Adorable Home Game: Guide, Tips, Cheats & Walkthrough

Adorable Home Game is published by HyperBeard on iOS App Store and Google Play Store. In the game, the players decorate an adorable home for characters 2021Adorable Home Game

HyperBeard, the publisher behind Tsuki Adventure and many more casual games, has just released a brand new game called Adorable Home. At the start of the game, you will choose the partners and move into a new home. Your goal is to decorate it and discover all the moments. If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This Adorable Home game guide covers all the basic concepts of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Adorable Home game cheats, tips & tricks. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Adorable Home Game Guide, Tips & Cheats 2021⇓

Let’s learn how to play the Adorable Home game. There are three things to do – decorate your adorable home with beautiful furniture and decorative items available in the shop, which you can buy using love. The next thing is caring cats; you get the first pet for free. More cats can be obtained from gift boxes available in the shop, which you can buy using love. And, at last – collecting or earning more love. Love or Heart is the basic in-game currency in the shop. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Adorable Home game tips & tricks.

Keep Feeding The Cats For Love⇓

In the bottom-right corner of the game interface, tap the cat food bowl/cat avatar button to visit the backyard of the home. There you can refill the food for the cat in the cat food bowl. It costs a certain number of hearts/love-points. Feed higher-quality food to the cats for better rewards. Use the navigation keys to switch between different kinds of food items – after tapping the food bowl.

After a certain amount of time, the cats will give you hearts/love, which you can use to decorate home and garden. For more info, check out this post –

Get More Adorable Cats⇓

There are lots of cats in the game – at the start of the game, you get a white cat – Snow. Buy the cat gift boxes from the shop to get more cats. More cats mean more love/hearts and more moments. Also, see – 

Get Free Love By Watching The Video Ads⇓

On the top-right corner, tap the + button over the love bar status -> a mini screen will pop up where you get the offer – watch 1 video Ad for 50 hearts/love. You can watch 10 video Ads daily and get 500 love/hearts. So make sure to consume all the quota and fill up your pocket.

Double The Reward From Lucky Channel Offer⇓

In the Adorable Home game, sometimes you get love/hearts from the lucky channel. In the lounge, you have a TV where the character watches TV shows. Keep an eye on it and tap the TV screen to accept this reward. You can double it if you watch the video Ad.

Decorate Your Home⇓

In the bottom-right corner, tap the home button -> this will open the game menu. Go to the shop -> there you can buy items for lunge, garden – for example – TV Stand, Sofa, Wall Cabinet, garden items to attract guests, food items to prepare Bento box, gift boxes to get cats.

All the items have a different price tag and will be stored in the inventory after you purchase them from the shop.

Tap the home button in the bottom-right corner -> Mine -> there you can check all the bought items. Tap on the item that you want to place and confirm on the next screen.Adorable Home Game

Prepare The Bento Box⇓

In the Adorable Home game, you can prepare food for the male character and receive love/hearts when he returns home. When he is at home, you can prepare the Bento box -> tap the box in the bottom-right corner -> add the main course in the big panel, a side dish to the right-side slot, and below that slot, add dessert. You can buy all these food items from the shop in exchnage for love/hearts. Go to the shop -> foods -> there you will find all the food items; side dish, main course, and dessert. You can also buy more colorful boxes from the shop.

When the partner returns home, tap his avatar in the bottom-right corner -> accept the love/hearts.

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Adorable Home Game

Discover The Moments⇓

If you have played the Tsuki Adventure game where you discover dairy entries, then you would not have any problem understanding this part of the game. In that game, it was Dairy Entries – In Adorable Home, it’s Moments. There are lots of moments that you can discover – all you need do to is keep patience and get more cats, decorate the garden. That’s it. Every time you open the game, you may discover a new moment. These special moment pictures are stored in the gallery(tap the home button -> moments).

Take Care Of The Cats To Get Love⇓

Tap on the cat in the Lounge -> stroke cat on different parts of the cat, Cut Nails without hurting, take a shower in normal water. All these activities give love/hearts. Watching the video Ad doubles the reward.

Buy And Decorate Garden⇓

You can discover new characters or guests or visitors by decorating the garden. It’s locked in the early game. The players need to buy it using hearts/love. After that, you can meet the guests. Keep buying decorative items from the shop for the garden and discover all of them: –

1. Honey (bees)
2. Barney (walrus)
3. Ivory (fox)
4. Brownie (bear)
5. Jenny (rabbit)
6. Peter (hedgehog)
5. Mira (deer)
6. Lela (My guess is it’s a sandhill crane?)
7. Flame (flamingo)
8. Fiona (swan)
9. Ed (frog)
10. Coco (raccoon)
11. Yuki (Shiba Inu)
12. Rosy (butterflies)
13. Willy (toucan)
14. Bobo (koala)
15. Eddy (seagull)
16. Yoyo (ferret)
17. Emily (Scottish fold)⇓
18. Kaka (crab)
19. Nimo (hamster)
20. Hank (dog
21. Bobby (poodle?)

(Credit – Pau)

This Adorable Home Game Guests/Visitors list is shared by Pau on this post: –

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Adorable Home Update⇓

Follow HyperBeard on Twitter for new Adorable Home game updates!

The new update to Adorable Home game will arrive this weak on Android and iOS. The update could unlock the bathroom and bedroom function of the game, which is locked for a while now. If you are on Twitter, make sure to follow Hyperbeard Twitter for updates. Also, for tracking new working codes.

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So this would be all in this Adorable Home game guide, cheats, tips & tricks for beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below.

This article was last updated on February 18, 2020.

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