A3 Still Alive: How To Change Appearance?

Wondering how to change the character appearance in A3 Still Alive game? Read on for a complete article on A3 Still Alive: how to change character appearance?

A3 Still Alive Change Appearance

A3 Still Alive Changing The Character Appearance⇓

When you start the game, it allows you to set up the appearance for your character – the customizations include preset, face, eyebrows, eye shape, eye position, nose, mouth, chin, hair, and outfit. All these customizations are available for free at the start. But after making changes and starting the adventure journey, you would not be able to change the appearance for free. To change the character appearance or outfit, you need an item called “Appearance Changer”. This item costs x300 white diamonds. Other than this method, there is no way to get this item for free. Once you have this item, you can change the current appearance or outfit of the character. 

How To Get Appearance Changer Item?

A3 Still Alive Change Appearance

⇒To acquire the appearance changer item in A3 Still Alive, open the A3 Shop(tap the menu button in the upper-right -> shop -> choose A3 Shop). In the A3 Shop, there are several sections/tabs on the right side; go to the common section. Slide right and look for the item called “Appearance Changer”. It will cost around x300 diamonds. Buy it and after that, you can change the appearance or outfit of the character. 

How To Change The Appearance In A3 Still Alive?

After acquiring the “appearance changer” item from the A3 Shop, go to the map(tap the location mark icon in the upper-right side, below the bag icon) -> village -> “Stylist”. Visit the “Stylist” NPC -> interact with him -> this will open the appearance OR customization screen where you can make changes to the character appearance or choose a different outfit. Make the changes carefully and confirm them by tapping the change button in the lower-right corner. Make sure to re-check all the changes as you will not get refunded after using the appearance changer item. 

So this would be all in this post on how to change appearance in A3 Still Alive. 

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  1. I’ve noticed it doesn’t actually change your outfit just facial appearance. Even though you have the so called outfits you can change no one wears them at all. I’ve even tried and it doesn’t change my appearance with or without armor equipped.