3 Still Alive Berserker Class Profession⇓

A3 Still Alive Best Class Classes

⇒Berserker is a beast! He shows no mercy in cutting enemies with his AXE. He swirls, smashes, and completely dominate the battlefield! If you are a fan of close-ranged melee fights, the Berserker class is the one that you should consider in A3: Still Alive. An alternative to this class would be the Assassin class. 

  • Name: Berserker
  • Main gears: AXE
  • Role: Melee Damage Dealer
  • Strengths: High ATK stats, massive close-combat strikes, decent HP/DEF
  • Weakness: Evasion ability, Slow
  • A balanced unit in our opinion
  • Other info: melee, physical damage

A3 Still Alive Archer Class Profession⇓

A3 Still Alive Best Class Classes

⇒The character that takes out arrows from the quiver and smashes down enemies from a distance. She is fast, capable of causing rapid strikes, and knows how to deal with enemies! Players who love ranged-classes in MMORPGs, eliminating enemies from a distance, should consider Archer as it performs well in PvE, PvP, solo, and Team battles. 

  • Name: Archer
  • Main gears: Bow
  • Role: Ranged Damage Dealer
  • Strengths: Agile, Rapid Strikes, Ranged Strikes
  • Weakness: Low Sustainability
  • Other info: ranged, physical damage

A3 Still Alive Wizard Class Profession⇓

A3 Still Alive Best Class Classes

⇒Wizard is among the popular classes in A3 Still Alive MMORPG who casts spells and unleash magical skills on the enemies to cause damage. She also possesses CC skills; crowd control abilities to stop enemies from unleashing certain moves. Like Archer, Wizard also inflicts damage from a distance, but magical damage, not physical damage. 

  • Name: Wizard
  • Main gears: Magical Ring to cast spells
  • Role: Long-distance damage dealer
  • Strengths: Explosive damage, long-distance attacks
  • Weakness: low DEF, HP
  • Other info: ranged, magical damage

A3 Still Alive Assassin Class Profession⇓

A3 Still Alive Best Class Classes

⇒Assassin is a powerful melee damage dealer with massive damage strengths + movement speed better than other classes – also, he possesses evasion skills that help him dodge the enemies’ attacks. 

  • Name: Assassin
  • Main gears: twin daggers
  • Role: Melee Damage Dealer
  • Strengths: Movement Speed, Decent DMG & CRIT stats, and Evasion skills
  • Weakness: Mediocre DEF
  • Other info: melee, physical damage

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