Black Clover Phantom Knights Enhancement Guide For Beginners

In this post on Black Clover Phantom Knights Enhancement guide, you will learn about GP(Grimoire Points), Grimoire Board, and how to enhance the characterBlack Clover Phantom Knights Enhancement

To enhance a character in Black Clover Phantom Knights, you need specific enhancement items, Grimoire Points. Grimoire Points – a character earns these points when you use him/her in the team formation and win the battles. As a victory reward from the battle quests, the game rewards Grimoire Points to all the characters who were in the team. Enhancement Items – these items can be obtained from the free quests, deployment, and other game sources. So that’s the summary of this post. Let’s learn everything in detail.

Black Clover Phantom Knights Enhancement Guide: –

Navigate to the Brigade menu. Tap on the character that you want to enhance. This will take you to the Grimoire Board – below the name label of the character, you can check the amount of Grimoire Points he/she has. Tap the + button next to it -> there you can convert Slate and obtain Grimoire Points. Another way to obtain these points is by taking the character into the quests/battles and get victories. As a victory reward, the character will get Grimoire Points.

Now, on the bottom-right side, choose the star-level and make upgrades by selecting the attribute buttons; HP, WIS, ATK, ABI ABII, A.A. After selecting the attribute or skill buttons, below the character profile on the left side, list of required resources will appear. Tap on the enhance button -> tap on the item to check how to obtain it.

Tap the OK button once you have enough Grimoire Points and all the enhancement material items. So that’s how you enhance the characters in Black Clover Phantom Knights.

Key Points: –

  • Obtain Grimoire Points by converting Slate or by including the character into the battle quests
  • Play Defend/Quest/Deployment mode to grind Enhancement Material items
  • Evolve to unlock more spaces

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So this would be all in this post on Black Clover Phantom Knights Enhancement guide for beginners. Keep enhancing the character to make him/her stronger. Equip and upgrade relic; equipment/accessory for further enhancement. And, evolve to reach his/her true potential.

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