AFK Arena Desira: Skills, Signature & Furniture Bonus

Desira The Sinister Siren is the new Ascended hero in the AFK Arena game. Read on for AFK Arena Desira info; signature item, skills, and furniture item!AFK Arena Desira

AFK Arena Desira⇓

  • Full Name: Desira The Sinister Siren
  • Short Name: Desira
  • Faction: Desira The Sinister Siren belongs to the Celestials faction
  • Type: INT, Intelligence, Magic DMG
  • Class: Support
  • Role: Regeneration
  • Rarity: Ascended

AFK Arena Desira Skills⇓

Siren’s Call⇓

Siren’s Call is the ultimate skill of Desira The Sinister Siren. With the help of this ability, Desira The Sinister Siren uses her conch to heal all friendly units and self for a value of health equal to a certain % of her ATK ratings and records their health value after healing. 

If a friendly unit including self’s health falls below the recorded value for X seconds after healing, their health will be restored to the recorded health value, but the total regeneration value will not exceed the ATK rating; a certain % of Desira The Sinister Siren. 

If a friendly unit is dealt DMG that causes their health to go down below a certain % of the recorded health value within the specific period of time, the DMG will be ignored, and the regeneration/restoring effect will be triggered in advance. 

Hatred’s Mark⇓

Desira The Sinister Siren inflicts AoE DMG to foes in front of her and mark enemies with “Mark of Hatred” for X seconds. Every time, the mark is stacked upon a non-friendly unit, their ATK ratings and ACC/Accuracy is decreased. 

Once several marks “Marks of Hatred” have been stacked on a foe, all marks will disappear and the foe target will be terrified for X seconds. 

Oceanic Shield⇓

With this skill, Desira The Sinister Siren forms up a protective bubble barrier around the most injured friendly unit that allows them to gradually recover health equal to a certain % of Desira The Sinister Siren’s max health over several seconds. 

If the target is dealt DMG that exceeds a certain % of their current health while the protective bubble barrier is still there, the bubble will then disappear, and the DMG shall be completely ignored, allowing the target to recover X times the amount of remaining health that they have set to recover. 

Oceanic Mist⇓

Desira The Sinister Siren summons the oceanic mist that spreads from behind the friendly unit side’s backline towards the foes’ backline, which will then cover up the while combat field. 

Any friendly units within the oceanic mist shall recover an amount of health equal to a certain % of Desira The Sinister Siren’s ATK rating every X seconds. 

The oceanic mist will stay on the combat field for a max of X seconds and will disappear if Desira The Sinister Siren gets eliminated. 

Exclusive Signature Item & Its Skill Of Desira The Sinister Siren⇓

Shell of Treason is the signature item of Desira The Sinister Siren. And, its skill is called “Concealing Mist”. Thanks to this signature item skill; The oceanic mist, which is summoned by the skill Oceanic Mist, would not disappear if Desira gets eliminated. Friendly units within the mist gain X20 dodge points, while foes shall have their CRIT ratings decreased by X10%.

+10 Unlocks: friendly units gain X30 Dodge points.

+20 Unlocks: friendly units gain additional X15 receive healing points.

+30 Unlocks: friendly units within the mist receive X16% less DMG.

Furniture Set Bonuses; Activate By Placing A Set Number Of Items In The Room⇓

Place 3/3 pieces of Mythic Exclusive Furniture to activate this effect: Foe targets are cursed with X1 “Mark of Hatred” for every X3 seconds when they are within the Oceanic Mist.

Place 9/9 pieces of Mythic Exclusive Furniture to activate this effect: Foe targets within the Oceanic Mist would not be able to receive a majority of buffs from their friendly units, but shall retain all of the X buffs they already possess/enjoy.

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