A3 Still Alive Guide, Tips & Cheats: Increase CP, Equipment, Soul Linkers

Started playing A3 Still Alive MMORPG? Read on for A3 Still Alive guide, tips, cheats: a guide to battle royale, equipment, soul linkers, and more

A3 Still Alive Guide Tips Cheats

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A3 Still Alive Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

This guide covers “how to play A3 Still Alive”, about various game modes such as Battle Royale, Campaign Dark Presence, and other aspects such as equipment farming guide, soul linkers, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and dive into our A3 Still Alive guide, tips, and cheats: –

Making The Best First Decision In A3 Still Alive

The very first thing that you will need to decide right upon the first launch is the “character class”. With five offense/defense aspect based classes available, it could be hard to pick one! You can check this class guide where we have discussed the pros and cons of all the classes. If you don’t want to check out that; here’s the summary: if you like slaying down the enemies from a distance, then you got two options; Wizard or Archer. We recommend the Wizard. For close-combat thrilling battles, you got Assassin and Berserker. We recommend Assassin. For a frontier tank, you got Templar. 

A3 Still Alive Tips For Progression & Leveling Fast

(1) Just like other classic mobile MMORPGs, follow the main quests, side quests, event quests, daily quests to grind massive EXP and level up fast. Participate in all available game modes to farm various items such as gears, upgrade material, and make your character stronger!

(2) Main Quests: also known as chapter quests, give gold coins, massive EXP, and other useful items including quality equipment, enhancement material items, and currencies. 

(3) Progress Quests: the progress quests help you unlock new regions in the game. 

(4) Region Quests: by completing the region quests, you can raise fame and receive the rewards. 

(5) Surprise Quests: surprise quests are random events that you get randomly as you keep playing the game; players are free to accept these quests. Most of these surprise quests have a certain time limit within which you must complete the quest. 

(6) Support Quests: these support quests are not available in the beginning – but, will eventually appear as you reach new milestones in the game. These quests help your character grow through challenging tasks. 

(7) Daily Quests: the daily quests not only give you free rewards but also activity points; accumulate x180 points and you will receive free diamonds, accumulate 200 activity points and you will receive Soulstar. 

A3 Still Alive Guide Tips Cheats

A3 Still Alive Guide To Skills

(1) Priority: Make sure to get familiar with the abilities that your character has. All character professions/classes in A3 Still Alive have unqiue skills/abilities. For example, Wizard, with her Lightning Whip skill can stun the target. With lightning orb skill, she can silence the enemy for x6 seconds. Go to menu -> growth -> skills -> read the skill details there.

(2) Skill Rotation: Using skills in a particular order would be very effective. For example, stunning/silencing the enemy first so that it would not unleash any actions – and while it’s in this stage(silence/stun), unleashing the skill that does massive damage. Or using a skill that reduces the enemy’s DEF for a few seconds, while the DEF debuff is there, you can strike with a skill that does massive damage. Lower defense of the enemy and your massive strike = more DMG. 

(3) Enhance: In A3 Still Alive, players can upgrade the character skills through various enhancements. Navigate to the menu -> growth -> skill -> enhance active skill/enhance passive skill. At level 25 in the game, you can enhance the skills. 

A3 Still Alive Guide To Equipment & Equipment Farming

(1) Equipment rarity tier: Common, Uncommon, Superior, Rare, Heroic, Ancient, and Legendary. 

(2) Equipment: Equipment includes; Weapon, Top, Bottoms, Belt, Boots, Helmet, Gloves, Earrings, Necklace, and Ring. 

(3) Equipment: Equipment empowers character’s stats such as Attack, Accuracy, CRIT, HP, Defense, Evasion, Penetration, etc. 

(4) How To Get Equipment: In A3 Still Alive, you can craft the equipment with “Mana Stones”. Mana Stone is the currency that you can acquire by salvaging the equipment items that you don’t need anymore. To access the crafting and salvaging functions, you need to visit the crafting and salvaging NPC. Open the region map(tap the location mark/name below the bag button on the top-right side) -> village -> crafting and salvaging -> move. Interact with the NPC and you will get access to salvaging and crafting function. 

Other than crafting, you can acquire equipment through the main quests, guild weaponsmith, auction house keeper, guild armorsmith, guild auction house keeper, item exchange merchant, etc. 

To check the precise method of acquiring particular equipment, go to menu -> activity -> equipment codes -> there you can check the list of all equipment by tier/grade -> tap on equipment -> how to get. 

Tip: don’t waste resources in enhancing the low-tier grade gears. 

(5) Equipment Enhancing: go to menu -> growth -> forge -> there you can enhance the equipment. 

  • Enhance Equipment: select equipment and then select the enhancement material. Based on the rarity tier of the equipment, you will need enhancement materials
  • Enhancement Transfer: with this feature in A3 Still Alive, you can transfer the enhanced equipment stats to other equipment, which you want to enhance. 
  • Evolve Enhancement: players in A3 Still Alive can acquire higher-grade enhancement stones through evolution. 
  • Equip Magic Stone: after completing the chapter 1-61 quest, you will get to equip the magic stones to the equipment. 

One of the best ways to empower the CP of any character class is by gearing it up with top-tier quality equipment. The game allows you to craft the equipment as well as farm the equipment through certain in-game modes like world boss, dungeon, event, etc. Or obtain from the shop. 

A3 Still Alive Guide: Magic Stones⇓

(1) Magic Stones are the in-game gems(item) that players in A3 Still Alive can equip to the equipment. These magic stones or magic gems grant additional stats to the equipment. 

(2) Magic Stones or Magic Gems in the game are available in x5 colors; green color, red color, purple color, blue color, and yellow color. 

(3) Go to menu -> growth -> forge -> equip magic stone -> select the owned equipment -> + magic stone -> empower the equipment’s stats.

A3 Still Alive Guide & Tips To Increase CP

  • The total CP of the character is determined by these factors; equipment, magic stones, skill level, character level, and soul linker
  • Acquire high-grade equipment from the equipment dungeon, use enhancement stones to empower the equipment for further stat boost, and also empower the accessory
  • Equip magic stones to the equipment; you can evolve the magic stones and acquire higher-grade magic stones
  • Enhance the active and passive skills of the character
  • Completing the achievement milestones empower the CP by a little figure
  • Acquire “Character Titles” in A3 Still Alive. You can earn titles by completing specific tasks
  • Equip and upgrade the “Capes”. The Cape function unlocks at level 28
  • Sanctuary: acquire and power-up runes
  • Level Up Soul Linkers, equip them runes, gears, and enhance their skills

So these are the top ways to increase CP of any character class in A3 Still Alive. 

A3 Still Alive Guide To Battle Royale Mode

(This guide part is in development) Battle Royale in MMORPGs is not a new thing – we have already seen Dragon Raja adding battle royale mode to its global title. And, now in A3 Still Alive. It’s no different from classic battle royale mode – players team up and land on the map, search for the loot items, obtain a variety of items by defeating enemies on the map, and as the danger zone expands, the safe zone shrinks, chances to encounter other players increase. To win, become the last one standing. Up to x30 players can join and only one party wins. You can team up with other players or play solo. 

Guide To Dark Presence Event Mode

(This guide part is in development) After crossing the level 40 milestone, you will get to play this bloody war mode that puts hundreds of players in a chaotic environment. The 100 vs 100 battle! Hope it doesn’t lag for you. A variety of rewards are given to the participants. 

Must Join A Build In A3 Still Alive

There are some modes in the A3 Still Alive game that are locked. To unlock them, you will not join the guild. Participate in these guild battles and get more rewards. These strategic guild battles include Conquest mode, Forte’s Seal mode, and Guild Festival mode. 

Guide To Soul Linkers In A3 Still Alive

(This guide part is in development) Soul Linkers(obtain from summoning) are the companion characters or battle partners that assist you in the fights. A3 Still Alive features hundreds of Soul Linkers classified into three types; ATK, DEF, and SUPP. ATK = Attack type. DEF = Defense type. SUPP = Support type. The game allows you to register x3 soul linkers(x1 from each type) – although, you can summon only one soul linker at a time. Just like the main character, these companion characters/Soul Linkers can be developed through leveling and equipment. As of now, there is no info on the best soul linkers or soul linkers tier list. 

Also, see – A3 Still Alive Best Class Info – All Classes Overview

What’s The Download Size Of The Game?

A3 Still Alive download size is around 2.2 GB. You will need an internet connection to play the game. 

So this would be all in this post on A3 Still Alive guide, tips, and cheats for beginners. If you have more tips for fellow players, please share them in the comment box below.

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