Adorable Home Game – Garden & Attracting Cute Guests

Wondering how to attract visitors in the adorable home game? Read on and check out this Adorable Home game walkthrough guide to attract guests in the gardenAdorable Home Game Garden And Visitors

Visitors in the Adorable Home game can be attracted by decorating the garden. First, the player needs to buy the garden area, which costs 3000 love points/hearts. After that, you need to decorate the garden by adding plants, trees, stumps, tents, and there are many items available in the shop. After that, all you need to do is wait for the visitors or cute guests to show up in the garden or lounge. For starters, we would recommend checking this Adorable Home game guide. In this post, we have shared all info on how to attract cute guests or visitors in Adorable Home game. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Adorable Home Game Garden & Visitors: –

What Are Visitors?

Visitors are the animal characters who show up in the lounge or garden when the player decorates the garden. For example – Fred – the dog(Schnauzer), Emily – the cat, Nimo – the hamster, Gigi, and many more. You can place different items to attract different guests – for example – bird shelter and nest to attract birds.Adorable Home Game Garden And Visitors

Use Of Visitors?

You can interact with the visitors by tapping on them. Sometimes they give you hearts/love points.

Steps To Attract Visitors: –

First, save 3000 hearts or love points and unlock the garden area. After that, go to the shop menu and navigate to the garden tab -> there you can shop decorative items for the garden. Place different types of items to attract different types of visitors. For example – to attract the bird, try adding nest or bird shelter. To attract frog or water type animal creatures, add a pond to the garden.

Keep trying different decorative items and you will discover new unique animal guests. How many visitors do you have in the present? Share in the comment section below.

Here’s the list of decorative items featured in the Adorable Home game: –

  • Roses
  • Lavender
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Calla Lily
  • Tulips
  • Narcissu
  • Pot
  • Hydrangea
  • Stones
  • Stump
  • Sago Cycas
  • Trees
  • Desert Cactus
  • Lamps
  • Scarecrow
  • Statues
  • Pillar
  • Cups
  • Tents
  • Trampoline
  • Seesaw
  • Hobby Horse
  • Toys
  • Swing
  • Chair
  • Fountain
  • Well
  • Bench
  • Mat
  • Nest(For Birds)
  • Bird Shelter
  • Parrot Stands
  • Pool
  • Pond
  • Playground
  • Garden
  • Beach
  • Ice Land

Placing The Items In Adorable Home Game Garden

All the items that you buy from the shop are placed in the inventory. Go to the Garden -> tap the home button in the bottom-right side -> mine -> garden -> tap on the item that you want to place in the garden and choose an empty place. You can replace the items anytime. So feel free to make the changes.

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So this would be all in this post on Adorable Home Game visitors & garden. Don’t forget to share the list of visitors that you have obtained so far – in the comment section below!

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29 thoughts on “Adorable Home Game – Garden & Attracting Cute Guests”

  1. У меня пока что только енотик коко, он появился когда я разместила зону для пикника,но скажите пожалуйста, можно ли включать два фоноря в саду? Как привлечь кошку? (я играю 1 месяц)и ещё какую комнату лучше купить, для получения любви?

  2. I had 2 visitors before which they are Willy and brandy… but suddenly they are just gone …not in the house anymore..Cant we keep the vistors forever or they will leave sonner of later?

  3. When i placed the pool i started to have albert and the duck then when i placed the stuffed bear the white ones i started to have bono and owen maybe they were triggered by the items

  4. What i got , after unlocking everything:

    01 Bobby – dog (poodle)
    02  Hank – dog (Soft-coated Terrier)
    03 Gigi – dog (Corgi)
    04 Yoga – dog (Dachshund)
    05 Fred – dog (Schnauzer)
    06  Yuki – dog (Shiba Inu)
    07  Daisy – dog (Pomeranian)
    08 Brooke – dog (Pug)
    09 Nell – dog (Collie)
    10 Bronco – dog (Coonhound)
    11 John – dog (Bull Terrier)
    12 Brandy – dog (beagle)
    13 Parker – dog (Samoyed)
    14 Albert- dog  (Golden Retriever)
    15 Hudson – dog (Siberian Husky)
    16 Emily – cat (Scottish Fold)
    17 Niko – cat
    18 Duke – cat (Siamese)
    19 Magi – cat (Short-haired cat)
    20 Nimo – hamster
    21 Dolly – squirrel
    22 Jenny – rabbit
    23 Peter – hedgehog
    24 Lexi – turtle
    25 Ed – frog
    26 Joy – (duck) bird
    27 Fiona – (swan) bird
    28 Jade – (magpie) bird
    29 Dave – (red sparrow) bird
    30 Rainbow – (colorful sparrow) bird
    31 Cici – (canary) bird
    32 Gary – (parrot) bird
    33 Pipin – (Cockatoo parrot) bird
    34 Blake – (crow) bird
    35 Willy – (toucan) bird
    36 Oz – (owl) bird
    37 Eddy – (seagull) bird
    38 Rolex – (eagle) bird
    39 Lela – (crane) bird
    40 Flame – (flamingo) bird
    41 Polly – (penguin) bird
    42 Barney – walrus
    43 Bono – seal
    44 Owen – polar bear
    45 Brownie – brown bear
    46 Alex – red panda
    47 Ivory – white fox
    48 Rexy – red fox
    49 Coco – raccoon
    50 Judy – skunks
    51 Lorre – otter
    52 Yoyo – ferret
    53 Bobo – koala
    54 Robin – sloth
    55 James – monkey
    56 Mira – deer
    57 Kaka – crab
    58 Rosy – butterflies
    59 Vivi – butterflies
    60 Honey – bees

  5. I currently have 29 past visitors. Here’s mine (where I tried not to add any listed ones)
    22. Rainbow (Bird)
    23. Fred (Scottish Terrier?)
    24. Pipin (Cockatoo)
    25. Bobo (Koala)
    26. Yoga (Dachshund)
    27. Gigi (Corgi)
    28. James (Monkey)
    29. Hudson (Huskey)
    30. Robin (Sloth)
    31. Albert (Golden Retriever)
    32. Lorre (Otter)
    33. Brandy (Beagle)
    34. Parker (Samoyed)
    35. Nell (Collie)
    36. Bronco (Rottweiler)
    37. John (Terrier)
    38. Brownie (Bear)
    39. Alex (Red Panda)
    40. Brooke (Pug)
    41. Jade (Bird)

    • yes you can!

      if you want to put away an item just click the home icon in the bottom right,
      and press “Mine” its the icon with a lamp, mug, and a tomato.

      then tap the item you want to put away.
      if you want to place, do the same thing except you place it!


  6. 1. Honey (bees)
    2. Barney (walrus)
    3. Ivory (fox)
    4. Brownie (bear)
    5. Jenny (rabbit)
    6. Peter (hedgehog)
    5. Mira (deer)
    6. Lela (My guess is it’s a sandhill crane?)
    7. Flame (flamingo)
    8. Fiona (swan)
    9. Ed (frog)
    10. Coco (raccoon)
    11. Yuki (shiba inu)
    12. Rosy (butterflies)
    13. Willy (toucan)
    14. Bobo (koala)
    15. Eddy (seagull)
    16. Yoyo (ferret)
    17. Emily (scottish fold)
    18. Kaka (crab)
    19. Nimo (hamster)
    20. Hank (dog
    21. Bobby (poodle?)