AFK Arena New Hero – Skriath Makes His Entry

Skriath is the newest hero in AFK Arena. He was added to the AFK Arena 1.31.05 Version. Let’s take a look at Skriath’s skills & performanceAFK Arena Skriath

AFK Arena Skriath: –

Skriath has been added to the Android and iOS version of the game in the last update. His looks are pretty cool – so are his skills. Like all other heroes, he has four skills – the ultimate skill is Desert Vortex, which you cast by tapping his icon when the rage is full. The ultimate skill is pretty cool – with this skill, he summons a sand vortex in the battle.

The Sand Vortex summoned by Skriath appears in the center of the enemy formation – you will see it as soon as he casts the skill. What does this Vortex do? It pulls the enemies in and inflicts continuous damage. In other words, it’s like trapping multiple enemies in a sand vortex.

The other three skills, which are activated passively by Skriath during the battle are – Sandstorm, Death from Above, and Critical Insight. Let’s take a look at all these three skills: –

Skriath’s Sandstrom Skill: –

This skill is activated by Skriath automatically/passively after a few moments in the battle. At the top-left corner of the screen, you will see a Sandstrom icon. The Sandstrom lasts long for about 12 seconds and reduces the accuracy of all enemies. Also, reduces the haste pts.- which reduces enemies’ attack speed. Level 2 of this skill deals extra damage to the enemies who are standing within this Sandstrom. And, level 3 of this extends the Sandstrom duration by a few more seconds.

Skriath’s Death From Above Skill:-

It is an AoE skill by Skriath – activates passively/automatically by him during the battle. When this skill is triggered, Skriath will jump into the air and fire large rocks on the enemy’s target head; AoE damage on nearby enemies. The damage increases as the skill level increases.

Skriath’s Critical Insight Skill:-

Another great skill of Skriath. With this skill, you get to raise the critical ratings of allies. So if you tag him with the heroes who do critical damage during the battle, they will get the benefit. For example – Saveas, Thane.

Signature Item: – Wisdom Keeper

Wisdom Keeper is an exclusive signature item for Skriath, which increases the HP, ATK, and Defense attributes. Also, it grants a skill called Boulder Blast. Whenever Skriath inflicts a CRIT to a target, large rocks will fell on the enemy and cause AoE DMG(including nearby enemies).

Additional Info: –

  • Class – Mage
  • Tier – A(End Game)
  • Role – AoE

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So this would be all in this post on AFK Arena Skriath Info.

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